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It Takes A Campus To Raise A (Web Professionals) Community

  1. #MPD3 IT TAKES A CAMPUS To Raise A (Web Professionals) Community Rachel Carden, Web Developer/Designer, The University of Alabama @bamadesigner
  2. - Established in 1831 - 13 Colleges and Schools - Over 37,000 students - Close to 5,000 faculty/staff - Almost 2,000 acres
  3. Professional
 Development Sharing of Ideas / Innovation Communication and Networking Institutional Knowledge Collaboration
  5. Bringing University of Alabama web professionals together to educate, inform, discuss, innovate, and share - @bamawebtide #MPD3 @bamadesigner
  6. • Formed January 2014 - almost 2 years! • Has 78 members from over 30 departments across campus • Meets the third Thursday of every month to discuss institutional knowledge, campus projects, and professional development topics ranging from social media to accessibility to crisis communication. #MPD3 @bamadesigner
  7. • UA is large, web services are decentralized. • No main web shop, comprised of smaller and one-man teams. • Wanted the opportunity to share ideas and “talk shop” with other web professionals on campus. #MPD3 @bamadesigner WHY?
  8. Saw a need and opportunity to crowdsource resources and professional development for all web professionals on campus. #MPD3 @bamadesigner WHY?
  9. #humanatwork #MPD3 @bamadesigner
  10. Helping your university by helping your people #MPD3 @bamadesigner
  11. Community building allows you to empower others to
 improve through professional development and relationships. #MPD3 @bamadesigner
  12. In its first iteration,
 WebTide was simply a blog. #MPD3 @bamadesigner
  13. • Was called “College Web”, 10-15 person group that met every other month at campus Starbucks • Went overkill on unneeded/unused tools • Was too informal / no structure/topics/agenda #MPD3 @bamadesigner MY FIRST ATTEMPT
  14. • Designed a more formal meeting process - had a plan! • Only implemented tools as needed - one page website • Implemented better communication tools • Pulled in more help - great planning committee #MPD3 @bamadesigner REBORN
  16. • Environments are different for each campus • There will be trial/error. Prepare to change. • Technology is not the answer to everything #MPD3 @bamadesigner THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND
  17. • Start small, scale as needed • Keep things simple • Be transparent #MPD3 @bamadesigner THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND
  18. • Don’t do it alone Can’t do it alone • Surround yourself with support • Embrace different ideas • Be available #MPD3 @bamadesigner THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND
  19. • Set realistic goals • It never hurts to ask #MPD3 @bamadesigner THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND
  20. #MPD3 @bamadesigner WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?
  23. • Invite everyone to watch together • When conferences stream their presentations • Webinars #MPD3 @bamadesigner TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ONLINE RESOURCES/MATERIALS
  24. • Share learning materials/online resources • Share your educational discoveries with your community #MPD3 @bamadesigner TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ONLINE RESOURCES/MATERIALS
  25. • In person • Online • Webinars #MPD3 @bamadesigner DIFFERENT WAYS TO “MEET”
  26. • Slack / IRC • Skype/Google Hangouts • Blackboard • Social media • Websites #MPD3 @bamadesigner RESOURCES/TOOLS TO USE • Subject matter experts • Live examples • Listserv • Vendor presentations • Goodies
  27. #MPD3 @bamadesigner Take advantage of
 free or inexpensive academic licenses!
  28. It never hurts to ask. #MPD3 @bamadesigner FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES
  29. • “If you feed them, they will come.” • Ask departments or vendors to sponsor a meal. • Grants or sponsorships for training, resources, etc #MPD3 @bamadesigner FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES
  30. • Accessibility • Social Media • Branding • Crisis Communication at UA #MPD3 @bamadesigner TOPICS
  31. • Usability • Security Awareness • The Role of the Web in Higher Education • Alternatives to a Traditional CMS #MPD3 @bamadesigner TOPICS
  32. • Effective Project Management • Tools and Resources For Your Job • A Different Perspective: I Am A Higher Education Professional Who Is Also A Web Professional #MPD3 @bamadesigner TOPICS
  33. • Video for the Web • News and Events at UA • Legal Issues Relevant of Higher Ed Web • Various department projects/environments #MPD3 @bamadesigner TOPICS
  34. • Front-End Frameworks • Student Workers • Dealing with faculty and the web • Writing Content for the Web #MPD3 @bamadesigner OTHER POSSIBLE TOPICS
  35. • Utilizing Campus Resources • Marketing • Measuring Web Performance • Campus Politics #MPD3 @bamadesigner OTHER POSSIBLE TOPICS
  36. • Community members • Other campus staff/faculty • Area professionals • Company reps #MPD3 @bamadesigner POSSIBLE SPEAKERS
  37. Sharing your work means playing an active role in improving your community #MPD3 @bamadesigner
  38. wow such benefits omg networking much development many shares
  39. Professional
 Development Sharing of Ideas / Innovation Communication and Networking Institutional Knowledge Collaboration
  41. Tuscaloosa Web Professionals is a community and meetup group for anyone in the Tuscaloosa (and surrounding) area who makes a living building the world wide web. Whether you're a designer, coder, writer, sysadmin, or other web-related specialist, we invite you to join us to network, learn, and share your expertise.
  42. - @wpcampusorg - #WPCampus
  43. A community (and proposed conference) focused on using WordPress to improve the world of higher education and higher ed web. #MPD3 @bamadesigner
  44. • Launched 7 weeks ago today • 284 people have visited and shown interest • Attending: 275 (97%) • Speaking: 157 (55%) • Planning: 98 (35%) • Sponsoring: 47 (17%) • Hosting at your university: 59 (21%) • 185 people in our Slack account.
  45. Learn more about WPCampus View WPCampus Planning Data #MPD3 @bamadesigner
  46. WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR #MPD3 @bamadesigner ?
  47. Any questions? Rachel Carden @bamadesigner #MPD3 @bamadesigner