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Chalkboard wall paint pictures

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Chalkboard wall paint pictures

  1. 1. Chalkboard Wall PaintTransform those dull walls in your home to chalkboards just like you had in school! Appliedjust like regular paint, the chalkboard wall paint goes on easily to any wall surface and whenit dries you’ll have yourself a genuine chalkboard to write and draw on.Buy It$14.70via Amazon.comWhether your kid is a mathematical genius who needs to work out complicated formulas late at night, or an aspiring artist thatwon’t stop “decorating” your house walls, this chalkboard wallpaper is essential for any parent that cares about their kids andtheir home decoration. With this easy to use, paint on material, you can create a chalkboard on nearly every wall surface,whether it’s painted on wood, drywall, metal, plastic, glass, or paperboard.Simply apply a coat ofthis one ofa kind material to a preferably smooth wall or floorsurface and let your baby genius go to town.When you’re finished, simply use a standard chalkboard eraser, or soap and water to leave your board clean and looking new.This material is scratch resistant so no matter how hard you draw on the board, it will not rub off on the original material. Nowany parent can create their own chalkboard at home for private tutor lessons, or art projects for your kid and their friends on arainy day.This one of a kind material is guaranteed to be a remedy forkids that are eager to learnoreager to write on your walls.