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Handwriting is Barin Writing

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Handwriting analysis for recruitment

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Handwriting is Barin Writing

  1. 1. Handwriting is Brain writing
  2. 2. "I do not know whence I got the notion that good handwriting was not a necessary part of education, but I retained it until I went to England. When later, especially in South Africa, I saw the beautiful handwriting of lawyers and young men born and educated in South Africa, I was ashamed of myself and repented of my neglect. I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education." -- Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth
  3. 3. You may not be able to read a doctor's handwriting and prescription, but you'll notice his bills are neatly typewritten." -- Earl Wilson
  4. 4. Handwriting :Window to deepest selfHandwriting :Window to deepest self Your handwriting bears the uniqueYour handwriting bears the unique imprint of your personality, with all itsimprint of your personality, with all its strengths and weaknesses, for thestrengths and weaknesses, for the entire world to see. It is as if, in anentire world to see. It is as if, in an unconscious way, you are offering aunconscious way, you are offering a window to your deepest self.window to your deepest self.
  5. 5. Handwriting Vs brain writing It is a documented fact that when a person communicates by way of speaking, only 15-20% of brain cells are activated, whereas when a person writes, nearly 85-90% of the brain cells are activated. Hence it is always easier to understand the person thoroughly through the handwriting.
  6. 6. Your Subconscious Mind Designs your brain The brain gives impulses to your hand. This gets imprinted on the paper through the pen. The impulse released by the pen is interpreted - and that is Handwriting analysis.
  7. 7. We are ……… what we think…
  8. 8. • Remember, our conscious mind has the ability to think. It can accept or reject. • But the subconscious only accepts. It doesn't care what you plant. It is neutral; it has no preferences. it makes no distinction regarding input. • Of the two, the subconscious is more powerful.
  9. 9. • The subconscious mind is like a garden. • But if you plant good seeds, you will have a good garden; otherwise you will have a wild growth of weeds. • The subconscious is the data bank. • The subconscious mind can work for or against us. It is not rational.
  10. 10. The subconscious is like the automobile while the conscious is like the driver. The power is in the automobile but the control is with the driver.
  11. 11. Handwriting AnalysisHandwriting Analysis Handwriting analysis is theHandwriting analysis is the Science of understanding theScience of understanding the human sub-conscious mindhuman sub-conscious mind through the handwriting.through the handwriting.
  12. 12. Our input equals our output •Negativity in; negativity out. •Positivity in; positivity out. •Good in; good out.
  13. 13. Negative thoughts generates negative energy . Negative energy transforms itself into illnesses.
  14. 14. The negative traits not onlyThe negative traits not only tell upon the person’s own healthtell upon the person’s own health but it also affectsbut it also affects their next generation ……….their next generation ……….
  15. 15. Handwriting analysis is recognised throughout Europe and U.S. as an accurate tool for personality and character analysis.
  16. 16. Word destiny Thought Action HabitCharacter Personality formation cycle
  17. 17. Word personality Letter line page Habit Destiny Personality formation cycle Each letter is a thought and each thought has got strong vibrations and only we can make it work for or against us
  18. 18. Handwriting analysis helps you inHandwriting analysis helps you in • Understanding yourselfUnderstanding yourself • Knowing your friends, colleaguesKnowing your friends, colleagues and relatives.and relatives. • Selecting a life partnerSelecting a life partner • Selecting a business partnerSelecting a business partner • Child developmentChild development • CriminologyCriminology • RecruitmentRecruitment
  19. 19. Understanding yourselfUnderstanding yourself After handwriting analysisAfter handwriting analysis • An individual can know his/her strengthsAn individual can know his/her strengths weaknessesweaknesses • The person sees himself/herself in aThe person sees himself/herself in a totally new light.totally new light. • It can reveal various problems and itsIt can reveal various problems and its reasons that are associated with our life.reasons that are associated with our life. • Analysis does not change you, it simplyAnalysis does not change you, it simply makes you aware.makes you aware.
  20. 20. RecruitmentRecruitment • Handwriting analysis can alsoHandwriting analysis can also help in recruiting the right peoplehelp in recruiting the right people for the right job .for the right job . • Training and development ofTraining and development of employees through handwritingemployees through handwriting analysis .analysis .
  21. 21. RecruitmentRecruitment ExampleExample • A company wants to recruit excellentA company wants to recruit excellent team players or very strong leaders etc.,team players or very strong leaders etc., graphology can help in identifying thesegraphology can help in identifying these individuals via their handwriting and thisindividuals via their handwriting and this can easily benefit the individual andcan easily benefit the individual and organization.organization.
  22. 22. RecruitmentRecruitment • Handwriting can reveal many characters of person.Handwriting can reveal many characters of person. For example :For example : – Trustworthiness in handling financeTrustworthiness in handling finance – Tendency to change the job/company frequentlyTendency to change the job/company frequently – Behavior with juniorsBehavior with juniors – Behavior with seniorsBehavior with seniors – Behavior with people of the opposite sex in the organizationBehavior with people of the opposite sex in the organization – Revolting against managementRevolting against management – Handling conflict situationsHandling conflict situations – Capacity to work under pressureCapacity to work under pressure – Creative thinkerCreative thinker – Optimistic nature of the candidateOptimistic nature of the candidate – Group-work abilitiesGroup-work abilities – Quality management abilityQuality management ability – Ability to complete the project/job in timeAbility to complete the project/job in time – Job sincerity of a candidate etcJob sincerity of a candidate etc
  23. 23. Child developmentChild development Every child’s mind isEvery child’s mind is programmed in the childhoodprogrammed in the childhood by the male and femaleby the male and female images in the child’s lifeimages in the child’s life (usually the parents).(usually the parents).
  24. 24. Better individuals of tomorrowBetter individuals of tomorrow Child developmentChild development Parents can :Parents can : • Understand their children in aUnderstand their children in a better perspectivebetter perspective • Know their strengths andKnow their strengths and weaknessesweaknesses • Mould them to enhance theirMould them to enhance their hidden skillshidden skills
  25. 25. • How can I make my child more loving and constructive?How can I make my child more loving and constructive? • How can I make my child more expressive?How can I make my child more expressive? • Why does my child lag behind in academics?Why does my child lag behind in academics? • Why my child is not so good at sports?Why my child is not so good at sports? • How does my child perceive me as a parent?How does my child perceive me as a parent? Handwriting analysis would assist you inHandwriting analysis would assist you in finding answers to above questions.finding answers to above questions. And the most important of all…And the most important of all… You would know my child totally ?You would know my child totally ?
  26. 26. Don’t believe me…Don’t believe me… … But do not wait for proof Explore Experiment Experience Modern Science (“Matter” Science) : Proof first, then belief/trust Spiritual Science (“Energy” Science): Believe/trust first, then proof comes
  27. 27. Life is an echo……………….Life is an echo………………. all comes back…………all comes back………… the good, the bad………the good, the bad……… the false , and the truethe false , and the true ………… SoSo,, give the world the best Ugive the world the best U havehave & the best will come back to U& the best will come back to U
  28. 28. Person’s GeometryPerson’s Geometry The true measure of a personThe true measure of a person lies in hislies in his HeightHeight of Ideals,of Ideals, BreadthBreadth of his Sympathy,of his Sympathy, DepthDepth of his Convictionsof his Convictions andand LengthLength of his Patience .of his Patience .
  29. 29. Thank you To unleash , the enormous potential within you, through Handwriting, please reach at Rahul Saxena