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The Search Landscape in 2017

  1. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | The Search Landscape in 2017 What’s changed (and changing) in SEO, searcher behavior, technology, & marketing
  3. Some Remarkable, New Data On Searcher Behavior…
  4. How Many Searches Happen on In May, Google told SearchEngineLand it was 2+ Trillion… Source
  5. How Many Searches Happen on Source That’s 480-720B searches/year on just US
  6. US Search Session Data: Average Session Length: % of Search Clicks on Google Properties (YouTube, Maps, etc): % of Searches Resulting in a Query Change Before a Click: % of Searches Resulting in a Pogostick (click->back->click) ~55 seconds 11.8% * 21% 8% *11.8% of distinct search queries, 8.4% of all searches
  7. Google Search Activity The average searcher does ~3.4 queries per day on their desktop and mobile (each).
  8. Mobile CTR 2.0% on Paid 40.9% on Organic 57.1% Don’t Click
  9. 2.8% on Paid Desktop CTR 62.2% on Organic 35% Don’t Click
  10. CTR on Google Mobile vs. Desktop There may be more traffic opportunity from desktop STILL due to higher CTR Source
  11. From All Google… to Only Mostly Google.
  12. Jumpshot’s Search Volume Distribution (Oct. 2016) Source Halloween?
  13. If We Assumed There Are 50 Billion Monthly Searches on…
  14. Google Images Would Have: 22.58 Billion Searches/Month
  15. YouTube: 3.13 Billion Searches/Month
  16. Yahoo!: 2.08 Billion Searches/Month
  17. Bing: 1.9 Billion Searches/Month
  18. Google Maps: 1.76 Billion Searches/Month
  19. Amazon: 1.56 Billion Searches/Month
  20. Facebook: 581 Million Searches/Month
  21. DuckDuckGo: 472 Million Searches/Month
  22. Google News: 236 Million Searches/Month
  23. From SEO First… to Holistic Marketing.
  24. 2000-2012: SEO is Possible w/o Other Marketing
  25. 2012-Today: SEO Rewards Great Marketing
  26. On-PageKeywordUse Important Then: Important Now: CrawlerAccessibility Links(themorethebetter) AnchorText KeywordsinDomainName InternalLinking&PageRankFlow ContentQuantity StayingUnderGoogle’sRadar Content’sOverallRelevance(incl.KWs) CrawlerAccessibility Links(butonlyfromlegitsources) AnchorText(betternotbetoogood) Branding&Memorability MobileFriendliness&OverallUX SearcherSatisfaction HaveNothingtoHide Why? A Change in Ranking Inputs
  27. Launching a New Venture? SEO Brand & Product Unique Value Proposition Audience & Influencers Content & UX
  28. From SERP Rankings… to SERP Features.
  29. SERP Features Are Near-Universal
  30. SERP Features Massively Impact CTR
  31. Many Features Remove SEO Opportunity
  32. But, in 2017, There’s Also More Feature Opportunity Than Ever Before You can do SEO to show up here And here
  33. And here
  34. Here And here Here too Also here Yup!
  35. 16 Features Every SEO Should Consider: Videounits SERPFeature Type How toGet In “PeopleAlsoAsk” FeaturedSnippet MapsBox KnowledgePanel TopStories(News) Images Apps Create&optimizeonYouTube(or,rarely,Vimeo) Branding–getsearchedforwith/afterthequery Phrasing&positionofshortanswerincontent ClaimGMB,getlinks,earncitations,benearby Earnbrandassociation,usestructuredmarkup GetinGoogleNews,earnlinks,titlew/KWs Relevantimages,altattributes,&directembeds KWsintitle/description,getpopularinappstores
  36. Books RelatedSearches Tweets SearchSuggest Sitelinks SectionSitelinks In-DepthArticles Carousels/ListResults Writeabook,useKWsinthetitle,haveanISBN Besearched+foundcommonlyw/theKWs Verifiedaccountshelp,useKWsintweets Asw/relatedsearches,alsogeo-sensitive Getlinks&visitstoseveralpoppgs;usemarkup Growpopularsubsectionsw/popularsubpages Authorlongerpiecesthatreceiveattention/links Belistedalongsidecommonsetsontheweb 16 Features Every SEO Should Consider: SERPFeature Type How toGet In
  37. AdWords 54.7% of Results, 3.4% of Clicks
  38. Local/Maps Results 15% of Results, 0.9% of Clicks
  39. Tweet Blocks 7% of Results, 0.23% of Clicks
  40. Google Shopping 9% of Results, 0.55% of Clicks
  41. Image Block 11% of Results, 3% of Clicks
  42. YouTube 6.3% of Results, 1.8% of Clicks
  43. Personalized Gmail ??% of Results, 0.16% of Clicks
  44. Top Stories? Unfortunately, we couldn’t get data on these (yet)
  45. Knowledge Panel 38% of Results, 0.5% of Clicks
  46. Knowledge Panel ?? !
  47. You’re Welcome!
  48. From Apps!… to Apps?
  49. We Spend A Lot of Time on Our Mobiles Source
  50. Almost 90% of That is In Apps Source
  51. But Apps Are a Winner-Take-All Market Source
  52. The Avg Person Really Only Uses 3 Apps Source
  53. Apps Are Only Valuable for a Few; Mobile Websites are Crucial For Everyone Source
  54. A Better Alternative: PWAs Source
  55. Be Careful Over-focusing on Mobile Only Source
  56. Desktop’s Plateauing, Not Dying Source
  57. From Expressed Intent… to Implied Intent.
  58. Past: Query Terms Determined Results
  59. Today: Google Knows What You Want Better Than (& Before) You Do
  60. Elements We Believe Google Uses in Predictive Intent: Location & Prior Behavior of Users inThat Location DeviceAttributes:Type,O/S, Speed,InstalledApps, etc Search,App, & Browser History Gmail Behavior (& possibly all keyboard behavior) Temporal Elements &Time-Based Patterns
  61. Different Devices/People; Different Results Seattle, WA Northampton, MA
  62. It’s Not Just Search Suggestions; It’s Rankings Too
  63. e.g. In San Diego, Comics Rule:
  64. If Google Becomes a Suggestion Engine, Marketers Will Be Left With Two Choices: Capture attention here Or compete, unaided, here
  65. When I first stumbled across this article, I didn’t even know where in Japan I’d go…
  66. By the time I reached evaluation stage, it was too late to convince me to stay anywhere else…
  67. From Results… to Answers.
  68. Many Queries Get No Clicks at All According to our clickstream data, <25% of searchers will click from a result like this.
  69. This is so common that, according to our data, 49% of searches results in 0 clicks!
  70. Why Sacrifice Ad $$ for Answers? These are high CPC ads, with high ROI Why is Google hurting ad CTR w/ these answers?!
  71. Answers  More Searches Google’s willing to lose a lot of short-term revenue in exchange for addictive search behavior
  72. Is the Future Ads as Answers?
  73. In Organic, Featured Snippets Are Google’s Primary “Be the Answer” Bet.
  74. Extracted, Card-Style Answers are Also on the Rise
  75. From Voice Search… to Smart Assistants.
  76. Voice Search = No Threat
  77. Smart Assistants = Some Threat
  78. Voice Answers = Massive Threat Source
  79. From Net Neutrality… to an Uncertain Future.
  80. Source
  81. Source
  82. Source
  83. If Net Neutrality is Eliminated in the US, What Will It Mean for Site Owners? ISPswill chargesubscribersmore to visitsites outsidethe includedbundles,massivelyloweringtraffic opportunities. Alot of SEO will shift to sites included by ISPdefaults Sites targeting top 20-30% earners will be less affected Paying ISPs may be required to achieve the most traffic Google may show sites’status w/ the ISPin the SERP
  84. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish |