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Social Casino Gaming Summit - Views from Europe

Deck from the Social Casino Gaming Summit in Las Vegas, June 2013 - 'Views from Europe'

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Social Casino Gaming Summit - Views from Europe

  1. 1. Views fromEurope
  2. 2. RAF KEUSTERMANSCo-Founder, CEO PlumbeeDirector Bonza Gaming(Interim) VP Marketing Kobojo 2011Independent Social Gaming Consultant 2010-2011Global Marketing Director Playfish (EA) 2009-2010Marketing Director EMEA Pogo.com (EA) 2008-2009Head of Marketing Western Europe Unibet.com 2005-2008Strategic Planner at BBDO, Grey and Publicis 1998-2005www.plumbee.comraf@plumbee.com@raf_keustermans
  3. 3. • AAA video slots, persistant meta-features• 280K DAU, 1.3M MAU across Fb and iOS• Working on Android version• 50/50 joint-venture Plumbee and Unibet• 3rd real-money app allowed on Facebook, afterGamesys and 888• Standalone business with its own managementteam, engineers, marketing team, etc• UK only, AGCC-licensed• Offices in London and Guernsey (Channel Islands)• Team of 15 today• Early results very promising.Free-to-play slotsLaunched March 2012Facebook and iOSReal-money social gamblingLaunched February 2013FacebookSocial Casino StartupStarted July 2011• Founded by 3 former EA Playfish execs• Mission: to become ‘the leading next-gen digital casinocompany’• Team of 46 in London, UK
  4. 4. • Facebook real-money gaming – key learnings so far• There is potential, Bonza seeing great traction after 4 months, althoughnumbers are still small-ish• It’s not about porting a casino lobby to Facebook, product is crucial (anddifficult)• UK is a tough, highly competitive market for RMG• Facebook RMG is a new vertical, users need to get used to the idea thatthey can play for real money on Fb• What’s next?• Working closely with Facebook to monitor and improve UK business• Investigating new opportunies in product (bingo? Poker?), channel (mobile),markets (Spain, Italy, Denmark?)
  5. 5. Even in the UK Facebook RMG created some controversy…
  6. 6. Gambling in Europe, an overview
  7. 7. UK: Gambling very visible in the High Street/Main Street: more bettingshops than Starbucks, KFC and McDonalds outlets combined.
  8. 8. Even the Queen likes a punt on the horses (and also owns some ofthe best race horses in the country)
  9. 9. Gambling companies are the main sponsors of large sports events
  10. 10. Or sports teams, leagues, clubs
  11. 11. Or use sports stars, celebrities as Brand Ambassadors
  12. 12. • France: state-owned gambling companies PMU and FdJ generate $35bn inannual revenue, employ over 4,000 staff• In most European countries the largest gambling operators are state-owned
  13. 13. Europe and social casino
  14. 14. • Bingo: 75 ball (US) vs 90 ball bingo (UK, Europe, LatAm)• Stronger association with ‘gambling’ in continental Europe• Online/mobile RMG bingo is huge in UK• $800m annual revenue• $100m ad spend just on TV• Fastest growing vertical in online gambling
  15. 15. • Slots: big difference between US and Europe!• Slots in US: mostly/only in land-based casino’s• In Europe: mostly online, huge % via online betting operators• Result is that much higher % of players in Europe are male, youngercompared with traditional US slots audience (older, female)• RTP gap: European players used to 95-97% RTP (3-5% hold) vs 80-92% forUS players• Older players less familiar with videoslots as they grew up with 3-reelfruit machines (tutorial might be required)
  16. 16. • Poker: different perception in US vs Europe• US: huge, exciting opportunity• Europe: category in decline, ‘problem child’ of the industry• Mobile growth is promising – light at the end of the tunnel?• Some exceptions: 888, PokerStars• Category still suffering from low margins due to rake-back schemes,affiliate deals, …• Highly commoditized product (poker networks), hard to differentiate inRMG• European poker audience skews younger: very ‘new’ game; TexasHold’Em was introduced by gambling operators
  17. 17. Just one more thing…
  18. 18. Good luck with those gambling patents…
  19. 19. @raf_keustermanswww.plumbee.com