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Content strategy in a content economy

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David Armano predicts we are entering the content economy. Is your content prepared?

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Content strategy in a content economy

  1. 1. © 2013 Intentional Design Inc.www.intentionaldesign.ca@rahelabRahel Anne BailieContent Strategy ina Content EconomyIs Your Content Prepared?
  2. 2. Content StrategyBusinesscommunicationsTechnicalcommunicationIA/UsabilityContent/infomanagement
  4. 4. • Agricultural
  5. 5. • Agricultural• Industrial
  6. 6. • Agricultural• Industrial• Service
  7. 7. • Agricultural• Industrial• Service• Knowledge
  8. 8. • Agricultural• Industrial• Service• Knowledge• Information
  9. 9. • Agricultural• Industrial• Service• Knowledge• Information• Attention
  10. 10. • Agricultural• Industrial• Service• Knowledge• Information• Attention• Content
  11. 11. Content economyLocation-basedGeolocation GeofencedVerifiedEndorsedSocialrelevanceCultural relevance
  13. 13. • Content is being recognized as abusiness asset• Content deserves to be managedwith as much care as other assets
  14. 14. • Content, like design, is only noticedwhen there’s a problem with it
  15. 15. • New user experiences:• Smaller screens as primary entrypoint to the content• Mobile commerce and banking• Tablets as entertainment devices
  16. 16. • Ancillary: TV plus tablet for social• Sequential: Use PC, then mobile; or usemobile, then finish on PC• Simultaneous: Collaboration requiringinstant synchronization between devices*Thanks to Noz Urbina for the concept of content dimensions
  17. 17. • Market maturity:• Market differences• Social network penetration• Mobile market• Growth opportunities
  18. 18. • Cross-market content:• Single language for many markets• Offering native languages in othermarkets• Cross-border commerce incurscontent needs
  20. 20. Content strategy“A repeatable system that governsthe management of contentthroughout the entire lifecycle.”- Rahel Anne Bailie, IntentionalDesign.ca
  21. 21. • The analysis and prescription is thestrategy• The rest of the work isimplementation• The earlier in the lifecycle you canget involved, the easier it is to effectchange
  22. 22. • Throughout the customer journey• Multiple variables for various marketconditions, product lines, and so on• Multiple outputs for different devicesand platforms• Localization, which is becomingmore complex
  23. 23. Getting content:• From the right sources• On the right platform• To the right people• At the right times• Through the right channels• In the right formats• In the right versions• In the right languages• In the right media
  24. 24. Available now fromonline retailers andXMLpress.netTheContentStrategyBook.com
  25. 25. Content Strategy inThe Content Economy© 2013 Intentional Design Inc.www.intentionaldesign.caRahel Anne Bailie@rahelabThank you