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Social Media in Business Travel (NATM)

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Social Media for Business Travel presentation delivered to the Netherlands Association of Travel Management on 9 April 2015 by Rana Walker

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Social Media in Business Travel (NATM)

  1. 1. NATM Ledenbijeenkomst 9 April 2015 Social Media in Business Travel #NATM2015 www.natm.nl @NATM_NL
  2. 2. Social Media in Business Travel by: Rana Walker @Rana_isms #NATM2015 www.natm.nl @NATM_NL
  3. 3. Social Media Intro Video
  4. 4. PAY & EXPENSE
  5. 5. Just like Travel… is Global!
  6. 6. 9
  7. 7. 10
  8. 8. Build your Global, Online Sphere of Influence via
  9. 9. Average Age of a Social Network User 41 Years Old 37 Years Old 44 Years Old
  10. 10. • Listen & engage in the conversation already occurring • Steer policy, solicit feedback and conduct real-time analysis to find efficiencies & strengthen travel program • Build loyalty internally with your preferred suppliers & strengthens ties • Effective crisis communications and duty of care • Supplement face-to-face networking (example: this NATM event) • Gain empowerment and raise internal profile • Source Apps for your business travelers “Social” Corporate Travel Managers
  11. 11. KLM’s Meet and Seat Video
  12. 12. Delta Air Lines Innovation Class Video
  13. 13. Travel Buyer Opportunity: Research, Source & Share Apps = Empowerment!
  14. 14. 1. Add new LinkedIn connections, give recommendations/endorsements to build your sphere of influence 2. Join LinkedIn groups & contribute to the conversation (such as NATM, GBTA,ACTE, your travel suppliers, etc.) 3. Work with your travel partners and their tools to create engagement, build loyalty 4. Ask your travelers to share their social media profiles as a communication alternative (safety/duty of care) 5. Source, share and recommend mobile travel apps - begin by asking your travelers which mobile apps they are already using, then share throughout the company 5 Easy To-Do’s For Today
  15. 15. www.natm.nl @NATM_NL Thank You! Rana Walker - Wastyn Social Media Evangelist and Consultant GR&AT Management bvba
  16. 16. • Social media in the Netherlands has always been very popular. Research done in 2014 suggests that nine out of ten Dutch citizens are active on social media. However, usage has changed a bit over time. • Hyves used to be a very popular social networking site (SNS) in the Netherlands, followed by Facebook. That same year Hyves was purchased by The Telegraaf Media Group, the biggest newspaper group in the Netherlands, and that was the beginning of the end for them. At its peak, Hyves had over 10 million users, of which 8.5 million users were Dutch. In 2011 the number of active users dropped 40%; this was the decline of the biggest Dutch SNS. • The number of people actively using social media in the Netherlands is currently spread across five major international players: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. – Facebook is still the biggest player in the Netherlands, with nearly 9 million active users and over 6 million daily users. Since 2013, the number of daily users has increased 22% and the number of active users has increased 13%. – YouTube is the second biggest SNS in the Netherlands, with 7.1 million active users and just over 1 million daily users. YouTube’s growth has stagnated somewhat; the number of active users has stayed the same as in 2013 but there has been an increase of 22% in the number of active users. – LinkedIn is far behind Facebook and YouTube, with just over 4 million active users and 0.3 million daily users. Since 2013 the number of active users has increased 5%. However, the number of daily users has decreased 25%. – Twitter is also a big SNS in the Netherlands, with 3.5 million active users and 1.5 million daily users. Since 2013, both of these categories have increased by 6%. – Google+ shows the highest increase in users, with 3.3 million active users and 1 million daily users. This is an increase of 65% for active users and 100% for daily users since 2013. Characteristics of NL Social Media Users