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Infographic B2B / Manufacturing Customer Experience Insights

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So as we move towards Digital India, B2B and manufacturing organisations have an opportunity to deepen digital relationships with empowered customers and a digitally enabled workforce. First movers who adapt their organisation to this digital transformation will have a significant advantage over competitors. To read more: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/customer-experience-manufacturing-industry-who-cares-ratnesh-mehra

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Infographic B2B / Manufacturing Customer Experience Insights

  1. 1. Focus on customer experience to drive 5x more revenue growth! B2B leaders who joined the digital revolution have outpaced their peers.The business impact is clear: Scenario 1: Scenario 2: Manufacturing and High-Tech Engineering companies are failing to capitalise on their data: 41% of brands say smarter analysis of customer data will do the most to improve customer experience.2 84% of businesses have experienced a trend toward customers wanting an individualised experience in terms of products, services and content, as well as how they are purchased, delivered or consumed.3 Be the first mover! of manufacturers say customers have become less loyal.2 still don’t compile data on customer satisfaction.2 40% 38% of B2B companies feel they have a complete view of their customers.1 of brands admit they are losing touch with customers.1 15% 25% say they expect that at least half of their customers will buy from them online within three years.4 of B2B brands say that online marketplaces offer better customer experience than their own B2B site.5 50% 82% In this scenario, first movers are proven to yield more. They need to ‘Build a Customer Experience’ worth reliving to boost loyalty. Are you digital leaders or laggards? What are B2B buyer preferences? They need to focus on ‘Customer Analytics’ to better understand their audience. Real growth is had by focusing on innovation in sales and customer experience. Source: 1 Source: McKinsey Digital Quotient, bit.ly/Digital_CX 2 Oracle partnered with Coleman Parkes to survey 800 CMOs, CSOs, senior marketers and senior sales executives. 3 Oracle, The Era I Enterprise: ‘Ready for Anything’, April 2016 4 Forrester Survey, August 2015 5The B2B Online Benchmarking Study Revenue growth1 Operating profit1 Returns to shareholder1 5x 8x 2x