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SEO for Startups

  1. SEO for Startups How to get traction without spending a fortune dime. Ravish Ahuja, Co-Founder, & Mpedia Follow me: @interactivecode
  2. Myths about SEO • SEO is DEAD! • SEO is not marketing • SEO is black hat • SEO is not scalable • We got 100,000 Facebook fans and Twitter followers, we don’t need SEO
  3. robots.txt User-agent: * Disallow: /
  4. Search Engine Optimization • Build it and they will come? • Nope. Build it, then market it. • Great product and great marketing goes hand in hand • You need to start SEO from Day 1 • Your product should have SEO in its DNA
  5. SEO Success Stories 2.4 million monthly visitors to 18 million monthly visitors in 6 months
  6. SEO Success Stories
  7. SEO Process Research Link Strategy Building On-site Product SEO Design
  8. Panda! Penguin! FTW? Google Panda Update Google Penguin Update
  9. SEO Research • Estimate market opportunity • Identify your customers • Keyword research • Keyword difficulty analysis • Content analysis • Competition analysis
  10. Keyword Research Make Something People Want
  11. Long Tail
  12. SEO Strategy • Brand-able SEO friendly domain name • Country targeting & domain extension • Content strategy • Landing pages • User generated content • Social engagement and distribution strategy • Build something, people want to share
  13. On-Site SEO • H1 Title & Meta Title Most Important • Meta Description • Image (with alt attribute) • Content with good keyword density • Meta Robots: do not add noindex & nofollow • rel=“canonical” • SEO Friendly URLs • Use Keyword Variations • Internal Linking • Robots.txt
  14. Landing Pages • Highly Targeted and Converting • Create landing pages for all of your products / services • Optimize titles of all landing pages to match keywords • Get backlinks for your landing pages • Interlink them from your homepage and other pages of your website
  15. SEO Friendly URLs • Be descriptive and brief • Bad example: 5&name=the%20big%20chill&city=new%20delhi • Good Example: chill-delhi/ • www vs non-www • Sub-domains vs sub-directories • Use 301 Redirect to move
  16. Which result will you click?
  17. CTR of Google SERPs
  18. Rich Snippets • Make your SERPs stand out • Double your traffic! • Get started with • Add Google Author Tag <a rel=“author” href=“”>Ravish on Google+</a>
  19. SEO Your Product • Build a product that spreads itself • Leverage your users to create content on massive scale • Build virality into your product. So your users can spread your content and links all over the web • Interlink every page of the website • Create HTML & XML Sitemaps • Examples: SlideShare, Scribd & Yelp
  20. Link Building • Public Relations (PR) • Blogs & Comments -- Participate in conversations • Competition Analysis • Design an award winning site and submit it to CSS galleries • Social Sites: Reddit, Hacker News, Stumble Upon, Pinterest etc. • Forums / Q & A • Infographics • Distribute widgets and embeddable content • Coupons, Deals, Giveaways & Contests
  21. Eat Your Competitors Lunch
  22. SEO & Social Co-relation • Google QDF algorithm (Query Deserves Freshness) boosts ranking of fresh content • Google +1, Facebook likes and Tweets bumps ranking of fresh content temporarily • Social media can help you build relationships and get more links • Social sites like: Reddit, Hacker News, Digg, Quora, StackOverflow are great for SEO
  23. Must Have SEO Tools • Google Keyword Tool • Google Webmaster Tools • RankSignals Backlinks Checker • SEO Quake Firefox and Chrome extension
  24. Final Thoughts • Do not do keyword stuffing • Do not load your content with AJAX • Host your own stuff: Blog, Images, Documents & Videos • Encourage users to spread them with an embed code • Use keyword variations • Site Speed is an important factor
  25. Final Thoughts • Prevent links from spammy sites • Avoid site-wide links • Caution with automatic link building tools • Buy links… oh really?
  26. Thank You! Ravish Ahuja, Co-Founder, & Mpedia Email: Twitter: @interactivecode