How to earn 200$ per day from Adfoc

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How to earn 200$ per day from Adfoc

  1. 1. Make 200$ per day!! ADFOC.US TIPS- Make money, $200, per day online url shortening website. is a Free URLShortener !Generate a website with! Example of Shorten link: Adfocus Works?Shorten Links-->ShareLinks-->Earn Moneny! url shortener is the best and easiest way to make money online without stress. You willlearn the step by step details on how to earn money online with short url and alsothetipsandtricksI use to earn more than $180 per day online by shortening my url and referrallink with Not only will you learn how to make money online with url shortenerand tips on how to make $180 per day, you will also have the full list of all the high paying urlshortening websites that are like which you can use to multiply that amount per day. Thesewebsites also have the greatest and high paying referral programs you can ever imagine online, withthis program you will earn a high percentage commissions for your whole lifetime without working.Check it out, register and apply the tips and tricks, then sit back and watch your money flow!HOW ADFOCUS WORKSHow to start shrinkingAdfocus is a website that pays you when you shorten or shrink your website, blog, referral link or anyurl address that you want to direct people to from their website. Which means you can promote anywebsite, blog, referral link or any url of your choice and still get paid when people click your link tovisit the website you want them to visit. Wow! you promote your own personal website, blog orreferral link and still get paid for it!HOW IT WORKS:Visit the link- to register and after registration theywill send an email comfirmation message to you immediately.Then visit your email and click on the link they sent you which will verify your account. Then Log in
  2. 2. to their website again with the email address and the password you used to register, update yourprofile and the payment method that you preferred to be paid with and then click submite button.Finally, copy any website url address of your choice eg or referral link andpaste it in the Adfocuss shrink box then click shrink, It will generate a shorter Url address, thencopy the new address and paste it in any website that you want to promote your link on eg: yourfacebook wall, twitter, or your blog etc. Each time people click on the link it will show them an AdfromADFOCUS and also direct them to your website. And you are paid each time somebody clickson it.IPS ON HOW TO MAKE MORE THAN $200 PER DAY WITH ADFOC.USAdfocus tricks ADFOCUS TIPS and TRICKS that work for me. These aretheADFOC.US tips and tricks I use to get people click on my Adfocus links which earn me about$180 per day.FACEBOOK ADFOCUS TIPS AND TRICKS : I have about 20,000 fans on my page on facebookand two facebook accounts with about 10,000 friends, so whenever i have an interesting product todirect them to or a website with an interesting article that might interest them, i copy the websiteaddress and shrink it at Adfocus, then copy the shrinked address and paste it on my facebooks fanpage and on my two facebook accounts wall with a descriptive short note attached to the shrinkedaddress urging them to click it and visit the described product. People always rush to click the linkand visit the website which earns me money each time somebody clicks on my shrinked link to visitthe website. Adfocus pays you $6.00 per 1000 clicks on your shrinked link. So when about 30,000people on my facebooks fan page and friends from my two facebook accounts click on my shrinkedlink i make up $200. I also use ADLY, another website which is similar to Adfocu to double thatamount, however Facebook has banned and link on their website but i still outsmartthem and post my links. How it works: After shrinking or generating my links from ADFLY, i copyit and then go to NULLREFER and click the cloak option box then paste the link in the box and clickgenerate, then copy the generated link and paste it on my facebook fan page wall and my profile wallwith an attractive short note directing people to click on it and visit the website i want them to visit.
  3. 3. TWITTERS ADFOCUS TIP AND TRICK:I write an attractive but highly exagerated note directing people to click on my link eg: learn how tosatisfy you woman, click and visit from here: This is highly recommended ifyou want to earn big with Adfocus.FORUMS ADFOCUS TIP:I put the exagerated short note on my forum signatures which make people to click on it.OTHER ADFOCUS TRICKS:I also visit other social network websites wherever i find a large number of people interested in aparticular topic, i search that topic on google then copy the website link and shrink it at Adfocus thencopy and paste the link on the social network website and direct the people to click the link and visitthe website for their favourite topic. The more they click on the link the more money i make! CLICKHERE TO VISIT AND JOIN ADFOC.US FOR FREE-------------------Learn How to triple your Adfoc and other earnings with this simple method. Downloadthis simpleebook to make 1000$ per month!!