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iOS App Development Trends will Rock in Year 2018

With new trends affecting the entire iOS ecosystem, developers too are tuning them for their ongoing and upcoming iOS app development projects

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iOS App Development Trends will Rock in Year 2018

  1. 1. IOS applications trend of 2018
  2. 2. Augmented Reality •Amazon announced Sumerian application platform • This platform supports Apple’s ARKit • Compatibility with Apple’s ARKit helps the developer to develop augment reality • Huge investment in this technology
  3. 3. Core Machine Learning • Core ML • Uses this technology for the various products like Camera, Siri & QuickType • Use of this technology to make it feature rich • Computer vision techniques • natural language processing • AI game development
  4. 4. Swift 4 • Apple’s general-purpose programming language • The most powerful programming language which is also easy to learn • Swift 4 has the strengths of Swift 3 • Has great potential of creating highly robust & scalable applications
  5. 5. Artificial Intelligence & Contextual Learning for Siri • One of our favorite intelligent personal assistant from Apple Inc • Siri, well understands what we speak and what we are actually looking for • Offers a GPS pin while you are messaging
  6. 6. Apple Pay • Mobile payment and digital wallet service • Apple Pay is highly trending • Used to book your air tickets, event bookings, etc. online
  7. 7. Apple HomeKit • Framework of Apple Inc. • Specially designed for home automation • iOS developers can create apps using Apple HomeKit
  8. 8. Rapidsoft Technologies understand the importance of IOS application development. This presentation contains the updated trend of creating ios application. Thank you for watching the presentation, I hope you liked it.