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Perspectives 2012
Perspectives 2012
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Perspectives Volume 4

  1. 1. Perspectives
  2. 2. With the digital environment forever changing, it’s hard to decide which digital trends you should implement into your business strategy to keep ahead in your industry. Perspectives Volume 4 presents the emerging digital trends defining the Australian and New Zealand market, that no business should ignore. The Digital Customer Experience Edition
  3. 3. The Tip of the Iceberg Tim O’Neill Download the full pdf here
  4. 4. The digital space is constantly shifting. Customer behaviours are evolving and the skills required to reach will follow suit.
  5. 5. Thisevolution creates a challenge for companies who may struggle to meet changing demands.
  6. 6. beg, borrow & steal In order to stay vital and relevant, companies must beg, borrow and steal the resources needed to embrace – and lead – change.
  7. 7. Anonymous, Imperfect, Impermanent.Brett Thompson Download the full pdf here
  8. 8. impermanence and anonymity are becoming more desirable. As social media and its users evolve,
  9. 9. The desire for an impermanent experience makes it difficult for brands to make a strong impression in users’ minds.
  10. 10. Brands must be prepared to be more unique, embrace intimate and curated experiences.
  11. 11. Wearables - Are They Good for Business? Bradley Grinlinton Download the full pdf here
  12. 12. consumers have been slow to adopt wearables. Despite wearables like fitness bands and smart watches becoming more widely available, consumers have been slow to adopt them. This creates a roadblock for companies who see wearables as part of their consumer experience strategy. Download the full pdf here
  13. 13. Companies should look within for opportunities to utilise wearables An existing workforce, with clearly defined roles and processes, makes an ideal testing ground.
  14. 14. By opening themselves up to the possibility of wearables transforming their workforce’s capabilities, organisations can greatly improve their customer service.
  15. 15. Moment Mapping the Customer Experience Stephen Foxworthy Enoch Tan Download the full pdf here
  16. 16. But with multiple channels available, customer journey maps can become overwhelming. Customer experience maps are a vital part of digital strategy.
  17. 17. Mapping individual moments in a customer experience cycle allows companies to prioritise stages based on the impact they’re likely to have on their business.
  18. 18. Anticipate the future of the customer experience A complete moment map allows a company to anticipate the future of their customer experience, react swiftly, minimise pain points and maximise opportunities to delight customers.
  19. 19. Measuring the Effectiveness of Content Marketing Aiya Hassan Download the full pdf here
  20. 20. Content Marketing is a crucial part of engaging users with a brand.
  21. 21. It can be difficult for brands to measure the impact of their content strategy on audiences.
  22. 22. A strategic framework ensures a company measures engagement across all of their channels, allowing them to deliver their clients a measurable and actionable report on the effectiveness of their content marketing.
  23. 23. Artificial Intelligence and the Experience Platform Brad Paton Download the full pdf here
  24. 24. “Experience Platforms”, incorporating advanced personalisation and automation features, have replaced the traditional Web Content Management System.
  25. 25. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence will allow Experience Platforms to provide even more sophisticated insights into user behaviour.
  26. 26. Companies must invest in platforms with a clear vision: incorporate Artificial Intelligence technologies, or risk being left behind.
  27. 27. Inside-out Versus Outside-in Nataniel Kraizelburd Download the full pdf here
  28. 28. Agile processes continue to gain popularity, becoming commonplace across the digital industry.
  29. 29. Despite its popularity, there are flaws inherent to the Agile system that can negatively impact projects, especially in regards to User Experience design. There are flaws inherent to the Agile system
  30. 30. Companies must be proactive about better integrating User Experience design into their Agile processes and improving overall outcomes.
  31. 31. Taming Scope, Schedule and Budget with Great Feedback Joachim Pforr Download the full pdf here
  32. 32. Good feedback is crucial to the successful design and implementation of a new project.
  33. 33. The sheer quantity of feedback enabled by open and collaborative working methods can be difficult to manage.
  34. 34. To achieve practical results, consider feedback as it relates to stakeholders’ practical needs, and focus on the “why?” behind each particular piece of feedback. why?
  35. 35. Tag Management – Your Key to Digital Intelligence Daniel Laidler Download the full pdf here
  36. 36. Insights into customer engagement with digital properties are a vital part of marketing, with embedded tags playing a key role in gathering customer data.
  37. 37. The proliferation of platforms and products that offer tags can lead to tag overload
  38. 38. Choosing the right tag management system, and having the knowledge to utilise and understand the data it offers, is a must for digital companies.
  39. 39. The Future of Social: Networking in NicheAdam Stone Download the full pdf here
  40. 40. Users are moving away from generic social media experiences towards more unique and personalised services.
  41. 41. Brands may find it difficult to target social media users who have shifted towards niche services.
  42. 42. While niche social networks may have relatively short reach, they offer opportunities for strong, meaningful engagement. Brands should see this as an opportunity.
  43. 43. Empowering Our Women Through Mentoring Steph Webster Ruki Kurukulasuriya Download the full pdf here
  44. 44. The digital industry has a gender diversity problem with only three percent of Creative Director roles in agencies worldwide being held by women.
  45. 45. Valuable and talented female employees are robbed of motivation all due to lack of support and opportunity.
  46. 46. Mentoring young women in the industry is key helping them identify and achieve their career aspirations, which benefits the entire industry.
  47. 47. Retail Predictions 2020 Stephen Foxworthy Download the full pdf here
  48. 48. The world of retail is evolving quickly, both online and in stores especially in the way the two relate.
  49. 49. it’s difficult for anyone to know what lies ahead. Given the rapid evolution of retail,
  50. 50. Stay informed on changing consumer behaviours and technology trends. This will enable brands to remain competitive.
  51. 51. To read the full articles behind these emerging trends download the digital version of Perspectives Volume 4. DOWNLOAD
  52. 52. Melbourne Phone: +61 (0)3 9838 8880 Email: enquiries@reactive.com Sydney Phone: +61 (0)2 9005 5014 Email: enquiries@reactive.com Auckland Phone: +64 (0)9 309 5696 Email: enquiries@reactive.com /reactiveglobalcompany/reactive@reactive reactive.com