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Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare & Linkedin
Growth hackingGrowth hacking
is not sexyis not sexy
Growth curves “high and to the right” are sexy.
From Paul Graham
The growth hacker meme continues to grow.
Stop lookingStop looking
for afor a
hacker tohacker to
solve yoursolve your
What on earth isWhat on earth is
growth hacking?growth hacking?
First build core product (thousands)
Next basic product-ma...
Is growth hacking an art? A
science? Or a craft?
People canPeople can
learn to belearn to be
Growth hacking is a team sport.
You need a growth team.
Lesson 2
It’s a multi-displinaryIt’s a multi-displinary
team sportteam sport
It’s a multi-disciplinary team sport.
Team needs multi...
Build growthBuild growth
hacking DNAhacking DNA
into yourinto your
Growth hacking is notGrowth hacking is not
fun work. Work can befun work. Work can be
annoying & tedious. Itsannoying & te...
crisis due tocrisis due to
“What am I“What am I
It’s a multi-displinaryIt’s a multi-displinary
team sportteam sport
A growth team is sustainable.
Individuals move in and ...
Search as a growthSearch as a growth
channel is effectivechannel is effective
but unpredictable.but unpredictable.
Lesson 4
For SlideShare, transcript text exposes
presentation text to search engines.
Embeds are a win-win SEO strategy (win for user
and SlideShare)
SEO basedSEO based
growth is harder togrowth is harder to
feel in control of.feel in control of.
SEO philosophy: DoSEO philosophy: Do
good things forgood things for
users, and you willusers, and you will
get good result...
You can grow like weed without much
Lesson 5
Focus onFocus on
your coreyour core
Spend onSpend on
Watch everyWatch every
dollar. Itsdollar. Its
easy toeasy to
waste onwaste on
activities withactivities with
no return.no ...
Viral growthViral growth
equally importantequally important
Have multiple legs for growth.
Investment in virality is as im...
hacks: be aheadhacks: be ahead
of the curve. Youof the curve. You
can compensatecan compensate
Biz Dev &Biz Dev &
can be acan be a
time sink.time sink.
Find me:Find me:
What on earth isWhat on
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What on earth isWhat on Growth hacking is unsexy

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What on earth isWhat on earth is
growth hacking?growth hacking?
First build core product (thousands)
Next basic product-market fit (low millions)
Finally, bring more and more users (tens of millions)

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