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Leadership (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 154 slides with Participant Handout

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Leadership (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation
154 slides with Participant Handout

While leadership styles are varied, simply put, leadership is the way you go about dealing with people. These styles are different kinds of behaviors we use to produce the reactions we need to get the job done. In 1821, the words "leader" and "ship" were combined to mean "the position of a leader." By the late 19th century, the word "leadership" extended to "characteristics necessary to be a leader."

PowerPoint Presentation Content Slides Include:

Definition/s of leadership
Learning objectives for this presentation
20 points in an effective leadership checklist
9 points they will never tell you but we will
3 points on profiling leadership and 4 points on leadership behavior
12 leadership qualities and 6 leadership skills
20 points on leadership roles and 10 commitments of leadership
7 effective leadership guidelines and 13 leadership traits
6 steps in motivating and 6 steps in counseling and coaching
7 steps in teambuilding and 8 steps in influencing
9 steps in delegating and 3 delegating pointers
5 points on leadership education and you,
9 roles of leadership development and 6 new workplace trends
6 points in an effective leadership checklist
6 points on leadership trust building and 4 points on real leaders
10 keys to leadership and 5 points on the role of a leader
6 points on a leader’s responsibilities and 8 points on inspirational leadership
6 point on leaders being born or made and 6 points on leadership lessons
6 points on what it takes and 6 points on the paradox of power
8 points on the art of leadership and 5 leadership methods
7 points on leadership survival techniques and 21 points on patterns in leadership
3 points on participative leadership behavior and 4 points on intelligent leadership
4 points on leadership transformation and 7 models of leadership
10 points on authentic leaders and 5 points on getting real work done
5 points on achieving balance and 7 points on transformational leadership
3 points on a leader’s personal skills and 4 points on visionary leadership
5 practices of exemplary leadership and 9 ingredients of leader success
6 points on bringing out the best and 7 of the most important words
16 action steps and much more.

Also included are: 2 diagrams/charts, & 18 high resolution photographs.

Plus 15 Additional New Content Pages:
Etymology / Why People Need Leaders / Leadership Theories / Inspirational Leadership Chart / Patterns of Leadership / Paternalistic Leadership Behavior / Change Leadership Behavior / Leaders.

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Leadership (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 154 slides with Participant Handout

  1. 1. LEADERSHIP readysetpresent.com
  2. 2. 2 Program Objectives ( 1 of 2 ) Leadership readysetpresent.com Determine what defines a leader. Understand your style as a leader. Develop strategies to lead with greater effectiveness. Choose an effective leadership style.
  3. 3. 3 Program Objectives ( 2 of 2 ) Leadership readysetpresent.com Motivate through example, method, and approach. Sharpen your communication skills (the foundation). Practice, discuss, and problem- solve.
  4. 4. A CHALLENGE Please write a One Sentence Definition for LEADERSHIP.
  5. 5. 5 Definition Leadership readysetpresent.com Leader: A person who leads others along a way; a guide.
  6. 6. 6 Etymology Leadership readysetpresent.com The word “leader” came from the Old English word, “læder.” In 1821, the words “leader” and “ship” were combined to mean “the position of a leader.” By the late 19th century, the word “leadership” extended to “characteristics necessary to be a leader.”
  7. 7. Leadership Leadership 7readysetpresent.com Leadership is a complex process involving three dimensions: The leader The employees The demands of the situation
  8. 8. IDEAS
  9. 9. 9 Why People Need Leaders Leadership readysetpresent.com People need leaders to… Inspire them Guide them Motivate them Provide direction Model behavior Initiate change
  10. 10. 10 Leadership Theories (1 of 4) Leadership readysetpresent.com Leadership theories are not definite. They ask questions about how leadership works and do not make statements.
  11. 11. Leadership Theories (2 of 4) Leadership 11readysetpresent.com Are there characteristics that make a good leader? ? Are characteristics and leadership ability gender- based? ? Are leaders born, not bred, or can leadership skills be developed? ? Trait Theory:
  12. 12. 13 Leadership Theories (4 of 4) Leadership readysetpresent.com Can leadership characteristics be different for each leader? Can different styles of leadership be used in different situations? Contingency Theory:
  13. 13. Able to handle the boss or other managers. Able to manage time wisely – can establish priorities and not get bogged down by minor details. Results-oriented: "I do not care how you do it. Just do it." Effective Leadership Checklist (1 of 5) Leadership 14readysetpresent.com
  15. 15. What They Never Tell You But We Will (1 of 3) Leadership 20readysetpresent.com You are not alone. Do not assume that you can become an expert in a day or a couple of months. There are no perfect managers.
  16. 16. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT US AT readysetpresent.com readysetpresent.com