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Much Grace after MUNPARLAS induction!

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Much Grace after MUNPARLAS Induction!

Good afternoon everyone!

Thank you for coming today and for making our first seminar as the new executive board of Munparlas a success! We hope that you have learned a lot which you’ll bring to each of your home institutions for implementation.

On behalf of my fellow officers, I would like to thank our generous and kind speakers for sharing their expertise on Information Literacy. Likewise to Fr. Paul for gracing this event by being with us and for inducting us today.

So now, its official!

Today, we are officially inducted and with that, I promise together with my fellow officers to fulfil the duties and responsibilities as the new executive officers of the association. I also promise to rise up to the challenges of being an officer as well as uphold the dignity attached to our profession.

We are now ready to implement what we have planned last May and at this point I would like to announce that we have several activities lined up until next summer. This August, we are going to have the Library Tour and for next summer, we plan to organize a 2-day National Conference on Bibliotherapy.

We hope that you continue to support us! Again, thank you and good afternoon.

Aja, Munparlas! 

Ms. Ann Grace B. Bansig

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