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  1. Voluntary Registration • Online Application ( • Documents(Copy of: Citizenship/passport,Copy of labour Permit,Name of the working company and its details and details of the contact person in Nepal. • Working in the country where labour
  2. Self Employed Nepali Citizenship/Passport and copy of Visa ( self Attested) Copy of Registered Business abroad( Company Registration) Name of the Business,Address and Contact Details The monthly amount to be contributed after being registered in the system.
  3. Maximum amount of Contribution: • Minimum Contribution: 21.33% of the minimum Basic Salary ( 21.33% of 9385=2002) Maximum Contribution 3 times the basic salary
  4. Distribution of Contribution Amount Accidental and Disability Protection Scheme-7.48% Pension Scheme- 13.85%
  5. Minimum Contribution to avail the FAcility Contribution of at least 9 months in last 12 months period Return to Nepal to avail Pension Scheme.
  6. Disability Protectio n Scheme: Accidental cases: total benefited amount is Rs. 1,00,000 subject to 80% of the claimed amount .(The exchange rate of the Foreign bill shall be decided by SSF Committee. Temporary Disable to Work: The monthly benefit shall be 60% of the Minimum Basic salary till return back to office being physically Fit ( Doctors prescription us mandatory) Partial disableness( the % as decided by SSF team), the monthly benefit shall be calculated by taking the 60% of the minmum Basic salary multiplying it by the % of Disablness. Permanent Disableness: The Monthly benefit shall be 60% of the minimum Basic salary as per Labour Act.
  7. •On death of the Contribut ors: the Spouse shall be unemployed and shall not be married to others . • Children: If the child of the Contributer is below 18 years if Age, then he/she will be contributed with 40% of the Minimum Basic salary till the age of 21 years.( provided that she/he should not have got married , and applies until their study completes within 21 years of Age) • Parents : If the Contributor has no Spouse and children , the parents will be benefited with 40% of the minimum Basic Salary per month.(provided that they are only his parents ) • Funeral Expenses: The
  8. •Discoun ts on Contribu tion: • If the Contributor Deposits the contribution of 7 months or more in a single sot , then their Contributions shall be discounted by 10% • If the contributor doesnot avial any facilities as mentioned in the act in last 3 years , then 20% of the amount can be transferred to Pension scheme as decided by Board. • If any contributor send money to Nepal after deducting overall living expenses to Nepal via Banking channel amounting to at least 70% of the balance , then the board may decide the discount of 20% expect to Pension Scheme.
  9. •Payment Mode: Esewa Khalti Connetips Remittance Fonepay.
  10. More You Should Know It is compulsory to SSF registration During work Permit and its Renewal with minimum Contribution It has not been made compulsory in any other cases The pension Scheme to be availed after reaching 60 Years , the total contribution amount ,Interest and Return to be divided by 160 and to be distributed per month after that..
  11. •Thanku.