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Virtual Incubator3 [Compatibility Mode]

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Virtual Incubator3 [Compatibility Mode]

  1. 1. Virtual Technology to fit your company needs The Business Incubation Center at CBP is part of the Community Business Partnership, a sponsored program of the Mason Enterprise Center at George Mason University's School of Public Policy.
  2. 2. Work From Anywhere Would you like to work from home or the office or... the beach?? With BIC Solutions, wherever you want to work… You Can!
  3. 3. Virtual Technology BIC will provide every aspect of what you need to start and run your business through our virtual platform allowing you more features, more benefits, more accessibility, and less cost! The average BIC Virtual Office User experiences a savings of over $300 dollars a month!
  4. 4. With BIC Receive: Business Identity Communication Physical Space Collaboration Computing
  5. 5. With BIC Receive: Business Identity
  6. 6. BIC will allow you to utilize our prestigious address on all of your materials allowing you to link to our facility, establish a business identity, and prevent you from using your personal mailing address. •Giving out your home address on your materials makes you very vulnerable and looks unprofessional. •Many large organizations will not do business with home based companies. •Solve these problems with BIC’s Business Identity Solution!
  7. 7. With BIC Receive: Communication
  8. 8. BIC will provide you with a private business phone number. This number will have unlimited domestic calling; No more tracking your minutes! You will never have to give out your personal cell phone or home phone numbers again! You will also receive a tremendous amount of new phone technology features. •The traditional average cell phone bill for one person is between $59.99 to $99.99 per month. •Cell Phone overage charges can be deadly to a new start-up company and it is often hard to predict what minute plan you should have for your business •*see testimonial on next page
  9. 9. “I have $2100 in overage charges on my cell phone bill, accumulated over the course of four months, while I was working on an unusually communication-intense project. I never noticed it because I’ve had Auto Pay for two years, and usually have about 2000 rollover minutes to spare. I work remotely and we didn’t have a landline at home until recently, so I use my cell phone for work. My usual bill is in the range of $117-$127. Last month I discovered that since I started this project the phone bills were $677, $907, $590, $410 (I was on vacation much of December). All this added up to $2100 in overage charges.” This will never happen to you with BIC’s Unified Communication Platform!
  10. 10. Unified Communications Local or Toll Free Business Number Unlimited Domestic Calling Voicemail to email Find me/Follow-me Phone Technology Enhanced Organization Features Dedicated phone number with remote call forwarding Support IP phone Unified Communications Demo available upon request
  11. 11. On-Line Fax  Receive faxes directly into your email accounts Send faxes from any web  browser Eliminate need for  additional phone lines Lower monthly costs-no  toner, no line, no machine Access your faxes wherever  you are or wherever you go The average cost of  maintaining a fax machine is $145/month
  12. 12. With BIC Receive: Collaboration
  13. 13. IP PBX Services Complete Business Class Phone System without the expensive hardware  One phone number, unlimited extensions  Professional auto-attendant  24-7 phone answering solution  On-Hold music  Extensions can forward to any remote location
  14. 14. IP PBX Possibilities Your customer calls you Our automated BIC Facility system takes the Then it forwards it call and out to you- asks your wherever you are! customer which extension he wants.
  15. 15. E-File Cabinet E-File Cabinet is a web-based file cabinet that allows you to upload and store your files. Use this tool for data back-up or file sharing. Your data will be at your fingertips wherever you are. You will no longer find yourself at a hotel or meeting without the files you need. Share large files instantly.
  16. 16. Audio Conferencing Conduct a conference whenever you need with a private toll-free number and a web portal to setup and manage meetings. Always-on audio conference  Online scheduling  Web portal for call managing  Call details online  Conference call recording 
  17. 17. Web Conferencing  Unlimited monthly access for up to five participants  Enhanced management capabilities  Audio and Video Streaming  Record conferences for later use Web Conference Demo available upon request
  18. 18. With BIC Receive: Computing
  19. 19. Software-As-A-Service Remote Software Application Use the Microsoft software you need whenever and wherever you want, via a secured broadband connection. Faster implementation because there's no on-premises deployment. Enjoy easier access to current technology because changes are made to just one code base; also, the centralized code base reduces the complexity that can lead to errors. Access all applications remotely from any computer.
  20. 20. Without BIC’s Software-as-a-Service expect to pay: Microsoft Office Standard 2007 (full version) $399.99 Microsoft Publisher 2007 ON SALE $149.99 Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 UPGRADE ON SALE $169.99 Prices are for one license copies. If you will have multiple employees expect to purchase multiple licenses.
  21. 21. Web Based Interface Interact with all of your services through a user friendly interface. This interface will allow you to access and manage all services remotely, meaning wherever you go, your office goes with you. Web Portal Demo available upon request
  22. 22. Virtual Technology Take your business to the Virtual level and experience an office with no limitations Enjoy a simple, cost effective way to manage your company through one point of contact, one customer service number, one bill All brought to you by Business Incubation Center
  23. 23. For more information www.cbponline.org/incubator Email: Rabiya@cbponline.org To request demo, please email us your contact information Ph: 703.768.1440 The Business Incubation Center at CBP is part of the Community Business Partnership, a sponsored program of the Mason Enterprise Center at George Mason University's School of Public Policy.