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Morphology and position change of broken stone mac

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Morphology and position change of broken stone mac

  1. 1. Morphology and Position Change of Broken Stone Machine Process Broken stone machine is refers to the material after broken stone machine process produces the change of position and morphology, such as the processed change the shape, size,VSI sand maker§ through transport change location, etc. Energy flow is to point to in the stone machine process will be imposed on energy and produce corresponding processing object of transformation. Information flow is to point to will claim to shape, size and performance as information to be processed materials transfer process. To a product's broken stone machine activities for, it may be product assembly drawing,Raymond mill§ drawing. Broken stone machine is the carrier of information. Material, energy and information is the relationship between information control, the energy function, to carry on the processing and material to form product. And the equipment is broken stone machine activities support conditions, policies and laws and regulations is the constraint conditions, that is broken stone machine activities to comply with the state's industrial policies, accord with environmental protection, labor protection,Impact crushing machine§ and rules and regulations. The product the stone machine process is will change the whole process of raw materials into finished products. It includes: production technology preparation, blank broken stone machine, machining, heat treatment, assembling, testing and inspection process such as paint packaging.China spiral classifier§ All of the object by processing size, shape or produce some of the changes are performance called direct the production process. Technological equipment broken stone machine, the supply of raw materials, workpiece and material transportation and storage, equipment maintenance and power supply process, will not make a direct object by processing change, known as the auxiliary production process. In the process of production directly change the shape of the object size, the production,Ore processing plant§ the relative position and properties, make it become qualified product process, called the process technology. Such as blank broken stone machine, machining, heat treatment,Cement rotary kiln§ assembly and so on, it is an important part of the productive process. Process including hot working work Art process, mechanical processing and assembly process technology. The broken stone machine mechanical products not only with the structure of products,Cone crusher§ technical requirements has the very big relations, and the enterprise production type also has the very big relations. Production type refers to the degree of specialization production. It is by the production program of the decision. Production program is the enterprise in the output of the products of the plan period. The use of the products is different, decided its market demand is also different, so to form the different production type. Such as electrical appliances product market demand may be millions ramps, and special broken stone machine, giant generator sets and other needs are often just single piece. Broken stone machine production types decided the mechanical processing specialization and automation degree, to determine the should choose the processing technology of the method and process equipment. In certain limits, each production types are not very strict boundaries. Single production and small batch production process similar characteristics, generally called the sheet small batch production. Mass production and mass production process similar characteristics, generally called the mass production. Small batch production and batch production and mass production in can also be called as the bulk production.
  2. 2. Stone crusher plant§ : www.hxjqcrusher.com/crusher/Hammer-crusher.html§ Clinker rotary kiln§ : www.china-crusher.com/rotary-kiln5.html§ Ore flotation equipment§ : www.china-crusher.com/floatation-machine5.html§