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Search	  Engine	  Op.miza.on:    Understanding	  the	  Engines	  &	        Building	  Successful	  Sites              Rand...
Travel	  Industry:	  Client	  1•    Client	  came	  to	  us	  with	  no	  on-­‐site	  opBmisaBon	  on	  website•    We	  o...
Travel	  Industry:	  Client	  2•    Client	  came	  to	  us	  for	  on-­‐site	  opBmisaBon	  consultaBon	  and	  link	  	 ...
Online	  DaBng	  IndustryOrganic	  Traffic•    Client	  came	  to	  us	  with	  no	  on-­‐site	  opBmisaBon	  on	  website	 ...
Online	  DaBng	  Industry Paid	  Traffic•    Client	  managed	  a	  high	  cost	  Google	  Adwords	  campaign	  and	  was	  ...
Online	  DaBng	  IndustryBounce	  rate•    Bounce	  rate	  was	  high	  (23%)on	  website	  when	  we	  began	  opBmisaBon...
Home	  Improvement	  Industry•    Client	  came	  to	  us	  to	  assist	  in	  geWng	  their	  website	  more	  targeted	 ...
Home	  Improvement	  Industry•    Client	  came	  to	  us	  to	  assist	  in	  geWng	  their	  website	  more	  targeted	 ...
Content	  in	  this	  Presenta.on1.    Case	  studies	  2.    The	  search	  markeBng	  landscape3.    How	  Search	  Engi...
The	  Search	  Landscape
Organic	  vs.	  Paid	  Search   PaidOrganic
Organic	  vs.	  Paid	  Search10%	  of	  Clicks90%	  of	  Clicks
Click-­‐Through	  Rates	  Search
Local	  Results Completely	  different	  ranking	  algorithm	  than	  standard	  search	                 resultsProbably	  ...
Image	  Results
Video	  Results
News	  &	  Blog	  Results
Shopping	  Results
News	  Results                          Instant	  AnswersReal	  Time	  Results    Local	  Results   Image	  Results
How	  Search	  Engines	  Work
Crawling	  &	  Indexing Without	  links,	  the	  engines	  might	  never	     find	  this	  page
Many	  Domains	  vs.	  One	  Domain                  VS.
Domain	  Authority
The	  Flow	  of	  PageRank
Algorithmic	  Ranking	  Factors
Algorithmic	  Ranking	  Factors
Building	  Accessible	  Sites
Crawlability	  /	  Link	  Architecture
Duplicate	  Content	  &	   Canonicaliza.on
Duplicate	  Content	  &	  Canonicaliza.on
Search	  Friendly­‐elephants  Single	  domain   Shallow	  folder	  struct...
Search	  UN-­‐Friendly Unnecessary   Dynamic	  URLs	  don’t	  perfo...
Important	  Tags	  &	  Signals
Title	  Tags
Meta	  Descrip.ons
Anchor	  Text
Page	  Copy
Image	  Alt	  ATributesGood	  keyword	  usage	     in	  the	  alt	  tag
Keyword	  Research	  +
The	  Long	  Tail	  of	  Keyword	  Demand
Tools	  &	  Tac.cs	  for	  Brainstorming   &	  Refining	  Your	  Seed	  List
Google	  AdWords	  Tool                                                       Be	  Wary	  of                              ...
Google	  Trends	  Keyword	  Research Restrict	  queryto	  compeBtor’s       domain
Link	  Building	  Strategies
Bolster	  Individual	  Rankings
Drive	  Traffic	  &	  Branding	  Awareness
The	  7	  Basic	  Kinds	  of	  Link	  Building
#1	  -­‐	  Manual	  Link	  Submissions/Requests
#2	  -­‐	  Link	  Research/Acquisi.on
#3	  -­‐	  Links	  via	  Embedded	  Content
#4	  -­‐	  Linkbait	  &	  Viral	  Campaigns
#5	  -­‐	  Content,	  Technology	  &	  API	  Licensing
#6	  –	  Links	  within	  editorial	  content	  Creating newsworthy content is difficult for small companies
#7	  –	  Blog	  contribu.on	  Building relationships with blogs takes time
Free	  Tools	  for	  Link	  Research• 	  	  Brand	  name	  -­‐
Brand	  name	  -­‐
Brand	  name	  -­‐
Social	  Media	  &	  the	  Web’s	  Influencers
Influencers	  on	  the	  Web
Cannibaliza.on	  of	  the	  Link	  Graph                                   MMM… LINK                                   GRA...
Cannibaliza.on	  of	  the	  Link	  Graph
Tweets	  can	  seemingly	  overpower	  links                                             Page	  B	  –	  the	              ...
Retweet	  e.quiTe•    Leave room (100 chars).•    Do not start the ReTweet with an @ sign.•    Give credit.•    Try to kee...
Algorithmic	  Ranking	  Factors	  lessonsþ  Sign up to Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool    þ    þ  Keyword resear...
Grow Academy - July 2012
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Grow Academy - July 2012

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Grow Academy - July 2012

  1. 1. Search  Engine  Op.miza.on: Understanding  the  Engines  &   Building  Successful  Sites Rand  Fishkin  –  August  2010
  2. 2. Travel  Industry:  Client  1•  Client  came  to  us  with  no  on-­‐site  opBmisaBon  on  website•  We  opBmised  website•  Within  2  months  of  opBmisaBon,  website  traffic  began  to  increase•  AHer  4  months,  search  engine  traffic  increased  300%
  3. 3. Travel  Industry:  Client  2•  Client  came  to  us  for  on-­‐site  opBmisaBon  consultaBon  and  link    •  building  research•  We  opBmised  website•  Within  2  months  of  opBmisaBon,  website  traffic  began  to  increase•  AHer  6  months,  search  engine  traffic  increased  1000%
  4. 4. Online  DaBng  IndustryOrganic  Traffic•  Client  came  to  us  with  no  on-­‐site  opBmisaBon  on  website  or  •  link  building•  We  opBmised  website  and  implemented  a  link  building  strategy•  Within  5  months,  traffic  increased  by  300%    and  360%  over  11  months
  5. 5. Online  DaBng  Industry Paid  Traffic•  Client  managed  a  high  cost  Google  Adwords  campaign  and  was  not  seeing  •  return  on  investment•  Once  #1  posiBons  were  achieved  in  Google  Organic  Search  there  was    •  no  need  to  use  Google  Adwords  anymore•  Client  stopped  Google  Adwords  campaign  aHer  4  months
  6. 6. Online  DaBng  IndustryBounce  rate•  Bounce  rate  was  high  (23%)on  website  when  we  began  opBmisaBon  •  process•  We  implemented  a  design  change  and  immediately  the  bounce  •  rate  dropped  to  11%
  7. 7. Home  Improvement  Industry•  Client  came  to  us  to  assist  in  geWng  their  website  more  targeted    •  traffic•  Website  had  no  on-­‐site  opBmisaBon  done  to  it•  We  opBmised  the  enBre  website  and  within  5  months  traffic  began  to  •  increase•  AHer  9  months  traffic  had  increased  500%
  8. 8. Home  Improvement  Industry•  Client  came  to  us  to  assist  in  geWng  their  website  more  targeted    •  traffic•  We  marketed  products  on  various  online  shopping  plaYorms•  AHer  7  months  referral  traffic  had  increased  500%
  9. 9. Content  in  this  Presenta.on1.  Case  studies  2.  The  search  markeBng  landscape3.  How  Search  Engines  Work4.  Building  Accessible  Sites5.  ConducBng  Keyword  Research6.  Link  Building  Strategies7.  Social  Media  &  the  Web’s  Influencers
  10. 10. The  Search  Landscape
  11. 11. Organic  vs.  Paid  Search PaidOrganic
  12. 12. Organic  vs.  Paid  Search10%  of  Clicks90%  of  Clicks
  13. 13. Click-­‐Through  Rates
  14. 14.  Search
  15. 15. Local  Results Completely  different  ranking  algorithm  than  standard  search   resultsProbably  doesn’t  get  traffic  like   most  “#1”  results
  16. 16. Image  Results
  17. 17. Video  Results
  18. 18. News  &  Blog  Results
  19. 19. Shopping  Results
  20. 20. News  Results Instant  AnswersReal  Time  Results Local  Results Image  Results
  21. 21. How  Search  Engines  Work
  22. 22. Crawling  &  Indexing Without  links,  the  engines  might  never   find  this  page
  23. 23. Many  Domains  vs.  One  Domain VS.
  24. 24. Domain  Authority
  25. 25. The  Flow  of  PageRank
  26. 26. Algorithmic  Ranking  Factors
  27. 27. Algorithmic  Ranking  Factors
  28. 28. Building  Accessible  Sites
  29. 29. Crawlability  /  Link  Architecture
  30. 30. Duplicate  Content  &   Canonicaliza.on
  31. 31. Duplicate  Content  &  Canonicaliza.on
  32. 32. Search  Friendly­‐elephants Single  domain Shallow  folder  structure   Keywords  in  page  name, with  relevant  words separated  by  hyphen
  33. 33. Search  UN-­‐Friendly Unnecessary Dynamic  URLs  don’t  perform  as  well  as   No  keywords  in  the     Subdomain staBc  and  engines  recommend  against   URL  string more  than  two  parameters
  34. 34. Important  Tags  &  Signals
  35. 35. Title  Tags
  36. 36. Meta  Descrip.ons
  37. 37. Anchor  Text
  38. 38. Page  Copy
  39. 39. Image  Alt  ATributesGood  keyword  usage   in  the  alt  tag
  40. 40. Keyword  Research  +
  41. 41. The  Long  Tail  of  Keyword  Demand
  42. 42. Tools  &  Tac.cs  for  Brainstorming &  Refining  Your  Seed  List
  43. 43. Google  AdWords  Tool Be  Wary  of Match  Typehrps://
  44. 44. Google  Trends
  45. 45.  Keyword  Research Restrict  queryto  compeBtor’s domain
  46. 46. Link  Building  Strategies
  47. 47. Bolster  Individual  Rankings
  48. 48. Drive  Traffic  &  Branding  Awareness
  49. 49. The  7  Basic  Kinds  of  Link  Building
  50. 50. #1  -­‐  Manual  Link  Submissions/Requests
  51. 51. #2  -­‐  Link  Research/Acquisi.on
  52. 52. #3  -­‐  Links  via  Embedded  Content
  53. 53. #4  -­‐  Linkbait  &  Viral  Campaigns
  54. 54. #5  -­‐  Content,  Technology  &  API  Licensing
  55. 55. #6  –  Links  within  editorial  content  Creating newsworthy content is difficult for small companies
  56. 56. #7  –  Blog  contribu.on  Building relationships with blogs takes time
  57. 57. Free  Tools  for  Link  Research•     Brand  name  -­‐
  58. 58. Brand  name  -­‐
  59. 59. Brand  name  -­‐
  60. 60. Social  Media  &  the  Web’s  Influencers
  61. 61. Influencers  on  the  Web
  62. 62. Cannibaliza.on  of  the  Link  Graph MMM… LINK GRAPHS ARE DELICIOUS!
  63. 63. Cannibaliza.on  of  the  Link  Graph
  64. 64. Tweets  can  seemingly  overpower  links Page  B  –  the   tweeted  version   –  ranks  #1! Page  B Page  A 1  link  from  1  root  domain646  links  from  36  root  domains 522  tweets 2  tweets
  65. 65. Retweet  e.quiTe•  Leave room (100 chars).•  Do not start the ReTweet with an @ sign.•  Give credit.•  Try to keep as much of the original tweet intact as possible.
  66. 66. Algorithmic  Ranking  Factors
  67. 67.  lessonsþ  Sign up to Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool þ þ  Keyword researchþ  Sign up to Google Analytics þ þ  Bounce rates þ  Referral traffic þ  Organic trafficþ  Competitor Research þ  Brand name –site:brand.comþ  Twitter þ  Advanced search þ  # hashtag þ  Build relationships þ  Understand domain authorityþ  Install SEOmoz toolbar þ  SERP’s þ  Domain check