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Ferrari promotion

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Ferrari promotion

  1. 1. Promotion Strategy
  2. 2. Promotional Strategy "Ferrari does not have to advertise because thesports pages in the local newspapers do it for him.”– Henry Ford Promotion through merchandising Strong Brand Presence throughout the world Co-branding exercise with various well knownbrands such as Puma, Acer, Mattel, Marcolin Brand values – Exclusivity, Customizability, Luxury,F1 Experience
  3. 3. Official Ferrari Magazine Started by Enzo Ferrari in 1930s Started by recounting special memories of eachseason Intimate glimpse into the stories that are notrevealed to the regular media Exclusivity- It is reserved for Ferrari clients in thefirst three years of ownership and for thoseawaiting delivery of their cars
  4. 4. Ferrari Owner’s Club, U.A.E. Founded in 2008 March by the ownersthemselves Projects the passion of its owners for their cars 80 members were enrolled in the first 8 months.This number is increasing rapidly.
  5. 5. Ferrari Store - Online Extremely simple and swift way to purchaseFerrari products like shoes, jackets and otherapparels Stores are also famous for their exclusive Ferraricollectibles Ferrari has collaborated with some of the bignames like Puma, the Danish Lego Co., Acer, etc Apart from shopping, customers can also test theFerrari Virtual Race, read the Forum and Blog andlot more
  6. 6. Ferrari Store - Physical Physical presence in AbuDhabi and Dubai – the keytarget markets Stores created in crowdedupscale malls to ensuremaximum visibility Merchandising to strengthenBrand Equity
  7. 7. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi World’s first Ferrari theme park Located at Yas Island, AbuDhabi (UAE’s Capital) Its iconic sleek redroof, inspired by the classicdouble curve side profile ofthe Ferrari GT body, spans200,000 SQM, carrying thelargest Ferrari logo evercreated Ferrari played an active partin its development, owned byAbu Dhabi government
  8. 8. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi It hosts 20 plus Ferrari themed rides andattractions Target audience – Families, fans and enthusiasts Key attractions: Galleria Ferrari, FormulaRossa, Viaggio in Italia, Junior Grand Prix, RacingLegends Guests can purchase merchandise from severalretail outlets throughout the park including thelargest Ferrari store in the world Italian dining experience
  9. 9. Lambhorgini