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  1. 1. CRRICULUM VITAE RAJKUMAR. S E-mail ID: rajkumarsa2016@gmail.com Phone No: +91 8904329925 +91 9052653409 PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS: Having 2 years 8 months of experience in Corporate Accounts, Reconciliations and Previous working as Accounts and Audit executive - Financial Accounting and Audit. Educational Qualification: CMA (ICWAI) (FINAL), B.com Career Objective: Seeking Assignments in Finance and Accounts or Functional role Intend to build a career with leading corporate environment with committed and dedicated people which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential willing to work as a key player in challenging and creative environment. Professional Profile:  Highly organized and dedicated with an optimistic attitude.  Able to handle multiple assignments under pressure and consistently meet tight deadlines.  Thrive to work in a challenge environment any where in the world.  Ability to learn new methods quickly. Previous Organization: Company : Grab Associates Role : Accounts and Audit executive Department : Accounts and Audit Duration : Feb2014 to Oct 2016 Educational qualifications:  ICWAI – Final(1-Group completed) (June 2016)  ICWAI - Inter (May 2013)  B.COM (2016) Indira Gandhi National University – 52%  INTERMEDIATE (2009) SSS Jr College-82%
  2. 2.  S.S.C(2007) Sri Rama Krishna EM High School – 65% Roles and Responsibilities:  Appearing before the Income tax, sales tax, service tax departments for scrutiny, verification of books of accounts and assessments  Registration of Partnership Firms, VAT, PAN, service tax and shops establishments.  Review and approval of Variance analysis of P&L and Balance Sheet  Review of Working Capital Forecast.  Review of Quarterly Audit Schedules compiled by the team.  Monitor Month end activities and deliverables.  Physical stock taking and valuation as on the year end in accordance with Accounting Standards issued by ICAI.  Analysis and explanations for variances of P&L & Balance Sheet accounts on a monthly, quarterly & yearly basis for senior management review.  Prepared income tax returns of various clients.  Analysis of draft financial statements including notes to accounts.  Preparation of Bank reconciliation statements.  Handled statutory Bank Audit Computer Proficiency-ERP  MS-Office : Word, Excel  Tally ERP Personal Profile: Name : RAJKUMAR S Gender : Male Date of Birth : 24-11-1991 Marital Status : Unmarried Nationality : Indian Languages Known : English, Telugu and Kanada Present Address : #45/1, Reservoir Street, Near Netkallappa Circle Bangalore-560004 Declaration: I am here by declared that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Place: Bangalore YOUR’SSINCIERLY
  3. 3. Date: RAJKUMAR S