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8 Rules of Moz Marketing

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How does Moz do marketing? What do we invest in and why? What are some of the unique stats around our efforts? This presentation walks through many of the unique aspects of Moz's marketing efforts.

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8 Rules of Moz Marketing

  1. The 8 Rules of Moz Marketing Over the past 5 years, Moz has grown both traffic and customers by more than 10X. Learn the weird and wonderful ways Moz leverages marketing strategies, tactics, and channels to build an inbound software business. by Rand Fishkin Download: http://bit.ly/8rulesofmozmarketing
  2. Why Have Marketing “Rules?” Gives structure to marketing discussions & decisions Provides an easy reference point for new Mozzers Gives us standards against which we compare our work Ensures TAGFEE (our core values) is part of marketing Helps tell us what NOT to do (a critical part of strategy) Empowers every Mozzer to be a marketer
  3. #1: Help Marketers Succeed
  4. We Start with Empathy
  5. Helping Marketers Across Many Mediums
  6. Empathy Applied to Content Creation http://moz.com/blog/the-web-developers-seo-cheat-sheet-2013-edition
  7. Our Approach to Design & UX No barriers to access No lead capture forms No interstitials No registration required Anyone can share, use, modify or visuals
  8. Go Above & Beyond to Help 1:1
  9. #2: Education Before Conversion
  10. The Path to Conversion is Long & Winding It Might Start by Exposure through Media
  11. The Path to Conversion is Long & Winding Which Triggers an Informational Query
  12. The Path to Conversion is Long & Winding That Leads to a Follow on a Social Media
  13. The Path to Conversion is Long & Winding And Consumption of Content from the Brand
  14. The Path to Conversion is Long & Winding Then You Check Out Some Free Tools
  15. The Path to Conversion is Long & Winding And Finally Decide to Give the Product a Spin
  16. We Seek to Be Relevant at Every Stage
  17. Different Tactics to Reach Different Stages
  18. We Bias Against “Pushy” Marketing Sigh… This does not make me love your brand.
  19. Educational Content Earns Far More Amplification
  20. #3: Quality Over Quantity
  21. We Invest Heavily in “Big” Content http://moz.com/blog/why-big-content-is-worth-the-risk
  22. 1-2 Posts/Day Maximum We don’t cover the news Or try to be everything to everyone We maintain a unique focus on helping marketers succeed
  23. Strong Filters on UGC
  24. Google Seems to Be Rewarding Better > More http://moz.com/blog/google-is-changing-long-tail-search-with-efforts-like-hummingbirdwhiteboard-friday
  25. #4: Mend Broken Windows in Comments & Community
  26. Broken Windows Lead to Bad Communities e.g. YouTube comments, which are the best way I know of to lose faith in humanity’s future.
  27. Comments Need Careful Moderation Our community team watches threads like hawks
  28. Off-Site Content Gets Attention Too We keep an eye out on dozens of sites on the web where our brand gets mentioned or our community participates.
  29. #5: Measure Everything Possible
  30. Marketing Metrics Dashboard
  31. Measuring from Top to Bottom
  32. Consolidate to Three Numbers
  33. Set Targets & Measure Against Them
  34. #6: Invest 20% in Unmeasurable, Serendipitous Marketing
  35. We Know We Can’t Measure Some Things http://moz.com/rand/the-paradox-of-easy-vs-hard-to-measure-marketing-channels/
  36. But We’ve Seen the Positive Impact of Serendipity http://moz.com/rand/manufacturing-serendipity/
  37. #7: Promote Great People, Content, & Tools Regardless of Source
  38. Our Competition Gets Lots of Links & Mentions
  39. The Moz Top 10 Newsletter
  40. #8: Embrace Authenticity, Fun, and Delight
  41. Work is Only Work If You Make it So https://www.facebook.com/moz
  42. We Maintain Our Individual Voices
  43. We Try to Have Fun in Everything We Do http://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo/how-usability-experience-and-content-affect-searchengine-rankings
  44. We Want Everyone Who Interacts with Moz to Experience Delight Roger Mozbot’s toggle is permanently set to “Hugs” 
  45. Rules of Moz marketing: #1: Help marketers succeed #2: Education before conversion #3: Quality over quantity #4: Mend “broken windows” in comments & community #5: Measure everything possible #6: Invest 20% in unmeasurable, serendipitous marketing #7: Promote great people, content, & tools, regardless of source #8: Embrace authenticity, fun, & delight
  46. Here’s to Better Marketing! Find Rand on the Web: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Download: http://bit.ly/8rulesofmozmarketing