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Training &                                Workshops which                                                                 ...
WOMAN WELLNESS                                                                          DISTANCE CONSCIOUS        PROGRAM ...
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Training brochure

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Training brochure

  1. 1. Training & Workshops which impact self and BLUE PHOENIX Development organization CONSULTING PARTNERS "The only kind of learning which significantly influences behavior is Blue Phoenix is a Consulting partner self-discovered or self-appropriated self- self- for organizations in the areas of HR learning - truth that has been Consulting Services, Education assimilated in experience." - Carl services, Training & Development Rogers services, HR services and Content Blue Phoenix specializes in the areas of development services. With a customized and need based training combined experience of over 5 programs to help people & decades, the Partners have a organizations focus and stride towards demonstrated experience in these success. We offer multiple models - areas and have previously served personal to corporate, students to various senior positions in renowned professionals, Analytics training and corporate houses and carry great Entrepreneurship Development. domain expertise. We specialize in the areas of customized and need based training programs, ability to architect unique marketing campaigns, consultBLUE PHOENIX CONSULTING to enhance productivity, design and PARTNERS Training and development of your people develop world class content with #544, 12th Cross, 27th Main is a major factor in determining the publication services and engage long I Phase J.P. Nagar ongoing success of your team and term to help people & organizations Bangalore - 560078 organization. It, also, emphasizes that focus and stride towards success. Phone: +91 9880925873raghavendra@bluephoenixpartners.com you care for your people and help you to retain them and they contribute to thehttp://www.bluephoenixpartners.com success of company with new skill sets.
  2. 2. WOMAN WELLNESS DISTANCE CONSCIOUS PROGRAM PARENTINGThe programs address the physical, Changes in the world around us,mental, emotional and professional increased presence of technology in ourwell-being of a woman. The end-results daily life, face-to-face interaction movingare personal and professional excellence to Facebook friendships, enhancedin an interactive, supportive setting. competition and a need to lead a brand- defined life, has led to multipleThe intervention help women identify challenges that parents of todaythe sources of incompleteness in their encounter. Disobedience, defiance, lacklives; learn what holds them back, of cooperation, jokes and conversations CAMPUS TO CORPORATE HANDLING DIVERSITYcauses grief, and wastes precious time that sound adult like, performanceand energy; become better able to Organizations repeatedly face a major anxiety, increased TV watching…..balance time issues; learn how to The transition from one phase of life challenge with their workforce - thesimplify their lives and gain peace. Enhanced vocabulary and better thinking to another is always a challenge and a challenge of managing diversity in the skills of the young has led to increased stressful event. Being “Corporate workplace. Male-female difference, ageThe Yoga Therapist demonstrates how arguments and heated discussions Ready” is something that our and experience differences, culturalpracticing yoga can help alleviate amongst family members. educational institutions do not focus differences are all live reality of thesymptoms of Menopause, Pre Menstrual upon. Course curriculum completionSyndrome, Dysmenorrhea etc. The people. These differences produce This and many other such emerging to performance on the mark-sheet iswoman becomes more fully alive, negative feelings that influence the challenges and issues of Being a Parent in measures of “good performance”. Theawake, energetic, rested, well, and efficiency of the people. today’s world would be addressed in this world of work however needs skillswhole. beyond the academic achievements. “Men are from Mars & Women are from workshop. What seems obvious is actually not so Venus” John Gray. common like common sense. It is an interactive, self-exploratory 2 day model that uses object identification, self Main topics covered: and group analysis, small group and large Professional ethics and behavior group methodology. Goal setting and monitoring Team work – working together topics covered: Main topics covered differently Differences – My meaning to it Customer Relationship Management Gender differences – why, where and for what