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Accelerating e-commerce industry with CPaaS

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Vox CPaaS offers communication APIs to be integrated into web or mobile applications to enhance customer experience by empowering them to connect with business within the application via voice calls, SMS, chat and video.

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Accelerating e-commerce industry with CPaaS

  1. 1. Telecom Software & VoIP Communication Platforms Provider
  2. 2. What is Vox CPaaS? CPaaS is a cloud-communication platform that supports real-time communication functionalities viz. voice call, video call, chat and SMS into your web and mobile applications with minimal time and effort. Did you know? CPaaS adoption will reach 80% by 2020 Add real-time communication features to your existing apps via voice, video, SMS and chat APIs. Designed for business transformationVox CPaaS ensures data security with end-to-end encryption. Built on security Our platform has the ability to handle data of varying bandwidth across all endpoints. Proven resiliency Vox communication APIs can be easily integrated into any web or mobile apps. Developer friendly 3 1 2 4
  3. 3. Inform and stay connected with information your customers need—within your app. SMS Get connected to your sellers & buyers within your app and scale with voice capabilities Voice Call Solve queries via instant messaging and chat by allowing file/media sharing Chat Simplify customer support by providing video assistance through HD video calls Video Vox CPaaS functionalities at your fingertips By integrating our APIs and SDKs into your applications, you can start real-time communication with your customers. Vox CPaaS enhances your customer experience and communication strategy at a cheaper cost.
  4. 4. Elevating online shopping experience Buyer & seller collaboration Chatbot Smart alerts Reduce uncertainties Contextual communication Instant customer support In-app or website chat so that sellers can collaborate and buyers can shop together Answer questions immediately at any time and simplify how your customers shop Drive business and increase sales by sending promotions and offers via SMS or push notifications Sellers can now directly get in touch with customers via in-app chat for their requirements and to solve queries Why send an expensive do-not-reply SMS when you can send multi-media cached in-app message With chat based customer support, users can chat with agents anytime, anywhere and agents can handle multiple requests simultaneously. Real-time communication capabilities give an opportunity to sellers and buyers to connect for multiple situations. Communication APIs enable communication between: • Buyer and seller • Buyer and buyer • Seller and seller
  5. 5. The best where your support team works best Build it your way and stay connected with your customers Help your customers quickly by verifying their identity so that you don’t have to ask the details over again. User identification Voice, SMS and chat- all integrated into your app. Based on customers’ convenience, you can opt any method of communication. Assist your customers over in-app chat. Solve their queries within minutes. In-app chat Vox CPaaS provides all-in- one support solution voice calls, video and SMS. All-in-one support Upgrade your system—and your quality of service Resolving query Get full communication systems via our programmable APIs for your mobile or desktop apps.
  6. 6. Vox CpaaS- Key benefits 1 2 3Economic & secure Intuitive Manageable • Instant message • In-app chat • Audio-video conferencing • File sharing • Reduced cost, improved productivity • No CAPEX • Scalable • Secure cloud-communication platform • Simple yet sophisticated • All functionality within your application • Data analytics • Customer experience feedback Create an improved, personalized online shopping experience for your customers by using Vox CPaaS.
  7. 7. Take your business to the next level Keep users engaged by providing functionalities like click-to-call, SMS & push notifications Increase engagement & add value to communication Introduce real-time services by integrating our APIs. No overhead expenses. Stay competitive Seamlessly integrate voice, chat & SMS communications and data sharing into your existing business processes Enhance business operations Vox CPaaS scales horizontally and vertically. Get analytics and reports on app usage to make better investment decisions. Get insights A new revenue stream could be initiated by offering premium services to customers. Increase revenue How can Vox CPaaS fuel your business growth?
  8. 8. Vox CPaaS – USPs 2 3 4 1 High throughput Very high throughput compared to widely deployed servers in market Seamless Integration Seamless integration with any platform/protocol and highly customizable Binary protocol Binary protocol for lightning fast communication Myriad applications IoT enabled, easy to use, light weight & reliable
  9. 9. Developer portal, demo & Vox offering Vox Offering APIs & SDKs for SMS, chat, voice and video- all features in one app APIs and SDKs for individual functionality White-label application with CPaaS functionality SDK Demos Try our Konverz app and get hands-on experience on Vox CpaaS functionality Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cavox.konverz iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/konverz/id1400120880?mt=8 Web https://konverz.vox-cpaas.com/
  10. 10. Contact Us www.voxvalley.com sales@voxvalley.com www.voxvalley.com +65 6678 7662