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Ppt on wheel chair edited2

  1. 1 A Major Project Presentation On Touch Screen Control of Wheel Chair Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology Presented By:- Raj Kumar Thakur (11EAIEC118) Santosh Kumar(11EAIEC132) Radhe Shyam Mandal(11EAIEC106) Raushan Kumar(11EAIEC126) Presented To:- Er. Vidhi Vart Chandroday Er. Nemichand (Proj. Coordinator) Under The Guidance Of Er. Vidhi Vrat Chandroday
  2. 2 2 CONTENT
  3. OBJECTIVE The main objective of this project is to design a micro controller-based wheelchair, the speed and direction of which can be controlled from a touch screen. The wheelchair moves by means of a geared dc motor. 3
  4. List of Components 4
  5. Micro controller ATMega32 1. 40 pins. Two for Power (pin no.10: +5v, pin no. 11: ground), two for oscillator (pin 12, 13), one for reset (pin 9), three for providing necessary power and reference voltage to its internal ADC, and 32 (4×8) I/O port. 2. It has 32Kbytes of In System Self programmable Flash program memory, 1024 Bytes EEPROM, 2Kbytes Internal SRAM. Write/Erase Cycles: 10,000 Flash / 100,000 EEPROM 3. It is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller. 5
  6. Motor Driver L293D/L298  The current provided by the MCU is of the order of 5ma and that required by A motor is ~500ma.  A motor driver IC like L293D or L298 is used for providing interface b/w MCU and motor driver.  It which has two H-bridge (4 switches) drivers. Hence, each IC can drive two motors. It only acts as a switch . 6
  7. WORKING 7  Drivers are enabled in pairs, with drivers 1 and 2 being enabled by the Enable pin.  When an enable input is high (logic 1 or +5V), the associated drivers are enabled and their outputs are active and in phase with their inputs.  When the enable pin is low, the output is neither high nor low (disconnected), irrespective of the input.  Direction of the motor is controlled by asserting one of the inputs to motor to be high (logic 1) and the
  8. 50-rpm geared DC Motor  Rated Voltage: 1-3.5 VDC  Rated Speed: 50 RPM  Rated Load: 60 Watts  Rated Torque: 1-1 .5 Nm (8.5 ftlb)  Mounting: M6 screw hole 8
  9. Touch SensorTouch Sensor A touch screen sensor is a clear glass panel with a touch responsive surface. The sensor generally has an electrical current or signal going through it and touching the screen causes a voltage or signal change
  10. Resistive Touchscreen 10
  11. Block diagram 11
  13. WORKING 13  The input function from touch screen is used to control the directions of the motors fixed to the chair.  To drive the motors having high torque, a driver IC L293D is attached.  The LCD acts as an output device to display the function which is being performed by the microcontroller.
  14. APPLICATIONS:  Public Access: Public Transportation Schedule / Status Airport terminal passenger internet and email systems automated travel and entertainment ticket.  Business Gas stations, Point of sales, Restaurants, Grocery stores, Hospital and hotel directories (check-in, registration), Banks and Financial Reporting, Bank cash advance and teller machines, corporate presentation  Education: Assistive technology, Computer Aided Instruction for Children, Edutainment, Professional training and presentations, Employee orientations.  Entertainment: Interactive computer games, Casinos.  Government: Government voting facilities, Military control system, scientific research lab..  Industry: Industrial Equipment and Instrument Control14
  15. FUTURE WORK  The Intelligent Vehicle for Physically and Mentally Disabled Persons designed in this project has a lot of advantages, but can also be improved on.  Here the vehicle is controlled by touch panel. Another proposed method is the controlling of the vehicle by the control of mind. By this a person can control the motion of the same by just thinking itself. This vehicle can be modelled in such a way that it can be easily turned into a semi sleeper mode in order for the patient to feel more comfortable and thereby reduce the continuous one mode sitting problem.  Other already invented methods in wheelchair can also be incorporated with this. Like step climbing wheelchair and inter communication between devices-which is just an upcoming project trying to be implemented on road vehicles. The communication aid with these wheelchairs will help the deaf and dumb to communicate with each other’s too. These all are the (much more can be thought of) Future works we can propose regarding this vehicle. 15
  16. CONCLUSIONS Today, a larger share of population is PC literate, yet the touchscreen has become adopted by computer users of all abilities because it is simple, fast, and innovative. Today’s product designer or system integrator would be served to remember yesterday’s technology adoption challenges and flexibly adopt new technological approaches if they wish to solve today’s application challenges. 16
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