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Deal or No Deal Classroom Game on Subject-Verb Agreement

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This is in interactive PowerPoint Presentation game inspired by the game show on TV "Deal or No Deal". The concept is very the same with the mentioned TV game show. There are brief cases to choose from. Each briefcase contains a question and the name of the player. Tally of points are as follows:

1st briefcase opened = 1 point
2nd briefcase opened = 2 points
3rd briefcase opened = 3 points
and so on and so forth....
25th briefcase opened = 25 points

The game becomes even exciting in the last or remaining brief cases still to open because the points also becomes higher. And to add more intense to this game, inform the students that each briefcase opened with the wrong answer by the player is a deduction of points. This will give eagerness to the students to really do their best shot and deliver the correct answer.

On how you deliver this game, as a teacher-host, study how the host on the TV deal with the entire run of the program.

P.S when you become more familiar with the concept of this PPP, surely you will love repeating this activity to the class and you will even love making another PPPs with the same concept. Enjoy and have fun using this Deal or No Deal interactive PPP on Subject-Verb Agreement. :)

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Deal or No Deal Classroom Game on Subject-Verb Agreement

  2. 2. and FCRAThe Breeding Ground of Excellence 2
  3. 3. GRADE 7 STUDENTS In cooperation with the 3
  4. 4. PRESENTS 4
  6. 6. 1. There are 25 brief cases to choose 2. Each briefcase contains a player, a question, and a correct answer. 3. First briefcase chosen is worth 1 point, second briefcase worth 2 points, third 3 points and so on… 4. Wrong answer for the briefcase chosen will be deducted the same point/s the class should have earned if answered correctly. 5. The class has three chances of saying NO DEAL! No Deal means another player is allowed to steal and answer the question. 6. The class will be disqualified if and only he/she will coach the player who is answering the question.
  7. 7. LET’S PLAY 7
  9. 9. Milet and her sister [deliver , delivers] the newspaper in our neighborhood. BACK
  10. 10. Either your sister or your brother [has , have] left the dishes on the sink. BACK
  11. 11. Not only Ysrael but also his sister Arjay [is , are] computer programmers. BACK
  12. 12. Either the dog or the cats [like , likes] to be washed. BACK
  13. 13. Here [is , are] a few problems for you to solve. BACK
  14. 14. The secretary and commissioner of the club [present , presents] the proposal. BACK
  15. 15. Teacher Jinky and her friend [dislike , dislikes] the action of the government. BACK
  16. 16. Where [is , are] your book and your pens? BACK
  17. 17. Both the chairperson and the members [agree , agrees] to the suggestions. BACK
  18. 18. Neither Raney nor his teammates [has , have] adequate training. BACK
  19. 19. This cookbook and apron [is , are] ideal gifts for Mother. BACK
  20. 20. There [is , are] a number of students who are qualified for the scholarship. BACK
  21. 21. Either the principal or the academic assistants [implement , implements] the new school policy. BACK
  22. 22. [Is , Are] there adequate sources regarding the mechanics of the search? BACK
  23. 23. The project manager and coordinator [submit , submits] the budget for the school outreach project. BACK
  24. 24. Where there [is , are] a good career and faithful friends, there you will find me. BACK
  25. 25. The dog, who is chewing on my jeans, [is , are] actually very good. BACK
  26. 26. Here [is , are] the papers you requested. BACK
  27. 27. Read beans and rice [is , are] my mommy’s favorite dish. BACK
  28. 28. Every man and woman [is , are] required to check in. BACK
  29. 29. Four quarts of oil [was , were] required to get the car running. BACK
  30. 30. Neither the lion nor the bears [has , have] escaped from the zoo. BACK
  31. 31. The crowd [is , are] stampeding during Bon Jovi’s concert. BACK
  32. 32. The movie Three Musketeers [was , were] so funny to watch. BACK
  33. 33. Neither the serving bowl nor the plates [go , goes] on that shelf. BACK
  34. 34. YOU WIN 1 MILLION INSTANT KNOWLEDGE! DEAL OR NO DEAL The First Chinese Royal Academy Edition All rights Reserved 2015 FIRST CHINESE ROYAL ACADEMY EDITION