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Baraka Media - Portfolio

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Baraka Media - Communicating for social change

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Baraka Media - Portfolio

  1. 1. Communicating Social Change
  2. 2. OUR MISSION • engaging and enabling Arabs globally through positive content and productive digital experiences.
  3. 3. our values.. be the change you want to see in the world
  4. 4. • We create online platforms which engage the young digital generation. (products) • We enable organizations serving the same demographic to build engaging online presence. (services) 1 2 WHAT WE DO
  5. 5. Our platforms - BarakaBits • Inspire - showcase can-do, value-based examples • Enable - provide tools for learning, skill-building and job creation • Connect - connect arab youths globally • Transact - through crowd-funding, eCommerce, service exchange • Reach - support youth in marginalized and hardship communities UNIQUE PROPOSITION
  6. 6. BarakaBits - Site Stats • 250,000 Unique visitors per month • 2000 Arabic & English Articles • 30 categories • covering 19 countries • 100+ Youth Contributors
  7. 7. Activating a network of youth contributors through a Youth Engagement and Employment Program. Weekly Online training sessions bring together youth from the USA to Gaza to build digital content and engage audiences through BarakaBits social channels and partner networks.
  8. 8. Our agency - Services • Serves as a business development channel for our platforms • We provide companies and individuals who target young digital audiences with services to: Envision - brands and campaigns that do good and crowdsource Transform - communication from broadcast to engage Connect - organizations with their stakeholders using social media and our platforms MORE VALUE
  9. 9. communication strategies social brands social transactions communications capacity building communications monitoring define the art and science of content marketing analyze co-build implement monitor create your social brand personal professional organizational identify your community storytelling & brevity identify your digital currency define your cause assess implement maximize measure ROI socialize internal communication assess capacity rework process introduce tools train & support co-create social content measure your investment analyze adjust expand
  10. 10. agency clients
  11. 11. CLIENT PORTFOLIO COMMUNICATIONS ADVISORY 11 Communication Strategies Brand Development Community Engagement Digital Social Channel Activation
  12. 12. Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing. Palestine Children’s Relief Fund - A year-long change management & communications program to build organizational capacity and expand reach.
  13. 13. We will conserve what we love. We love what we understand. Tawasul - From concept to implementation, devised the communication, funding and engagement strategy for a marine conservation-education program. Took youth into the wild and enabled them through experience to advocate for sustainability.
  14. 14. Qatar2022 - Developed a 13 year plan to build social value through the largest sporting event in the region capitalizing on social entrepreneurs, CSR of the private sector and the larger community of volunteers. It is in the contemplation of power that you manifest this power.
  15. 15. If I look at the masses, I will never act. If I look at one, I will. - Mother Theresa Welfare30 - Envisioned and implemented a campaign to celebrate 30 years of achievement creates a storytelling platform featuring hundreds of stories from Palestine and launching the association into the digital age.
  16. 16. Al Tamimi & Co. - delivering value to the community through increased engagement and informative dialogue on legal matters in the region online and offline. Supporting the firm through a digital communication & engagement strategy.
  17. 17. A regional government entity - engagement, communication and social benefit through a combined online and offline strategy based on objectives, rooted in values and aiming to serve all.
  18. 18. Palestine Medical Relief Society - Water Campaign design, implementation, promotion & communication team capacity building.
  19. 19. ULYP - Communications Strategy Development, digital crowd-funding campaign development, spokesperson briefing, event planning and introducing back-office technology solutions to support organization growth.
  20. 20. A two year engagement - creating a communications strategy, overhauling the brand, developing all digital and social communications, creating a youth engagement program engaging alumni, students and other members of the HQSF community.
  21. 21. CLIENT PORTFOLIO EVENTS MANAGEMENT 21 Conferences Workshops Study Abroad Tours Awareness and Fundraising Events
  22. 22. From Peru To Syria - Fun for Cause; an afternoon attended by members of the Peruvian, UAE and Syrian Dubai Community to raise awareness and funds for Syrian Children Refugees. Among the attendees was the Peruvian Ambassador to Dubai.
  23. 23. .
  24. 24. Unforgettable presentations Workshop – Kim Page
  25. 25. BarakaBits & C3 hosted an annual Suhoor at Operation:Falafel
  26. 26. Operation Falafel Launch Event; created a “roll a falafel” competition with a social impact twist. Attendees completed in packaging sandwich meals, later distributed to local Labor Camps.
  27. 27. IBRAHIM STUDENT LEADERSHIP AND DIALOGUE MIDDLE EAST PROGRAM WITH QUEENS COLLEGE Baraka Advisors was contracted by Queens College, New York, to organize the itinerary for the UAE leg of the Student Leadership and Dialogue Middle East Program. Baraka organized a program for the students, which included meeting i n d u s t r y l e a d e r s , s o c i a l entrepreneurs, cultural figures and activists; as well as organizing cultural experiences for the group.
  28. 28. Ibrahim Student Leadership and Dialogue Middle East Program with Queens College
  29. 29. THE INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR JOURNALISTS • In partnership with The Impact Hub Dubai, we delivered services for the International Centre for Journalists (ICfJ). to program daily meetings for Rodney Gibbs, an ICfJ fellow, on a study tour of Dubai. • Rodney learned about the media industry in the UAE, focussing on digital media; as well as facilitating a knowledge exchange between Rodney and the different agencies he would meet with. • We identified both local and international communications agencies, news outlets and other major players in the UAE who have a strong focus on digital media and innovation.
  30. 30. AWJ INVESTMENTS, BAHRIA MENU RELAUNCH • Baraka Advisors was contracted to organize the launch of Bahria's new menu. • The event consisted of carefully invited industry leaders, live music performances and the guests sampling Bahria's new tasting menu. • Following the launch event, Baraka Advisors was retained to invite people from Bahria's target demographic for two weeks, in order to sample Bahria's tasting menu – on the house.
  31. 31. AWJ Investments, Bahria Menu Relaunch
  32. 32. Arab Fund for Art and Culture - Dubai Fund Launch Event
  33. 33. Contracted by The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) to manage an fund launch inDubai. The event took place in Dubai over two-day period. Day one featured the unveiling of AFAC’s Public Art Commission.
  34. 34. Day two of the AFAC Event - a VIP Reception honoring donors, cultural philanthropists, supporters and friends of AFAC concluded with a Music Concert by the popular Lebanese Rock Band, Mashrou’ Leila at Music Hall.
  35. 35. Hosting Mr. Jim Schaefer, Pulitzer Prize winner with the Detroit Free Press for a two week study tour in the UAE in collaboration with Impact Hub Dubai and the International Center for Journalism
  36. 36. Baraka Advisors arranged and managed a week-long calendar for Mr. Jim Schafer, with introductions to key members of the local media and media government relations. Jim Schaefer visit
  37. 37. Royati Annual Celebration - Royati celebrated the achievements of Hefz Al Ne’ma project over the past ten years by organizing an honorary followed by luncheon featuring all partners and shareholders in this project. Where the ceremony was aimed in creating awareness and community involvement.
  38. 38. Royati Annual Lunch
  40. 40. Workshops • Communication Strategy – Transforming the way you do business • Social Media 101 • Women Entrepreneurs – A balanced approach & a personal journey • Socializing Business – Your business & the social web • CSR - do’s & don’ts • Public Speaking & Spokesperson Briefings • Event Planning 101 • Crowd-funding 101 • Client-specific workshops
  41. 41. speaking engagements • Abu Dhabi Khalifa Fund – Forum on Entrepreneurship • Open Diversity – Social Entrepreneurship - Dubai • Global Forum Technology & Innovation - Sharjah • Ashoka Arab World Social Innovation Forum - Cairo • DSG– Best Practice in Entrepreneurship • Project on Middle East Democracy – voices from the middle east - Washington DC • 4site forum - Beirut • Young Arab Leaders - UAE • INSEAD – Celebrating Women – Abu Dhabi • Zayed University - Dubai • 4th World Congress for Muslim Philanthropists – Dubai • Leadership Bridge Program – Bahrain • NYU Abu Dhabi International Hackathon
  42. 42. speaking engagements • Business Planning for Social Impact – Dubai4Acumen • Strathclyde  Business School – SOCENT Panel - Dubai • Stanford University @shelterdxb – East meets West – a dialogue on Social Entrepreneurship Models, Challenges & Opportunities • Commercial Bank of Dubai & University of Dubai – Women Leadership Development Forum • GCC Future Entrepreneurs • Sharjah Business Women’s Council – Women Entrepreneurship • Civil Society Organization UNDP Capacity Building Conference – Erbil • Tamkeen Expo 2013 – Keynote Speech - Bahrain • Booz & Co. Women Entrepreneurship in MENA – Panelist - Dubai • NYUAD – Social Entrepreneurship Talk
  43. 43. speaking engagements - Europe & USA • International Fundraising Forum - Netherlands • USA • Harvard Business School • TechWadi Annual Forum • Wharton School of Business • George Washington University School of Communications • UCLA - Annual Jusoor Conference • Social Venture Network - Annual Conference • PCRF - Annual Chapters Conference
  44. 44. Rama Chakaki Baraka Advisors - Partner BarakaBits - Founder Communications Strategy & Digital Media THE PARTNERS Iman Odeh Yabroudi Baraka Advisors - Partner Agency Events & PR
  45. 45. OUR PRESENCE
  46. 46. rama chakaki rama@barakabits.com iman odeh iman@baraka.ae