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SEO on the SERPs - Brighton SEO Closing Talk

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SEO on the SERPs - Brighton SEO Closing Talk

  1. Rand Fishkin | Founder & CEO On-SERP SEO The Infuriating Reality of Search’s Future
  2. We Had a Deal!
  3. Google gets to: Crawl our sites for free Use our hosting bandwidth free Scrape our content w/o trademark consequence Rely on us to optimize to their standards in exchange…
  4. Those who solve searchers’ problems earn clicks with their content
  5. But Google’s been changing the deal…
  6. This deal’s getting worse all the time…
  7. Google’s Free Traffic Was a Trojan Horse…
  8. With 3-4 Serious Competitors, Google Couldn’t Afford to Piss Off Content Creators
  9. But, Once They Got 90% Market Share… Via Rand’s Blog Core Google Search 61.6% Google Images 22.6% YouTube 4.3% Yahoo, 2.4% Amazon, 2.3% Bing, 2.2% Facebook, 1.4% Google Maps, 1.3% Pinterest, 0.5% Twitter 0.4%
  10. And even better results wouldn’t make folks switch… Via AdAge
  11. Google was free to wallow in its crappy treatment of websites & content creators
  12. How Bad Is It?
  13. Via Rand’s Blog In 2017, for every paid ad click on Google, there were ~20 clicks to an organic result.
  14. In Q3/4 2017, there were (seasonally) fewer clicks available for SEO for perhaps the first time ever. Via Rand’s Blog
  15. Google’s Desktop CTRs February 2018: Paid: 3.82% Organic: 65.72% No Click Searches: 34.28% *Note:Sumsare greaterthan100%assearcherscan clickmultipleresultsperquery
  16. Google’s Mobile CTRs February 2018: Paid: 3.12% *Note:Sumsare greaterthan100%assearcherscan clickmultipleresultsperquery
  17. Google’s Mobile CTRs February 2018: *Note:Sumsare greaterthan100%assearcherscan clickmultipleresultsperquery Paid: 3.12% Organic: 38.97% No Click Searches: 61.03%
  18. The Scary Part: Organic Paid No Clicks Mobile Desktop February 2016 February 2018 Organic Paid No Clicks 65.56% 2.50% 34.44% 58.43% 1.83% 41.57% 65.72% 3.82% 34.28% 38.97% 3.12% 61.03% 20% drop in mobile, organic CTR. 20% increase in mobile “no click” searches.
  19. Across All Google’s Search Queries… Organic CTR: 52.96% Paid CTR: No Click Searches: 3.49% 47.04% ~15 organic clicks for every paid click. Down from ~20 a year ago. For every 10 organic clicks, 8.8 searches with 0 clicks.
  20. Where Are These Changes Happening? More heavily on mobile than desktop More on popular queries than long tail Near-equally on informational & transactional queries
  21. Google Maps/Local
  22. Video Oh really?
  23. Weather
  24. Flights
  25. Flights
  26. Sports
  27. Hotels
  28. Hotels
  29. Famous & Notable People The NLP tech used to extract these snippets should scare the $#^% out of every publisher
  30. Brands + Companies
  31. Dictionary & Thesaurus
  32. Film & Television
  33. Jobs
  34. Concerts & Events
  35. Best (fill in the blank)…
  36. Best (fill in the blank)…
  37. Best (fill in the blank)…
  38. Best (fill in the blank)…
  39. Best (fill in the blank)…
  40. Almost Every Fat Head-Chunky Middle Consumer Product
  41. Almost Every Fat Head-Chunky Middle Consumer Product
  42. And many, many more…
  43. And It’s Not Just Google…
  44. Facebook Killed Organic Reach Via AdGo
  45. Then They Killed Referral Traffic Via Nieman Lab
  46. Instagram Has Always Prevented Outlinking
  47. Twitter & LinkedIn Now Bias to On-Site Content Via MarginallyCoherent
  48. Reddit Wants to Keep You on Reddit Via Reddit
  49. YouTube Cuts Off Descriptions to Avoid Making Links Visible in the Default View
  50. And, of course, Amazon
  51. The Next Generation of Voice Devices Will Only Make This More Painful Via Pew Research
  52. Two Conflicting Truths For Modern Marketers:
  53. #1 It’s Never Been Harder to Earn Organic Traffic From the Web’s Major Players
  54. #2 It’s Never Been More Important to Make Your Website (& Email List) the Center of Your Campaigns
  55. How Can We Respond?
  56. Leverage Every Scrap of Traffic Google (and others) Still Send
  57. Use CTR % Estimates in Your KW Research This metric uses clicksteam data to estimate the % of searchers who’ll click on the standard, non-paid, organic SERPs
  58. Shift Content Marketing to KWs Google Is Less Likely to Cannibalize
  59. Double Down on Branded Demand Creation
  60. Invest in Organic Now, So You’re Stronger As More Traffic Goes Paid-Only (or Google-Only)
  61. Invest in On-SERP SEO
  62. #1: Control What Appears For Your Brand ID sites that rank in your space, & build profiles on them Claim Your Panels Leverage the Rich Snippets Google Offers
  63. #2: If Google Biases to YouTube, Images, G News, Maps, etc… Create Content For Those Platforms
  64. #3: When KWs Show Aggregated Answers, Influence the Publishers Below to Get Listed To Get Into These… Get Mentioned + Listed In These
  65. #4: If You’re Using Featured Snippets, Entice the Click! Some accents are better than others? I have to know where mine ranks!
  66. #5: If Other Sites Can Rank, But You Can’t, Use Barnacle SEO Every one of these sites enables user or guest editorial contributions
  67. All That Said… I’m a Short-Term Pessimist, But a Long-Term Optimist
  68. Organic Marketing Opportunities Will Always Exist
  69. And They’ll Always Give Outsized Benefit to Those Who Invest Wisely Via SparkToro
  70. SEO Will Be a Crucial Skill For At Least Another 10 Years (Probably More)
  71. Especially in Emerging Markets & Mid-Long Tail of KW Demand
  72. The Harder a Tactic Becomes… The More of a Competitive Advantage It Is
  73. Rand Fishkin | Founder & CEO Thank You!