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ESPC14 Presentation, David Bernal - "Make your Social Intranet a Success"

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ESPC14 Presentation, David Bernal - "Make your Social Intranet a Success"

  1. 1. Enterprise Social Strategies Make Your Social Intranet a Success Information Worker Consultant, Project Director and Team Leader at Raona, with a huge expertise leading projects based on SharePoint technologies, since 2001 version. David Bernal davidbernalmanero DavidBernalMa David.Bernal@raona.com
  2. 2. • Do I really need a Social Intranet? • Who should run the social intranet inside my organization? • Best practices and policies to a broad adoption?
  3. 3. Concepts Social • a social relation or social interaction is any relationship between two or more individuals Communication • communicative action is cooperative action undertaken by individuals based upon mutual deliberation and argumentation
  4. 4. Social Media
  5. 5. False Friends Don’t panic!!! Social Business Collaboration enables companies to use social computing interactions to exchange thoughts and ideas in a way that is integrated with business processes
  6. 6. Fashion vs Trend Fashion don’t always fit with your needs, vision and strategy A Trend is a way, a path in which you set the foundation for growth of your company
  7. 7. Social Business Microsoft SharePoint video
  8. 8. Social Business CEO MKT & Comm Community Manager Sales RRHH Project Manager From different points of view
  9. 9. Social Business Marketing I would like to have direct feedback from Sales Force to improve my campaigns. I would like to know what our customers think about our products
  10. 10. Social Business Sales I would like to have an space to share and argue about sales with my sales team. We can help each other a lot.
  11. 11. Social Business Project Management I would like to collaborate easily with my team to share the day to day project
  12. 12. Social Business Community Manager I would like to share with my clients the lastest news of my entreprise
  13. 13. Social Business Human Resources I would like to know who are the key persons on my Enterprise for each knowledge área I would like to discover all my mates talent
  14. 14. Social Business CEO I want a Enterprise aligned under a common vision, where information flows in a flexible way without
  15. 15. Social Business Pains
  16. 16. Social Business Collaboration Efectiveness
  17. 17. Performance Comparison Social Business
  18. 18. Social Business “The true value of an enterprise social network is not reflected in the measurable data that is presented to you in a dashboard, but rather in its ability to strengthen the informal social network that creates interactions and fosters the completion of work inside your company.” CMS Wire - The Enterprise Social Networking Data Party is Over
  19. 19. Social Business
  20. 20. Social Business Use Case Use Case Use Cases Organization’s mission / vision / values / strategy Use Cases Definition
  21. 21. Social Business Use Cases Definition Topic Welcome new employee Current Situation Mail or informal conversations Solution Post on social network and link to new employee CV. Give new employee acces to wellcome documentation Benefit Less emails, historify new employees, better integration Metrics Welcome survey Responsible Human Resources
  22. 22. Social Business Use Cases Definition
  23. 23. Social Business Use Cases Definition Topic Sessions 1 to many Current Situation Mailbox suggestions Solution Program live sessions “Ask your CEO” Benefit Encourage direct contact betweeen employees, flatten hierarchy and breaking geographical barriers Metrics # Topics and replies received. Causes treated. Survey attendees Responsible Human Resources / Business Technology
  24. 24. Social Business Use Cases Definition
  25. 25. Social Business Use Cases Definition Topic Search for talent through collaborative environment profiles Current Situation Popular knowledge Solution Enhance the personal profile and ask their owners to enter their professional knowledge and qualifications Benefit Promotion of the most active employees in an asset. Pride of being part active of the corporation. Feeling of belonging Metrics % People with full profile in the collaborative environment. # Queries resolved by experts in social network Responsible Human Resources / Business Technology
  26. 26. Social Business
  27. 27. Social Business
  28. 28. Social Business Capture business value Business Value People are talking about Sales and this has increased revenue by X% this quarter People are talking about Sales People are talking
  29. 29. Social Business Evaluate your network maturity
  30. 30. Social Business Project Manager Business Owner Comm Manager Exec Leader Group Leaders Power Users Ed Lead Comm Lead HR Leader Tec Specialist • Role definition • Competencies definition • Effort definition Avoid role duplication !!! Define your roles
  31. 31. Social Business Toomuchinformation!!!!
  32. 32. Social Business
  33. 33. Social Business Message Source & Target Channel Corporate News New Employee Press clippings IT Alert New Report Suggestion … Choose as many channels as you need Choose your channel
  34. 34. Social Business
  35. 35. Social Business Socialize your processes
  36. 36. Social Business Next coming…
  37. 37. Social Business Next coming…
  38. 38. Social Business Next coming…
  39. 39. Social Business Conclusions Social Business is a way to increase productivity and relationship between your employees Define roles and competencies for people involved in the development of your Social Business Network Define Use Cases setting quantitave or qualitative metrics
  40. 40. Social Business Conclusions Evangelize socialization from the top of the company to the bottom. Locate your allies Avoid dying from its success. Filter, organise and present content to employees to increase productivity Social Business is not future, is present and is growing more and more each day
  41. 41. GRÀCIES