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Why a mobile retail strategy.pptx

  1. 1. Why a mobile retail strategy? Customer engagement in-store A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  2. 2. Mobile: the Relationship Personal Media “As the consumer attention shifts to the screens held in the hand, logic therefore dictates that advertisers also spend their efforts where their consumers are: the mobile channel. how can marketers keep up and win new customers, keep existing ones loyal and increase engagement and grow commitment to the brand? The answer, not surprisingly, is being where the customer is. The mobile. In a multi-channel world where consumers carry their phones with them every moment of their waking lives, there exists a tremendous opportunity for brands to engage in a dialogue with their consumers in a way that is personal, relevant and most importantly valuable”. Mobile: The Relationship Channel (version 4.4) - MMA A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  3. 3. Is Mobile Direct? • Mobile can be used as a mass media but – What can be more personal? – What can be more direct? • What a great opportunity to deliver relevant information when and where a customer or prospect wants it – It’s always there – Its closer then your wallet A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing • People have a highly personal relationship with their devices • Can move seamlessly between on-line and off-line worlds • Device is always on and always close • Available at the precide moment of consumer impulse • Customers decide how and when to interact A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  5. 5. Agenda A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  6. 6. Agenda A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  7. 7. Why a mobile retail strategy ? • Drive traffic to your stores locations through mobile discovery • Use mobile coupons to drive repeat visits • Increase cart size and revenue per visit • Continue to engage your customers and keep your brand top of mind after the store visit • Use mobile coupons, loyalty rewards to drive customer retention • Identify and nurture brand evangelists through mobile social media Source: http://www.funmobility.com A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  8. 8. Why a mobile strategy is an omnichannel strategy ? Agenda Start with the customer benefit Social media • Ratings and reviews • On-site search terms • Popular site and email content • Those closest to the customer – sales and customer service. Reward cross-promotion. • Get input from channel experts on how best to convey the customer value proposition via their medium. • Require cooperation and reward synergy [ a Twitter chat promoted via SMS, a Facebook tab for email opt-in, a home page feature on an app update ] Connect the dots. Consider the customer data that can be gathered via each channel and aggregated to build a cross-channel profile. Eliminate friction allow customers to find you and interact with you on any channel.. Source: www.mobilecommercedaily.com/why-a-mobile-strategy-is-an-omnichannel-strategy A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  9. 9. Trends for 2014 Trend #1: Reinventing the Loyalty Program: Opt-in in:mobile applications allow you to provide a unique and customized customer experience based off of your loyal customers’ purchase behavior and history. Trend #2: Revitalizing the Brick-andMortar Store the industry’s most innovate brands and retailers who offer unique in-store experiences, combined with omnichannel capabilities, will succeed. Revitalize the brick-and-mortar store by creating actionable mobile campaigns that promote in-store customer engagement by sending personalized and exciting 1:1 consumer messages announcing new products or promotions. Leveraging the contextual relevance of the mobile device will allow you to reach your most valuable customers with highly targeted content and campaigns at multiple touch points throughout their day. Trend #3: Revisiting Mobile Analytics Shopper data can then be used to analyze the actual impact of your campaigns on your customer’s path to purchase. Mobile analytics provide a comprehensive view into tracking shopping behavior and trends that will eventually be used guide the direction and success of your future mobile marketing efforts. Source: http://www.themobileretailblog.com/featured/3-mobile-marketing-trends-toemerge-in-2014/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  10. 10. Revitalizing the Brick-and-Mortar Store A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  11. 11. How mobile changed bricks-and-mortar shopping Agenda If anything, mobile’s immersion in our everyday lives actually provides retailers a valuable opportunity to embrace mobile as an asset and use it to foster the biggest advantage a bricks-and-mortar store has to offer: personalized, superior-level customer service. These retailers can also use mobile to their advantage. Here are three ways are bringing success to bricks-and-mortar locations: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/how-mobile-changed-bricks-and-mortar-shopping-–-for-better-or-worse A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  12. 12. How mobile changed bricks-and-mortar shopping 1) Social retailing. Some stores have found ways to make in-store shopping a more social experience and connect it to a consumer’s digital world. 2) In-store pickup. One way to provide efficiency and utility to a consumer’s life is by allowing her to make purchases online while at the office or pick-up in store. 3) Just-in-time advertising. Once a customer enters the store, whether to showroom or shop, mobile gives retailers a way to keep her there. A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  13. 13. Brick and Mortar Retailers: key drivers to leverage in-store retention A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  14. 14. Agenda Mobile Influences and Disrupts Shopping Behaviour Mobile is rapidly changing the customer’s traditional purchase journey and massively disrupting our shopping patterns. Consumers in pursuit of value are being driven to research and browse the best possible offer at the very beginning of their purchase journey. M.A.R.C and Google Shopper Council research. A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  15. 15. A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  16. 16. Drive purchases with personalized mobile messaging. Augment your data with mobile behavioral data to deliver true one-toone marketing Leverage the data you are collecting to drive engagement with your customers through personalized mobile experiences http://www.vibes.com/mobileconsumer2013-CMO A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  17. 17. A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  18. 18. Agenda A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  19. 19. Mobile location data – brands and consumers “Most consumers (80%) would share their mobile location data with brands in return for receiving useful SMS or push messages”. About the research: The report was based on data from a survey of 1,572 mobile users over the age of 18 who had downloaded an app in the past 12 months in the following countries: the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. The survey was conducted between July 16, 2013 and July 24, 2013. A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  20. 20. The importance of Location Based Services By capturing a consumers location, based on their device, you can map your content and/or ad targeting strategies to that location Location-based content leads to delivery of more relevant content which drives more engagement and more revenue: • Content based on weather at a location • Content based on weather at a location within X distance of consumer • Content based on previous engagement/user history • Content based on time of day • Content based on device type Source: http://www.netbiscuits.com A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  21. 21. CASE STUDIES A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  22. 22. Walmart Agendaattests to mobile’s in-store power for holiday shoppers Overall, the traffic from mobile devices to Walmart.com between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday was more than 50 percent of total traffic, up from approximately 40 percent last year. 1) Mobile is also a key driver of new customers to Walmart.com so far this year, with the number of customers making their first purchase ever on the site and doing so from a mobile device tripling over last year. 2) Another key mobile learning from Thanksgiving this year is the importance of mobile applications to the shopping experience. Walmart reports that traffic specifically from its iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps more than doubled during the same five-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend period this year compared to last year. Source: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  23. 23. Walmart attests to mobile’s in-store power for holiday shoppers 3) Crosselling opportunities Walmart’s app has an in-store mode enabling users to learn the price on any item using a built-in scanner, see a store’s local circular, rollbacks and newest items as well as find out about store events. For Walmart, the data is stacking up to suggest that in-store shoppers are using mobile to shop online to find items related to their in-store purchases. Source: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  24. 24. Macy’s, shopkick for personalized shopping Agenda In-store experience Consumers can download the shopkick application for free shopkick users can opt-in to receive personalized locationbased deals within the Macy’s stores. When they enter one of the Macy’s flagship stores, they will be asked to opt-in to receive special notifications of deals. Then they will be able to get location-specific deals, discounts, recommendations and rewards without even opening the app. Source: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  25. 25. Macy’s, shopkick up the ante for personalized shopping Macy’s will be able to track where a consumer is within the store to push relevant offers. “It enhances the shopping experience by giving shoppers that ‘surprise and delight’ while in-store, Source: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  26. 26. Target tightens focus on mobile as in-store shopping tool Agenda “Target is giving its mobile applications a significant boost with location-based features” “In-store engagement Target’s app revamp includes a new Weekly Ad section that uses location to serve consumers a weekly ad for a particular nearby store. When consumers open the app, a full-page takeover acknowledges that a shopper is nearby to Target, and the weekly deals section on the left-hand menu shows the weekly ad at the local Target store.The ad is broken into product categories where consumers can view groups of deals”. Source: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  27. 27. Staples: Mobile comes in-store “Location-based in-application coupons not only help the retailer hit higher levels of mobile commerce, but are also one of the few ways that the company can track the in-store to online sales impact”. ”Staples launched an in-store mode within its mobile app a year and a half ago: if a consumer is within a geofenced area around a Staples, they can get a coupon. The goal was to incentivize users into a more valuable app experience. Once the consumer receives the coupon, the app switches into a different mode that includes shopping lists. When it comes to mobile metrics that Staples is looking at, mobile Web metrics are more about acquisition and app metrics are focused on engagement”. http://youtu.be/dRzUSaoXq-8 Source: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  28. 28. H&M fires up in-store experience to bolster SMS, email databases “taking advantage of the increase in foot traffic during the holidays by placing mobile calls-to-action on print collateral” H&M’s tactic to use SMS to simultaneously collect an email and mobile opt-in is not only clever and efficient, but actually hits on eight of the top 10 attributes of a successful SMS campaign,” H&M is passing out big pieces of marketing collateral in-store that encourage consumers to sign up for the retailer’s email newsletters via SMS. Source: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  29. 29. H&M fires up in-store experience to bolster SMS, email databases Agenda When consumers text in the keyword to the short code, thxey are sent a bounce-back message that encourages consumers to reply back with their email address. This opts consumers into H&M’s email and SMS program. Opted-in consumers will also receive up to four messages per month. Then consumers are sent an SMS message that can be shown to a store employee to receive a ten percent coupon off of a purchase. The coupon is time-sensitive and is only good for the day that consumers sign-up. After the email address is confirmed, consumers are then sent a coupon for 20 percent off. Source: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  30. 30. H&M fires up in-store experience to bolster SMS, email databases Agenda SMS remains to be the channel with the widest reach, which can be used effectively in reaching consumers with time-specific promotions and messages. A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  31. 31. Sources Agenda Mobile: The Relationship Channel (version 4.4) – http://www.mmaglobal.com http://www.mmaglobal.com http://www.funmobility.com M.A.R.C and Google Shopper Council research Shor.org http://www.netbiscuits.com . A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand
  32. 32. Conclusion Agenda http://vimeo.com/77990976 A N D R E A P U E R A R I @pueand