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Open Data – The Italian Case

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Open Data – The Italian Case

  1. 1. Ing. Remo Pomposini - T-Connect s.r.l. Rovereto – October 16, 2013
  2. 2. Open data – what is available • • • Each country has its own data to open Even if set of data are the same the way to represent them are different region by region No rules to correlate the data, it produce two different level of problems: • The same application cannot be used in different municipality/Country/stat e • Correlation among data set is difficult and has to be customize by developers and not by the final users
  3. 3. The data deluge
  4. 4. How open data are used today (1/4) iLazio iLazio discovering the cultural assetts in the Region of Lazio
  5. 5. How open data are used today (2/4) RomafliTaxi
  6. 6. How open data are used today (3/4) FirenzeUP Events in the city of Florence
  7. 7. How open data are used today(4/4) ScuolaMobile
  8. 8. How to improve them (1/3)  Creating a common open data structure that identifies a unique set of data  Allowing cooperation among different data sets:  Tourism Monuments + hotels + restaurants – in order to allow the creation of a proper and complete tour  City life  City + daily traffic + wheater – provide an overview of the pollution level in a particular city  Traffic level + accidents – can produce an evaluation parameter able to estimate the urban liveable 
  9. 9. How to improve them (2/3)
  10. 10. How to improve them (3/3)