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Más de Shardabai Pawar Mahila Arts, Commerce & Science College, Shardanagar(19)


Methods, approaches and techniques of teaching english

  1. Methods, Approaches and Techniques of Teaching English Presentation by:- Shri. Dnyaneshwar Khodave M.A.(Eng), M.Ed., SET Shardabai Pawar College of Education for Women, Shardanagar.
  2. Methods of Teaching English • Grammar Translation Method • Direct Method • Bilingual Method • Eclectic Method
  3. Grammar Translation Method • Old method • Useful to teach classical language • Word to word translation • Word is unit of teaching • No use of AV aids • No practice of speaking • No direct bond between thought and expression
  4. Direct Method • Reaction against Translation method • NO use of Marathi language • Expert Teachers are required • Use of AV aids compulsory • Practice of Speaking important • Not useful of ordinary teachers • Not useful for crowed classes
  5. Bilingual Method • Use of Marathi by Teacher only • Pattern Practice • Not burden on teachers • Fluency in speaking • Easy understanding of ideas, concepts • Use of language habits already acquired
  6. Eclectic Method • Choice of different method • Frequent changes in methods • Can teach any aspect • Flexibility in implementation • Doesn’t require extra source material • Skilled teacher can integrate all the best points
  7. Approaches of Teaching English • Structural Approach • Communicative Approach • Situational Approach • Aural – oral Approach • Multi-skill Approach • Eclectic Approach
  8. Structural Approach • Sentence Structures are more important • Useful for lower classes • Emphasis on speech & ample practice • Stresses habit formation • Learner active participant • Drill and repetitions are important • Teaches four-fold skills
  9. Communicative Approach • Develops speech habits of the students • Stresses most of the skill of language • Activities are important • Student Centered • Teacher is facilitator, manager, guide • No interference of grammar • Functional side of language is important
  10. Multi-Skill Approach • Linguistic Skills are important • Individual Skill developed • Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing • Individual Mastery • Skill based activities • Lot of practice • Logical sequence in selection of skills
  11. Techniques of Teaching English • Listen and Act • Listen and Say – Individual / Group • Listen and Tell • Find difference • Listen and tell in short • Watch and say • Watch and act
  12. Techniques of Teaching English • Say and Act • Find similarities • Find out • Watch and say – letters, words, phrases, sentences, passages