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Mobile App Reshaping The Fashion Industry

Are you looking for an app for your fashion Industry? Don’t worry. Rapidsoft is here to help you. Contact us and get connected to our experts.

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Mobile App Reshaping The Fashion Industry

  1. 1. Mobile App Reshaping the fashion Industry
  2. 2. About Fashion App  Today fashion Industry is on boom and mobile app plays an increasingly pioneer role to boom this industry more and more.  Statistic said: 131.4 million users will have made at least one purchase via mobile app on their mobile device in 2016.  U.S. fashion marketers will spend about $56.5 billion on mobile advertising and promotions by 2015, according to Mobitrove.
  3. 3. Famous fashion app The Hunt LIKEtoKNOW.it Keep App
  4. 4. Fashion App Features  Can get the list of best designers according to their location.  Easily see the designer collection.  Can see reviews and ratings of different designers.  Apply filters to get the better results.  Easily follow the designers for more updates.  Directly contact to designer via phone or social media.  Easily share the details of the designer with friends.  Send invitation to friends and grab heavy discounts.  Exclusive deals
  5. 5.  Mobile Apps Help users to Stay in trend  Users Prefer Apps to Shopping via Mobile Browsers  Mobile Apps Make Payments Easier, Faster, and More Secure  Mobile Apps Encourage Social Sharing  Mobile Apps Allow Push Notifications  Mobile Apps Help Build Brand Loyalty  Save on Operational Costs  Attract New Customers  Availability Offline  Enhanced Usability Why do you need a Mobile app for your fashion industry ?
  6. 6. If you are keen to take your business to the new levels with the help of a highly appealing and effective mobile app then do not hesitate to Rapidsoft Technologies.