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Keith Wanley, Area Manager, County Durham and Darlington Fire & Rescue Service

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Title ‘How can the Fire and Rescue Service work with the NHS towards mutually supportive ends’

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Keith Wanley, Area Manager, County Durham and Darlington Fire & Rescue Service

  1. 1. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL How can the Fire and Rescue Service work with the NHS towards mutually supportive ends AM Keith Wanley County Durham and Darlington FRS
  2. 2. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service • 15 stations • 27 fire appliances • 309 WT + 168 RDS • Budget - £28.6m • Population 625,000 • Ex mining county - areas high on IMD • 2015/16 – 20,000 HFSC • Vision – “Safest People, Safest Places”
  3. 3. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL Fire Deaths Home fire safety alone was not the solution to the whole problem • Fire fatalities table removed. This table showed the trends in health factors which are prevalent in those who have died in dwelling fires since 2006. These health factors are linked to the elements of the Safe and Wellbeing visits.
  4. 4. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL The National Fire / Health Picture • National Health and Wellbeing agenda set out by lead organisations at the Fire Health Summit • Signed consensus statement on improving health & wellbeing – October 2015 • Principles for a ‘Safe and Well’ visit document released • CFOA Health Strategy • National & regional EMR / Wider work trials
  5. 5. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL Key health issues focused on during Safe and Wellbeing visits 6 Key Areas Dementia Awareness Alcohol Harm & Reduction Smoking Cessation Loneliness & Isolation Slips, Trips and Falls Winter Warmth/ flu
  6. 6. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL Are SWVs making a difference? Between 15th February 2016 to 28th February 2017 18,759 SWVs carried out Need a formal evaluation to evidence the benefits. Durham Darlington Total Slips, Trips and Falls 366 127 493 Winter Warmth 267 93 360 Dementia 196 35 231 Smoking 120 36 156 Alcohol 14 6 20 Loneliness and Isolation 541 148 689 Total 1504 445 1949
  7. 7. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL Evaluation of Safe and Wellbeing • Two independent evaluations:- • Safer and stronger overview and scrutiny committee o Processes o Referral Routes o Outcomes • Teesside University o Full scope still to be finalised in terms of finance and resource (CBA?) o Lead researcher secondment Need to be working from a robust evidence base
  8. 8. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL Examples of further Health collaboration… • EMR with NEAS • Tri-responders (Stanhope) • Blood bikes (Spennymoor) • Blood donation sessions (Durham) • ES quad station (Barnard Castle) • Age UK (Shared facilitates Darlington) • NHS cardiac support sessions (Bishop Auckland) • Broth and bingo (Consett) • Start a heart and first aid (CS carrousel with schools) • Dementia Friends (Service wide) Our aim is to be the partner of choice for other organisations
  9. 9. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL CFOA - Beyond Blue Lights
  10. 10. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL Fire / Health collaboration is delivering on: • Governments agenda for collaboration • CFOAs Health strategy • Partner agency priorities • Our vision:- “Safest People, Safest Places”
  11. 11. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL Questions? Tel: 0191 3755630 Email: kwanley@ddfire.gov.uk