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Motivational Lecture about Career and Character Building

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Motivational Lecture for Teachers Day
Career and Character Building
Career Development
Paraadigm Shift
The High Five Principle
Life Work Design
8 Strengths of Character
Ethical Learning Community

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Motivational Lecture about Career and Character Building

  1. 1. Career & Character Building Motivational Lecture By: Rahul Nayan 4th Year(Computer Engineering)
  2. 2. Career Development Paradigm Shift Choosing Learning Occupation Skills & Character Work Life Information Left brain Imagination Right brain
  3. 3. Paradigm Shift • OLD: Choose a DESTINATION • What will you be when ... ? • NEW: Follow your HEART • Who are you now? • Why are you here (purpose)? • What are your special skills, abilities,talents, gifts (assets)? • Where/when are you in your zone? • Who needs what you love to do? • What will you do next (stepping stones)? • What competencies will you work on? • What does your future look and feel like?
  4. 4. The High Five 1 Know yourself, believe in yourself, and follow your heart 2 Focus on the journey, not the destination - become a good traveler (Stepping Stones) 3 Change is constant, and always brings new opportunities 4 Access your allies, and be a good ally 5 Learning is lifelong
  5. 5. Blueprint for Life Work Designs Domain A Personal Management 1 Build/maintain a positive self-concept 2 Interact effectively with others 3 Change and grow throughout life Domain B Learning and Work Exploration 4 Engage in lifelong learning 5 Locate and use information 6 Understand work/society relationship Domain C Career Management 7 Secure/create and maintain work 8 Make life/work decisions 9 Maintain balanced life/work roles 10 Understand nature of life/work roles 11 Manage one’s career building process
  6. 6. • Domain A Personal Management 1 Build/maintain a positive self-concept 2 Interact effectively with others 3 Change and grow throughout life • Character Respect Responsibility Honesty Integrity Empathy Fairness Initiative Perseverance Courage Optimism
  7. 7. What is PDP? • ‘A structured and supported process to develop students' capacity to reflect on their learning and achievement’ (Dearing, 1997)
  8. 8. What skills are you developing? • Communication skills • Interpersonal skills & team work • IT skills • Decision making skills • Independent working • Critical thinking • Research skills • Reflective learning techniques
  9. 9. How can I reflect on my learning and experiences?
  10. 10. 4 KEYS 1. A community that supports and challenges. 2. Self-study (self-assessment and goal-setting) 3. Other-study (learning from positive and negative examples) 4. Public performance/presentation
  11. 11. Practices That Use the 4 KEYS 1. Work that inspires. (Community That Supports & Challenges) 2. Models of excellence. (Other-Study) 3. A culture of critique. (Community That Supports & Challenges) 4. Multiple revisions. (Self-Study) 5. Opportunities to present/display one’s work. (Public Performance)
  12. 12. When things get difficult, it’s easy to give up…