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Leadership lessons teabag

We have all seen tall , charismatic people who lead large corporations, lead large teams or perhaps leaders of countries, armies. But for me the idea of a leader is the person who is inside each of us. If you think about it some people may lead companies and some people may lead countries , but each of us lead a life . The quality of the life completely depends on the leader . There is leader inside each of one us and he or she is waiting to be unleashed .

Sharing some thoughts and ideas with you on what we might be able to do to unleash this leader inside each of us .

Leadership lessons teabag

  1. 1. Leadership Lessons from Teabags By Ramki
  2. 2. Teabag- Its arrival   In around 1908, Thomas Sullivan, a New York tea merchant, started to send samples of tea to his customers in small silken bags. Some assumed that these were supposed to be used in the same way as the metal infusers, by putting the entire bag into the pot, rather than emptying out the contents. It was thus by accident that the tea bag was born! Responding to the comments from his customers that the mesh on the silk was too fine, Sullivan developed sachets made of gauze - the first purpose-made tea bags. During the 1920s these were developed for commercial production, and the bags grew in popularity in the USA. Made first of all from gauze and later from paper, they came in two sizes, a larger bag for the pot, a smaller one for the cup. The features that we still recognize today were already in place - a string that hung over the side so the bag could be removed easily, with a decorated tag on the end. (UK Tea Council)
  3. 3. What counts is what is inside the Teabag
  4. 4. Lesson 1- Beliefs, Attitudes & Values –Core of a Leader  You will notice that some tea bags have very nice-looking labels, while others have very ordinary looking ones.  Some have delicate silk tassels while others have ordinary strings. But here's the thing to remember: The quality of the beverage is determined by the tea inside the bag -- not by the label or the string.  What's true for tea bags is true for all of us too. The titles, the clothes we wear and the cars we drive are like the label and the string. They may make you look nice. But what really matters is the kind of person you are, deep down within.  Your beliefs and your attitude -- that's what defines the person you are. The tea masters know that to make a great drink, they need to focus on the tea. Not on the label and the string. Focus on being a good human being. Fix your attitude. Get your values right. And don't fret about the small stuff.
  5. 5. The real flavor comes through only when the teabag gets into Hot water
  6. 6. Lesson 2 –Leadership – Where you stand when you are challenged  If you take a cup of lukewarm water and put a tea bag in it -you won't know how strong the tea is.  To get the best flavor, you need to put the tea bag into hot water. And then the real strength will show!  Likewise, the true character of a person actually shines through in adversity. How does a person behave under pressure, when he is in 'hot water'?  The hot water test is a good one -- to judge the quality of the tea. And the true character of human beings. The true character of a Leader actually shines through in adversity
  7. 7. Good Teabags look forward to Hot water
  8. 8. Lesson 3- Leaders face challenges  They know it will give them a chance to show their true worth.  So next time you see a challenge, a tough situation, think like a tea bag and dive headlong into it. It may be the opportunity you've been waiting for to show what you are capable of.  Some of us are so scared of the hot water that we stay away from it. Too scared of getting scalded. Afraid of failure. Don't let that happen to you!  Give yourself a chance to show the world what you are really all about!  Next time you pick up a cup of tea, enjoy the moment. And think of the lessons too! Next time you see a challenge, a tough situation, think like a tea bag and dive headlong into it
  9. 9. The Teabag must be Porous
  10. 10. Lesson 4- Leader should reach out  Imagine you have the best tea leaves in the world.  And you put it into a bag that's impermeable. It won't work. You just won't be able to make a cup of tea.  For the tea bag to work, it needs to be porous. You need the tea leaves and the water to come in contact. In our lives too, we cannot survive and thrive in isolation.  Be careful not to build a wall around yourself that prevents people from reaching out to you. You need to be able to touch other people too.  Else, all that's inside of you will remain wasted -- untouched by all the good around you, and unable to impact all that's around you.  The tea was meant to mingle with the water. Just as all of us were designed to work with other people, with teams, with society at large. Be careful not to build a wall around yourself that prevents people from reaching out to you
  11. 11. Teabags Never mind where they are in the cup
  12. 12. Lesson 5- Leadership is not a matter of position  Notice wherever the tea bag is placed inside the cup – high, low, vertical, horizontal, it does not matter at all.  The tea bag would influence hot water. Likewise, for true leaders will influence the team, organization & business  It does not matter which position they hold within the team. They would always stand out and benefit the whole teamPosition is irrelevant.  It is a mistaken notion that Leadership is only about the person at the top of the Organization.  Don’t let your position in the hierarchy limit your impact as Leader.  Leaders derive their strength from within- not from title or a position.
  13. 13. Sometimes one Teabag is just not enough
  14. 14. Lesson 6- Leaders need Leaders under him  If the pot is very large, then one teabag may not be sufficient to make a good tea.  The tea will not be strong enough.  The solution is simple – add another tea bag  It is true of organizations too.  Sometimes the enormity of the challenge could call for more than one Leader.  Leaders don’t need to feel inadequate- or incompetent- when asking for help.  Good leaders can fail not because they were not good enough, but because the challenge was too big for one man.  Asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness.  It is sign of great strength & self confidence.
  15. 15. Sometimes you need to add Sugar & Milk
  16. 16. Lesson 7- Networking & Influencing non-reporting relationships If what you are looking for is a cup of tea with milk and sugar, no teabag in the world can give that to you by itself. Sometimes tea itself is not enough to serve as a perfect beverage. We add milk and sugar to enhance its taste. Similarly, the leader also need support of his team members and he himself need to add more qualities and knowledge to himself so that everyone is able to extract their own requirements and are satisfied. Good leaders learn to hunt in packs. They find partners, colleagues who complement their skills sets and fill in the missing pieces.
  17. 17. Someone else holds the strings always
  18. 18. Lesson 8- Stakeholder focus/ Mentor  Teabag cannot stand by itself.  No matter how strong the teabag is, it recognizes that someone else holds the string in his or her hands.  They can pull the teabag out and throw it away any time they like.  A leader should never lose sight of this.  No matter how powerful a leader becomes, he must remember there is string tied to him that is in the hands of the stakeholders.  Leader is also never independent and he is interdependent. The leader himself also has someone mentoring him, or leading him Don’ t let the power go into you head . Have Humility
  19. 19. How good the Tea is , Not the Teabag
  20. 20. Lesson 9- How good the Tea is , Not the Teabag Do we ever wonder talk about the tea bag? We always enjoy the tea inside that. The tea can be taken out and brewed other ways as well, but the teabag does not mean anything without its contents. Same holds true for leaders. It is the work, the qualities that speak and shine out. A leader is nothing without its achievements. Thus, if you want to be a leader, stop focusing on yourself and let your work speak for you. It is not about me , It is about them
  21. 21. Teabags need to make way & get out
  22. 22. Lesson 10-Leaders should develop the Second line Once the tea is brewed, we throw away the tea bag. Even if we keep it inside the cup, it’s the flavor it has imparted into hot water that we drink not the tea bag. This teaches us that eventually, leaders need to get to a side and let their team sparkle. Like tea, they can always be with them, but in the end, it’s the work and their team that matters. Remember, leader does not exist without a team.
  23. 23. A refreshing cup of tea needs time to brew
  24. 24. Lesson 11-Leadership Traits Notice that the tea is not ready at the very instance we dip the tea bag into hot water. It takes time to brew perfectly. Tea and leadership qualities are very similar. We cannot acquire all leadership They are imparted into us time to time traits at once.