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  1. 1. RAJEEV PALLE 401f,sector-6, ukkunagaram, Visakhapatnam–530032 Cell No:+91-9703479980 AndhraPradesh,INDIA. E-mail: rajeevpalle@gmail.com Career Objective To be a part of an esteemedorganizationthatallowsme tocontribute tothe bestof my abilitytowards the growthof the organization. Professional Experience Working as AML (Anti Money laundering) Executive in HSBC Visakhapatnam Current Role: Organization: HSBC Electronic Data Processing India (P) Ltd, Visakhapatnam Designation: AML Investigation Specialist as quality analyst Sector: Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking Department: Compliance Operations (FCC & RC) Place: Visakhapatnam JOB Responsibilities: Trained on Policies and procedures of the AML Investigations Specialist which includes Knowledge of AML compliance requirements coupled with knowledge of financial services products and related processes along with AML modules and process training On-Job-Training includes the following: • To perform the AML functions to minimize risks of exposure & loss and attainment of strategic & operating objectives; • Analyze/ profile process, highlight gaps and escalate • To conduct monitoring, investigation, reporting, prevention and analysis of financial crime activities • Effective Usage of Systems and applications (CAMP, Browser Main Menu, BIT application) etc. • AML Transaction monitoring, verification of source and utilization of wealth of the customers. • Politically Exposed Person (PEP) checks & Negative news search using Internet. • Risk based profiling of customers as High, Medium and Low Risk, Remediation of High Risk customers and Performing Enhanced Due Diligence for High Risk Customers and Compliance Risk assessment.
  2. 2. • Ensuring that the Production, Quality and Compliance parameters achieved and maintained  Conducting enhanced due diligence and reporting the possible Terrorist financing and money Laundering issues  Adequate usage of Country risk matrix, OFAC sanctioned individuals and entities.  Three years’ experience in AML Quality Assurance (Compliance Department)  Currently working as an analyst in Quality Assurance, FCC & RC with HSBC Service Delivery, Vizag. Have comprehensive knowledge on quality checking and procedures, KYC, Client Screening, Transaction monitoring. Also, was trained on payment processing and authorizing; clearing customer disputes manually.  Knowledge on various applications like Norkom, Lexis Nexis, World Check, RDC, CIF, CIA, CAMP, BMM.  Highly capable of evaluating, investigating and resolving process/subject matter issues and concerns.  Conducted regular calibration calls and quality sessions across various regions and sites. Also prepared daily process related and compliance related reports for MI.  Excellent investigative, research and analytical skills.  Effective communicator with a flair for creating and sustaining effective business relationships. Academic Qualification  B.Tech in computer science and technology with an aggregate of 64% from Dadi Institute of engineering and technology.  Diploma in computer science and technology with an aggregate of 74% from Panimalar Polytechnic College – Chennai.  10th standard in Delhi Public School with an aggregate of 59% in CBSE Board. Achievements: Selected for Quality Assurance, within 6 month of joining as AML Executive, for achieving consistent highest quality scores. Acted as strong team player in a team, which won “team of the year” award in 2014. Appreciated by the management meeting the deadlines by doing overtime. Received appreciation from management for participating in the activities organized by the social committee and for volunteering for Train the children program conducted at Jalaripeta Municipal School,, Vizag. Acted as a strong team player for Throw ball and awarded as winners of the year 2014. ACHIEVEMENTS:  I was one of seven members selected from the whole quality team for the Global Standards train the trainer program. Where we underwent training from the dominion team from US
  3. 3. and trained the rest of the QA and production teams on Global Standards and also provided floor support.  Have received multiple top performer awards and was part of the team that received the “Team of the quarter award”. STRENGTHS: My level of confidence, Self-motivated & can encourage or drive people towards attaining success, maintain good public relations, faith in self, patience and making split-second decisions and love working under pressure. Personal Profile Father’s name : Late Palle RajKumar Mother language : Telugu Nationality : Indian Sex : Male Date ofbirth : 24th, MARCH, 1990. Marital Status : Single Languages known : Telugu, English & Hindi I herebydeclare thatall the above informationistrue aspermy knowledge Place: Visakhapatnam Date: (RAJEEV)