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GanttChart for ClearQuest. Testimonials

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The module is made in the form of Plug-in for IBM Rational ClearQuest 7.0 and upper. This module is intended for every person who uses IBM Rational ClearQuest and is short of project management capabilities. The module does not substitute for existing project management tools but adds the operational sections into IBM Rational. For the most experienced users the functions of this module will be absolutely enough for ad hoc planning and operational management of their projects. The module has no analogues in the world!
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GanttChart for ClearQuest. Testimonials

  1. 1. GanttChart for ClearQuest. Testimonials<br />The major advantage of the GanttChart tool is the ability to graphically represent states of activities. When you have a large number of activities it is difficult to visually represent and estimate them using the grid view only. In such case, a chart is very useful. Another advantage is the possibility to modify dates of activities in graphic view (i.e. in a chart itself) that simplifies data updating in ClearQuest. <br />Jesuino Jose de Freitas Neto, IT Executive Manager, Banco do Nordeste do Brazil, Federal  Bank of Brazil <br /> <br />This is a usefull and successful solution allowing to simplify a life to ClearQuest users who got used to work with Gantt charts. Visualisation of hierarchy and relationships of change requests of different types allows to accelerate the analysis of a current tasks' status and to make a decision faster.  <br />Dmitry Lapygine, Rational Technical Specialist, IBM EE/A, SWG Department.<br /> <br />With GanttChart module my team achieved possibility to plan tasks for  change requests resolving right after acceptance, in the same tool, without any intermediate steps. I recommend this tool as a rapid-planning extension to all teams, which use ClearQuest.  <br />Rustam Zaydullin, Lead analyst, SCM Specialist, TatNeft (Oil company). <br />CM-Consult’s GanttChart is a product that was wanted by many project managers using IBM Rational ClearQuest. It allows executing almost every PM’s task within IBM Rational ClearQuest in a new and agile way. <br />Vasily Razuvaykin,  former Rational sales specialist, IBM (2005-2007) <br />_______________________________________________________________________________<br />About CM-Consult<br />It was founded in 2004. The main business is consulting in project management area, implementation and support IBM Rational tools and technologies as well as methodic (RUP). Distribution, setup and customization, support of IBM Rational software and Microsoft tools.<br />«CM-Consult» is in TOP-5 of the Russian consulting companies implementing IBM Rational.<br />Our team conducted over 25 successful projects of IBM Rational technologies implementation, we trained over 700 specialists.<br />«CM-Consult» is a business partner of IBM for all these years and has a status Premier IBM Partner as well as Value Advantage Plus (V.A.P.).<br />The base of the team is the certified professionals and experts whose experience and deep knowledge are beyond doubts.<br />The clients of «CM-Consult» are the biggest international companies: HUK-COBURG (Germany), Banco do Nordeste (Brazil), United Aviation Group (Russia), Tatneft (Tatarstan oil, Russia), VTB bank (state external trade bank, Russia), Irkut avia plant (Russia), Russian Aluminum and many others.<br />About Rational Tools project<br />The project starts at 2008 for international promoting the solutions and services of CM-Consult which are worked through the real projects of the company. Rational-Tools is the set of the unique solutions and software which extends and complements the capabilities of IBM Rational tools and it has no analogues in the world. Some of these products are registered in IBM as Value Advantage Plus (V.A.P.) solutions (Project Tracker and UML2ClearQuest), that confirms their high quality and relevance for the broad spectrum of customers.<br />http://rational-tools.info<br />https://twitter.com/rrationaltools<br />info@rational-tools.info<br />