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Sgrouples as Intranet tool

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Sgrouples is an online platform designed with your privacy in mind. Visit www.sgrouples.com and take advantage of the features available for your intranet needs. We understand work is increasingly collaborative and knowledge sharing is critical for your organizational needs. Sgrouples provides a highly secure environment that lets you

- Create Private Groups
- Assign permissions to members
- Share photos and videos
- Upload documents to your private cloud
- Communicate with members on the fly
- Share calendars
- View and update you social media profiles

and much more.

What makes Sgrouples stand out is that it is FREE and we want to make life easy for you without encroaching on your privacy. Here is how Sgrouples stacks up against your existing avenues for collaboration - https://sgrouples.com/static/SgrouplesComparison.pdf.

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Sgrouples as Intranet tool

  1. 1. Simplify Your Online Life with Privacy You Trustsgrouples.com Privacy You Trust
  2. 2. Private Groups for your Team!• A free, simple business intranet option o Imagine BaseCamp, Share Point or Huddle FREE• Control who joins and what they can do• Event calendars• Check It OutTM – share links with your group• Document and photo storage and sharing
  3. 3. The Ideal Solution for• Any group or organization that needs a free, organized, private way to keep members informed• Small business• Not for profits• Parent groups• Project teams
  4. 4. InvitationsYou are in control – who joins, what they do, how they canshare your content
  5. 5. Permissions• Our patent-pending permission tool – GroupAuthTM allows you complete control over what every member can do• Set permissions on an individual or group role basis
  6. 6. Member ManagementAs a group owner you determine what role each memberplays in your group
  7. 7. Member Management continuedQuickly updated permissions as roles change or remove amember when they leave your organization
  8. 8. Event CalendarKeeps all your group members aware of due dates andupcoming activities.
  9. 9. Resources – Check It OutTM!Share links to resources that will help your team succeed!
  10. 10. Resources - DocumentsUpload/store/share company and project documentsCreate draft documents for collaboration and review
  11. 11. Resources – PhotosShare event photos, new product images, team memberphotos, etc.
  12. 12. Sgrouples is for YOU!• We dont need to spy and scrape. We are designed to serve and delight. - Mark Weinstein, CEO of Sgrouples on Brandchannel.com• http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2012/06/21/Sgrouples-• We’re based on Privacy by Design WITH Integrity – we want people to love and trust us because they know we’re doing the right thing – Mark Weinstein CEO of Sgrouples on Fox News• http://video.foxnews.com/v/1644674786001/is-facebook-just-a- fad/
  13. 13. Truly Private Groups for Your Organization• We don’t allow others to find you• No tracking, scraping or sharing of your content or data• You own your content• Put us to the test – Sgrouples.com