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Inbound Marketing is All Connected

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Rand Fishkin's presentation on Inbound Marketing's connectedness, illustrating how content, search, social and conversion optimization all must work together in harmony to achieve great results.

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Inbound Marketing is All Connected

  1. Inbound Marketing<br />is All Connected<br />Download: http://bit.ly/inboundconnected<br />Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz<br />
  2. Why Did We Become Marketers?<br />
  3. So We Could Push People?<br />
  4. Prod Them<br />
  5. Force Them<br />
  6. to Buy Something<br />They Don’t Want?<br />
  7. No.<br />
  8. That’s<br />Interruption Marketing.<br />
  9. Interruption…<br />
  10. Interruption…<br />Stops Us<br />
  11. From Doing What We Want<br />
  12. So It Can Sell Us<br />Interruption…<br />
  13. Interruption…<br />What We Don’t Need<br />
  14. Interruption Marketers<br />
  15. Interruption Marketers<br />Me<br />
  16. Ads<br />Interruption Marketers<br />Me<br />
  17. Interruption…<br />That’s<br />Not<br />How<br />We<br />Roll.<br />
  18. How People Buy in 2011<br />
  19. Realize a Need<br />
  20. Investigate Options<br />
  21. Ask Our Friends<br />
  22. Seek Out Experts<br />
  23. Find Communities<br />
  24. Dig Into Every Detail Available<br />
  25. Convert<br />
  26. You Don’t Buy Those Visitors.<br />You Earn Them.<br />
  27. In∙boundMar∙ket∙ing<br />-noun<br />Any tactic that relies on earning people’s interest rather than buying it.<br />
  28. We’re Here to Help<br />
  29. Original Audience: 250<br />Total Reach: 11,000+<br />Buh.. Zam.<br />
  30. Content<br />
  31. Influences <br />Everything<br />
  32. Without Great Content…<br />
  33. There’s No Chance of Success.<br />
  34. Content Can Mean:<br />
  35. “Content.”<br />
  36. Community<br />
  37. Product<br />
  38. Or Distribution<br />
  39. No Matter the Form; Content is the Foundation of Great Inbound Marketing<br />
  40. Search<br />
  41. Search is How Things Get Found.<br />
  42. Search = Discovery<br />
  43. Discovery = Sharing<br />
  44. Search Brings Highly Qualified Traffic<br />
  45. Search Dominates<br />
  46. Currently, there are more than 3 billion searches/day on Google<br />And Search Just Keeps Growing<br />
  47. Social<br />
  48. Social Lives at the Top of the Funnel<br />
  49. Social is Discovery Prior to Interest<br />
  50. Social Demands Great Content,<br />
  51. And Rewards It.<br />
  52. Social Can Spread a Message Like Nothing Else<br />
  53. Today, Social is a Huge Influence on Search<br />
  54. Users:<br />50mm<br />750mm<br />200mm<br />120mm<br />10mm<br />Users:<br />14mm<br />Millions<br />14mm<br />6.5mm<br />And Social Appears to Be Fragmenting into Multiple Large Communities <br />(and thousands of small ones)<br />
  55. Conversion<br />
  56. The Funnel Only Exists So It Can Convert.<br />
  57. Optimizing Conversion Means Measuring & Testing<br />
  58. It Means Listening, Too.<br />
  59. A Lot of Conversion is Wrapped in Soft Metrics<br />
  60. Branding<br />
  61. Messaging<br />
  62. Familiarity<br />
  63. Trust<br />
  64. CRO is a Critical Practice<br />
  65. But it Requires Holistic Marketing to Succeed. <br />
  66. Now We Can Win.<br />
  67. 10 Actionable Tactics w/ Examples<br />
  68. #1: Data as Content Marketing<br />Tons of great examples via Kelly Ford’s blog post: http://kellynford.com/2011/09/27/marketing-your-startup-with-a-steady-drumbeat-of-data/<br />
  69. #1: Data as Content Marketing<br />While Kelly shows lots of good ways to use your growth/financial/metrics data, I also love using user/habit/trend data like http://blog.last.fm/2010/12/16/the-data-behind-best-of-2010<br />
  70. #2: Video Content + SERP Visuals<br />For a brief time, SEOmoz held the top 3 spots for “learn seo,” and the video result in position #3 actually earned more traffic/clicks than the top 2 combined.<br />
  71. #2: Video Content + SERP Visuals<br />Getting a video snippet simply requires embedding a video on the page (though standard YOUTube embeds don’t work) and submitting a video XML sitemap file. We use http://wistia.com which is awesome for this.<br />
  72. #3: Thought Leadership + Rel=Author<br />Who needs to rank #1 when you can earn better traffic than the top ranking sites w/ a photo?! <br />
  73. #4: Social Networks for Personalized Rankings<br />Last year, Google used Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter, Quora and several other social networks to show connected content. Today, it’s nearly impossible to find something socially annotated that’s not through Google+<br />
  74. #4: Social Networks for Personalized Rankings<br />More on this: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/social-annotations-in-search-now-your-social-network-rankingsYou can see your socially connected data via http://www.google.com/s2/search/social?hl=en#socialcontent<br />
  75. #4: Social Networks for Personalized Rankings<br />Create Share-Worthy Content<br />Win the Internet<br />Share Socially<br />More Searchers Biased to Seeing Your Stuff<br />Earn Rankings Boost<br />Network Amplification Grows Reach<br />Get Natural Links through Visibility<br />Earn More Social Followers<br />Growing your social network and sharing socially creates a virtuous cycle of marketing/influence.<br />
  76. #5: Link Building w/ Your Social Followers<br />Tactic via Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive: http://www.seerinteractive.com/blog/using-twitter-and-backlinks-to-build-links/2011/07/28/<br />
  77. #5: Link Building w/ Your Social Followers<br />You can use Klout or Followerwonk scores (or just follower counts) to order the results<br />
  78. #5: Link Building w/ Your Social Followers<br />Use vLookup in Excel with the Linkscape API to see if they’re linking to you yet<br />How to: http://www.distilled.net/blog/seo/getting-started-with-the-free-linkscape-api/<br />
  79. #5: Link Building w/ Your Social Followers<br />Engage w/ or reach out to sites you want links from<br />This tactic can also be applied to blog commenters, email list subscribers and any social network where you can export a list of your friends/followers<br />
  80. #6: Long Tail SEO via Gamification<br />http://quora.com has been highly effective with this, as have http://stackexchange.com, http://dribbble.com, and even Moz’s own http://www.seomoz.org/q<br />
  81. #7: PR through Social Outreach<br />Starting a relationship over social media is easy and it leads to great press coverage surprisingly fast. Recent example from Moz: http://www.geekwire.com/2011/postit-wars-part-space-invaders-attack-pine-street<br />
  82. #8: Viral-Worthy Content via Q+A Research<br />Places like http://answers.yahoo.com, http://quora.com, http://answers.com, virtually any web forum (http://boardreader.com is a good way to find them) and even Google Suggest are good for this.<br />
  83. #9: Influence Search Suggest through Branding<br />You can see the original experiment here: https://plus.google.com/111294201325870406922/posts/BJJyt6rZ5Ku<br />
  84. #10: Leverage Thought Leaders to Build Content<br />Via http://blog.folyo.me/post/10723370923/how-much-does-a-website-cost The concept is simple; identify leading influencers in your space, recruit them to contrbute something small, perhaps just a few survey answers, then aggregate and share the data. They’ll help it spread.<br />
  85. Download this deck: bit.ly/inboundconnected<br />