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How SEO Blinded Me (Then Opened My Eyes)

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Laying out some of the myths and misconceptions about SEO, with a focus on tips for startups planning to do SEO in 2013.

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How SEO Blinded Me (Then Opened My Eyes)

  1. Download this slide deck: http://bit.ly/blindedbyseoBy Rand FishkinA story about the seductive power of search, and thetruth about marketing channels & why people buy
  2. #1: Gets 30% oftraffic and sales#2: Gets 12% oftraffic and sales#3: Gets 7% oftraffic and sales#4: Gets 5% oftraffic and sales#5: Gets 4% oftraffic and sales
  3. Step 1:Get HereStep 2:Profit!!
  4. Reality:Branding, CRO, UI/UX, andthe searcher’s location in thebuying cycle all influence theeffectiveness of SEO.
  5. Most users seethese sameresults in thesame order.
  6. Reality: Thedays of standardSERPs are over
  7. #1 and #2;I’m winning!
  8. Reality:Rel=author + greatbranding meansAaron’s probablywinning
  9. If a source doesn’tsend convertingvisits, it’s useless.
  10. Reality: Visitorsusually have lotsof ways to get toyour site beforethey convert.
  11. No More 10Blue Links
  12. Snippets are SurprisinglySophisticated
  13. Visuals CanDominate theSERPs
  14. Advertising OccasionallyOverwhelms Organic
  15. More and More, Google’s PuttingThemselves in the Results
  16. No MoreLengthening ofthe Long Tail
  17. Searches areSuggested
  18. Or Presumed
  19. And Influenceable
  20. Still, I’d highly recommend investingin long tail & chunky middle SEOLess competition, higherconverting searchers,and easier to servevisitor intent.
  21. No MoreDominationwithout a Brand"Brands are the solution, not theproblem," Mr. Schmidt said. "Brandsare how you sort out the cesspool.“- Eric Schmidt, October, 2008
  22. Many Searches Biasto Established Brands
  23. Others Suggest theBrands Directly
  24. Brands ReceivePreferential Treatment
  25. Penalties and Filtersare Designed to TargetUnbranded Sites
  26. Searcher Clicks are Biasedby Domain Branding!
  27. No More ManipulativeLink Behavior ThatLasts at Scale
  28. Big, Famous LinkNetworks Get Hit
  29. Small, LocalSites Get Hit
  30. BlogNetworksare BeingShut Down
  31. Directories GetDevalued
  32. Google Will Lift YourPenalty Faster If YouTell Them How YouGot Those Links
  33. No More Searchwithout Social
  34. Google’s SocialGraph is Far LargerThan Most Believe
  35. Google’s Social Connections pageshowed how this process worked (andthey’ve now made it inaccessible)
  36. Email is Now a SocialInfluence on Search
  37. Google Will Go to GreatLengths to Favor G+
  38. There’s a big difference between content as a tactic and content “strategy:”http://www.slideshare.net/randfish/rand-mozconcontentstrategy2
  39. http://www.seomoz.org/blog/great-content-for-seo-simpler-than-you-ever-imagined
  40. Building a passionate community is almost arequirement for great SEO in 2013.
  41. “SEO” probablydoesn’t have 825Ksearches/month, but itprobably has ~4X asmany as “social media”
  42. Moz’s internal tool forfunnel analytics
  43. http://moz.com/rand/manufacturing-serendipity/
  44. http://www.seomoz.org/article/recommended
  45. http://www.seomoz.org/blog/lead-from-within-10-strategies-to-become-a-successful-inhouse-seo
  46. http://moz.com/rand/the-paradox-of-easy-vs-hard-to-measure-marketing-channels/