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Cloud CRM

 /  Quick guide to selecting CRM type
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#Infografia CRM en mi servidor vs CRM en la nube

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Infografía CRM en mi servidor versus CRM en la nube: Guía Rápida para seleccionar un tipo. Mas información escríbenos contacto@radar.com.co

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#Infografia CRM en mi servidor vs CRM en la nube

  1. 1. c .7 ‘- " , - ¡ / ¡ n‘ 0 ‘n’ ¡ l Éïil ¡’b É í _ 444, . Cloud CRM / Quick guide to selecting CRM type . m}, — ,7’ «Í», l ' ‘x ¡v u’. . . ,. / A‘? vTraditional way of com puting - Requires installation in enterprise servers -Too many paraphernalia -Availablethrough cloud ‘¡if °Subscription model OSimpIe sign-up procedure ; «Accessible on thefly l ' Easy to use - Centralization of data -Anytime-anywhere availability Key Differences On Premises Cloud Based CRM CRM i” % o i l :3 Control Complete ownership Little or no physical and control control .7, i‘; [ liz: Works on-premises in any Depends on internet situation or environment and connectivity Accessibility Available only within the premises. on designated points anywhere Accessible anytime. Hass| e—free. on-the-fly, done in a few mouse clicks. ‘J .1 Ü U z Stressful, time consuming Rapid. smooth. seamless project and stress-free deployment. F ¡ii- Requires extensive physical infrastructure Does not require any infrastructure, but intemet connection ‘s? ‘¿es l l l i ' ‘ n-é —- l lll l‘ lnvestm ent significant upfront investment Little or no upfront investment High upfront costs Little or no upfront costs g , y , ¿ g ra ir i. . J É“ ‘V’ ‘l r o H c ts Additional recurring costs for Monthly/ annual O5 staff and maintenance subscription model e Fixed cost « sunk investment Cost varies depending on size of database and number of users , . i; - Software / hardware The pay as you go fixed pricing 0b5o| e5cence obsolescence after some years also converts capital expenditures to easily manageable operating expenses Highly inflexible. The required Modular - subscribe only to F| ex| bi| ity capacity and functionality has to functions required on a be decided and installed upfront monthly basis. Most providers offer flexible license options Highly rigid. Very difficult and Highly scalable time consuming to add capacity Scalability 57:7” ¡ (‘r v5.1» t _ _ , _ , l ___ _ , | Capacity once added is a sunk investment Capacity can be added or reduced as required easily, on-the-fly m4-} l íï _a«“ ñ ‘ Enterprise can customize the CRM as required Customization Extent of customization available depends on selected vendor. Full featured hosted CRM offer cu stomization options on par with what can be achieved with on premises CRM u, Does little to address issues of Force enterprises to move all data silos customer related data to a central depository, thereby eradicating data silos Transformation of Business Process ‘I x . if l A I i Version conflicts can derail Everyone has access to the the system latest and complete version of the data iterations Requires an IT team to install, operate, maintain, update, and repair the CRM No dedicated IT team required. Lay users can run the system Support E J—__ Possibility of deep integration ll illlll‘ Options for integration with with other systems and other systems limited - lntegratmn components of the enterprise integration may require the enterprises legacy applications to comply with a rigid. uniform system , ñ ‘ D l 1 OOO 1 . iO l 0 1 1 f‘ g Securit i y Highly secure, since there is no Data. even though stored in a need for communication to go across to a third party. Database is stored locally private and secure database moves through internet. susceptible to various attacks. Nlilitary grade encryption reduces threats greatly though N x JV! ¡s- l», . Ease of use Users need to be trained Minimal training required Resources Resource intensive Relatively more energy-efficient LEE? suitable for Suited across the board. especially for small and medium enterprises Onlylarge enterprises l , ¡ 4, ¡¡ I l l '. .1 ¡i i i_ , _ Software , i] and database Sen/ ers and other hardware . ,_ _ _ _I _ ° _ _l - Other Resources —: — required to install ‘i ‘ “ ‘f the CRM fi”- el, 59'90’ 0‘ ‘T 503” Monthly subscription costs -- required to install, . s l l Opmte and manuam (depending on database size ¡r — . [hesystem and no. ofusers) l K V‘ s y Energy costs to run a the system Í? Cost of managerial time to take care of . thesystem l“ i. Costofserver and software obsolescence Security BIG CONCERN Data resides in external servers and is transmitted over the Internet (tt-ii) Hosted CRM security checklist CÉÏÏÁÏ e Physical Security for the Provider's External Data Centers Multi-factor access control systems on a least privileged basis Environmental systems designed to Eiectronk minimize the impact Survemarme of disruptions to operations F O < {F Redundancy through multiple geographic regions and availability zones to ensure uptime even in case of attacks or natural disasters Trained security guards on 24x7 basis Network 8: Server Security Built-in flrewalls Access to a small group Regular penetration of administrative testing users only Application vulnerability threat assessments Network and system monitoring on 24x7 basis T— T v. —————————— lll @/ l On-premise versus , _ __ L__P_ ¡m3 W t . . Regular and systematic back-up ofcustomer and system databases Quarterly penetration testing performed by Workwise Deletion of archived backup data after a certain interval Annual penetration tests performed by 3rd party vendor User Acceptance o Research major Gartner estimates that 35% ofall CRM 35 / ° implementations are now cloud (SaaS) based. and that this will grow to over 50% by 2020. The extent of cloud based CRM adoption varies across CRM software categories O L i 95 / o ; ¿_ l 0 l " l Salesforce 50 / o ‘l ‘,1 l’ Automation: S0°/ o 40% (9 oïïïïiïiïïziïíïïofi Web analytics 95% adoption ¡alumbra . AurriiI. <-iiu'L<¡ii¡q‘i-. Iir: -i¡ilii: u—uuut-ut-iiidl . ""Alli! HHHIJÉHL‘lIJ2L-j9‘(IXÉHIIÍVIÁ! ‘HIMIllwïïilflïlllífiïá‘Iiïlllugllflll FT-Illui ' nïviilkfin-(IIIlHKá-flÏ-i! LfiífluiiliiflnïlúlPjlÁWÍiÏ/ ¡xñlilüñiwal;1'1-ÉL»IÏIHWIIID-YÏÏJ-‘QÁÚÍÏA-fi‘láfiflwivfitmiilu-IÏIi! l!hÍI‘F€L! lÏIlÏOiJInti ¿"IHIIIIÉÏÁRÍHHWIIIlt-Ï'Íi'n'F'ÍL«ÍÍIJÍÍhV-ïIIIHQTÚIIÍLÏP Alidiíïiylllïl'ÏI! ,I(I‘lIl¡Ïl| ¡3ÍÍ¡il% UIIf-‘Isiiïí;4Ï-i! lÉÏHIIiIi! h"IlIi3cÜÏII| IG5('»IIII«E'IJII LT-Illlli-iillïlb-‘llig-W a-‘JNHÍII It AHH'ii: ¿x.1-iin'rh'ra. (-iiilíztuiI-lïüI-liagiriiillí; Imugii! b«s"ilet(riv— I l _ il’ ‘n. 4.034tirrkí-Iiu-(vulhi lIr-Lfl-iic¿me«Iilulrflux-Iimzgiiáii L1’- r, . , i . i - g- i'm ‘ th! "7 -». «'i'l'i'n'o'ñl‘IHIIIVZHRÉIHPÜIIIIIA-ÏUIHTIT‘Íhr-ÍLXHHLTJ T .3 ‘ _. ,44 —'la'i'Á'i'¡'i'I! .!lIIl! PE"Í? Él! L‘li299)! ‘(Elélflútïlí! iuliísbfiálíiáflilüIllnil; !lI| (!‘l! L'l! M‘-! ÍÜE—fiin. ïllflfgllüllñfiülll ¡[Izni-"¡L 1L"; u.