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Mobile Marketing Strategy

  1. July 8, 2011 New Media Dayton There IS an app for that! Is an app in your business future?
  2. “ According to Borrell Associates statistics, more than half a million apps are downloaded every hour and the average smartphone user has 22 of them.” The average smartphone users spends 2.8 hours per day using apps and 3 in 5 people first turn to an app before searching the Web, says Mobclix. “ Consumers in the United States are more likely to buy a smartphone in 2011 than PCs, feature phones, eReaders, media tablets and gaming products, according to a recent survey by Gartner Inc. U.S. smartphone sales are expected to grow from 63 million units in 2010 to 95 million units in 2011. By comparison, mobile PC shipments are forecast to total 50.9 million in the U.S. in 2011, up from 45.6 million in 2010. Report: Top 10 App Trends of 2011 , Read Write Mobile , December 28, 2010 2010 App Game Changers , Mobclix, December 20, 2010 Americans more likely to buy smartphone than any other device: Gartner , Mobile Commerce Daily, February 23, 2011 How fast is the mobile app marketplace growing?
  3. Businesses of every size are targeting customers with smartphones as the primary communications medium
  4. Mobile marketing is mainstream
  5. Every social media site is now accessible through mobile apps. Mobile is the primary vehicle for reaching consumers through social media
  6. What are some of the solutions available to reach mobile customers? Option Use 2D bar codes to print media and promotions to the firm’s web site Bar code scanning Objective Action Print media can include QR codes to link to web promotions, offers and general information Send SMS messages to customers to trigger customer response Text / multimedia messaging Send SMS messages to trigger a customer response Make web site easily navigable by smartphone users Create mobile friendly website Leverage mobile frameworks to present web data on mobile devices Target customers on mobile devices Use mobile device advertising Provide mobile web access and track web traffic Provide enhanced capabilities to lock in customers (loyalty card, payments) Create a custom app to engage customers Develop custom app and integrate into business processes Develop kiosk solutions and integrate with promotions Drive in-store sales Proximity marketing Cost $ $$$
  7. What is the difference between a Mobile Web App and a Custom Smartphone App?
  8. Apple’s iAd and Google’s AdMob programs allows mobile ads to be sent to smartphones if the user opts in. Push notifications set an alert notification in the home menu and the messages will be displayed within the target application. Reaching your Audience via Mobile Banner Ads
  9. What Consumers Always Take with Them…
  10. Bob McCarthy Biography Bob McCarthy is the President and CEO of ServiceWeb Systems, Inc. a software development and services company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. ServiceWeb Systems is a mobile device and web development services company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. SWSI uses onshore and offshore resources to deliver custom smartphone and tablet apps quickly and cost effectively. Visit the SWSI website to download this presentation or scan the QR code below for contact information and a link to our website.
  11. Bob McCarthy [email_address] 513-527-4886 Thank you…