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Women in energy a world full of opportunities lcec

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Ms. Patil Mesrobian, Program Development Officer, LCEC presentation at Sustainable Energy Field: A Step towards Sustainable Communities - Workshop on the side of International Beirut Energy Forum on 25 September 2019.

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Women in energy a world full of opportunities lcec

  1. 1. Women in Energy A World Full of Opportunities By Patil Mesrobian Programme Development Officer Environmental Specialist September 25, 2019 IBEF2019 Beirut, Lebanon
  2. 2. LCEC At a Glance  National Organization affiliated to MEW  Technical Arm of the government of Lebanon  Encourages the implementations of EE and RE measures  Promotes the development of EE and RE strategies at the national level
  3. 3. Who We Are Team of 18 People 9 Different Educational Backgrounds Age Group 20-50
  4. 4. Women in LCEC Women in the LCEC Team 62% Women in the Senior Management 65% Women in Engineering Economics International Law and Relations Administration Support to Women 100%
  5. 5. Women in LCEC Equal Opportunities and unbiased rules
  6. 6. Women in LCEC Opportunities for Public Speaking
  7. 7. Women in LCEC Measurable Targets for Tangible Achievements
  8. 8. Women in LCEC Women in Leadership
  9. 9. Future Energy Leaders of Lebanon FELL-18
  10. 10. About FELL-18 • Group of 18 young energy professionals of Lebanon (25-35 age) • Initiative from the World Energy Council (WEC) Lebanon National Committee • Based on World Energy Council's FEL-100 (Future Energy Leaders) programme • Designed to inspire, grow and develop Lebanon's energy leaders of tomorrow • Provides a platform to build a rich professional network to interact with senior energy leaders in the country and across the world.
  11. 11. • workshops, eventsand business to business meetings • Networkingand business opportunities • training activities • InternationalBeirut EnergyForum • Getting connected with a global network of future energy leaders through activecollaborationwith the FEL-100 network • Potentialnomination to the FEL-100 network • World EnergyCongress • World EnergyCouncil’s regionaland internationalevents • Building a professionalnetwork FELL-18 Benefits
  12. 12. FELL-18 Structure FELL-18 Chair Secretary Trilemma taskforce Leader Human Capital Taskforce Leader Digitalization Taskforce Leader
  13. 13. Gender Distribution 67% 33% Applicants' Percentage of Gender Distribution Male Female Women in FELL-18 33%
  14. 14. Canada 1 Germany 1 Lebanon 14 UAE 1 Kuwait 1 Country Distribution
  15. 15. Education Background Applicants Chemical Engineering 2 Civil Engineering 1 Economics 2 Electrical Engineering 4 Mechanical Engineering 8 Environmental Science 1 11% 6% 11% 22% 44% 6% Education Background Distribution Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Economics Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Environmental Science Educational Background
  16. 16. FELL-18 Session At IBEF2019 Join us for Session 3A- Roundtable Discussion Energy Leaders of Tomorrow: Fueling the Lebanese Energy Sector with New Promising Horizons 18.00- 19.30 The Bank Audi Pearl Main Conference Room
  17. 17. FELL-18 2020 Round 2 Apply to the 2nd round of FELL-18 Application will be available on the WEC Lebanon Website http://lcec.org.lb/en/WEC
  18. 18. Thank You! The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) Head Office:Ministry of Energy and Water- Corniche du Fleuve- First Floor- Room 303 Telephone: 01-569101 01-565108 LCEC Technical Office: Badaro Main Street, Nassif Karam Building, 5th Floor Telephone: 01-389589 01-389189 Email: energy@lcecp.org.lb