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Induction and Orientation

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Induction and Orientation

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION INDUCTION is a technique by which a new employee is rehabilitated into his surroundings and introduced to practices, policies and purpose of the organisation. ORIENTATION is a process of acquainting new employees with the organisation. The orientation topics range from basic items such as the location of the company cafeteria to such concern as various career paths within the organisation.
  3. 3. NEED FOR INDUCTION PROGRAMME Retention of employees in the organisation Better work performance
  4. 4. PROCEDURE*There is no basic or model induction procedure New Employee Reports Welcome By Immediate Boss Competition Administrative Work Departmental Orientation Verbal Explanation
  5. 5. CONTENTS Clear picture of his job and the organization. Introduce the company work culture company hierarchy Colleagues introduction Clarity hours of work Overtime and leave policies various amenities
  6. 6. BENEFITS EMPLOYEE Brings about a sense of belonging and purpose at the very outset. Employee is clear about the job requirements and responsibilities ORGANISATION Translates into lower employee turnover and high morale.
  7. 7. Sharayu Toyota, S-16/1, Colvale Industrial Estate Colvale, Bardez - 403513(Goa) 3S Showroom Workshop Service Service parts Warehouse
  8. 8. Sharayu Toyota, NH 17, Survey No 116/3, Kesarwal, Cortalim, Goa - 403710 Director Executive Director & CEO Mrs. Sharmila. S .Pawar Mr. Amarsinh P Patil Head – CustomerVice President-C.S. DGM - Sales DGM - Service Relations Mr. Santosh Sawal Sanjay Mr. Mr.Devendra Ms. Valencia Parmekar Fernandes Dacosta
  9. 9. Sharayu Toyota, S-16/1, Colvale Industrial Estate Colvale, Bardez - 403513 (Goa) Director Executive Director & CEO Mrs. Sharmila. S .Pawar Mr. Amarsinh P Patil General ManagerGeneral Manager - Sales Head-Customer Relations Service Mr. Sanjay Wani Mr. Abdulaziz ShaikhMr. Gaurish Sakhardande
  10. 10. SHARAYU TOYOTA The orientation process in Toyota company is taken by the Sales Manager. First, all the departments are shown to the new employees. Then the employee is taken in the conference room to give the detail knowledge about the company history. The various topics in the induction process are included about the history of the Toyota, the abbreviations which are used in daily conversation, etc.
  11. 11.  Later the employee is explained about the job description and other details. Reviewing of induction program is done on every Saturday which is considered as a casual day. The new employees discuss about what they observed the entire week. The orientation is taken for a month.