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Sentia 2012 IT Quiz Finals

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Sentia 2012 IT Quiz Prelims
Sentia 2012 IT Quiz Prelims
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Sentia 2012 IT Quiz Finals

  1. 1. Round 1 IT Quiz Sentia 2012
  2. 2. Post f8 event, someone wanted to build a poker app for the platform. He was told ‘games aren’t viral’. He went ahead and started…...?
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  4. 4. Zynga
  5. 5. Which car brand asked fans on their facebook page to help design a car for 2018?
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  7. 7. Mazda
  8. 8. In 2008, the word Facebook replaced __ in frequency as the most searched term on Google worldwide.
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  10. 10. Sex
  11. 11. During a dinner at World Economic Forum (Davos) in Jan 2009, Mark Z asked someone, '__, do you use Facebook?’’. Who was this 'someone'? ~ He got married at Richard Branson's Caribbean island.
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  13. 13. Larry Page
  14. 14. Sean Parker teamed up with one of Mark Z’s old Harvard dorm mates to make a popular application called…..
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  16. 16. Causes
  17. 17. Two brothers from Kolkata built a blatant imitation of a classic board game for Facebook, which later became a phenomenon. Which game?
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  19. 19. Scrabulous
  20. 20. This son of an Oscar-winning director plays a major role in ‘The Social Network’. Who?
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  22. 22. Max Minghella
  23. 23. Round 2 All about Images
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  25. 25. Tetris
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  27. 27. Lenovo ThinkPad
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  29. 29. 1st image to be posted on web
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  31. 31. This model is known as the Stanford Bunny. It was developed in 1994 at Stanford University. It is made of 69,451 triangles, which were determined by range- scanning a ceramic bunny figurine.
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  33. 33. Canopy Open Cloud Company
  34. 34. The QR code was created by X, a subsidiary that produces automatic identification products, industrial robots programmable logic controllers. Currently this subsidiary belongs to Toyota?
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  36. 36. Denso Wave
  37. 37. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  38. 38. Lexicon Branding
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  40. 40. Open Leaks Yet to go live Rival to Wikileaks
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  43. 43. Wahooly Rewarding Influence
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  45. 45. Al Pacino
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  47. 47. Yahoo ! - first resided on Jerry Yang’s student workstation, “Akebono”, while the software was lodged on David Filo’s computer, ”Konishiki” – both named after legendary sumo wrestlers.
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  49. 49. HP
  50. 50. Round 3 X
  51. 51. X is a global provider of personal peripherals for computers and headquartered in Romanel-sur-Morges, Switzerland. X was co-founded in Apples, Vaud, Switzerland, in 1981 by two Stanford Masters alumni, Daniel Borel and Pierluigi Zappacosta, Jean-luc Mazzone and Giacomo Marini, formerly a manager at Olivetti. The mass-marketed computer mouse was the product that made X well known. In December, 2008, it shipped its one billionth mouse. Identify X.
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  53. 53. Logitech
  54. 54. X, an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment was founded by Nicholas Pham, Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner, a married couple who worked as computer operations staff members at Stanford University. The name of this company was derived from the name of a city in USA. For X’s first product, Bosack adapted multiple-protocol router software originally written some years before by William Yeager, another Stanford employee who later joined Sun Microsystems. X’s first CEO was Bill Graves who held the position from 1987 to 1988.
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  56. 56. Cisco
  57. 57. X (used as a mass noun) is an Internet meme that originated in 2003 on the image board 4chan, representing the concept of many online and offline community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitized global brain. Beginning with 2008, the X collective has become increasingly associated with collaborative, international hacktivism, undertaking protests and other actions, often in retaliation against anti-digital piracy campaigns by motion picture and recording industry trade associations. Actions credited to “X" are undertaken by unidentified individuals who apply the X label to themselves as attribution. Although not necessarily tied to a single online entity, many websites are strongly associated with X. This includes notable image boards such as 4chan, their associated wikis, Encyclopædia Dramatica, and a number of forums. After a series of controversial, widely-publicized protests and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by X in 2008, incidents linked to its cadre members have increased.
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  59. 59. Anonymous
  60. 60. X is an United States computer hardware manufacturer which mainly assembles third party components into desktops and laptops with custom enclosures. X also offers for sale rebadged computer peripherals, such as headsets, computer mice, monitors and keyboards. Established in 1996 through Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila, X assembles desktops notebooks and workstations. According to employees, the name of this company was chosen because of the founders’ fondness for the hit television series The X-Files.
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  62. 62. Alienware
  63. 63. X is an American multinational computer technology corporation that specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products-particularly database management systems. The founder took inspiration from the 1970 paper written by Edgar .F. Codd on relational database management systems (RDBMS) named “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks ”. In 1977, he co-founded X under the name Software Development Laboratories (SDL). Identify X.
  64. 64. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  65. 65. Oracle
  66. 66. X made its debut in 1991, but it has only become well known in the past few years. The company became the 12th largest handset manufacturer in the world, with one per cent share globally. X, according to a Strategy Analytics report, is now larger than global Japanese handset makers like Sharp and NEC. It has even moved ahead of Lenovo and is closing the gap with Sony Ericsson globally. Its Revenue - 2289 Crore as on March 2011.
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  68. 68. Micromax
  69. 69. X is a Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets which was founded by Cher Wang in 1997 and Peter Chou. Initially a manufacturer of notebook computers, X began designing some of the world’s first touch and wireless hand- held devices in 1998. The company has a rich heritage of many “firsts” including creating the first Microsoft-powered smartphone(2002) and the first Microsoft 3G phone(2005). Their first major product was made in 2000 and was one of the world’s first touch screen smartphones. They also made the world’s first Android phone in 2008. Identify X.
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  71. 71. HTC
  72. 72. X, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company originated as the business and technology consulting division of accounting firm Arthur Andersen. The division’s origins are in a 1953 feasibility study for General Electric. GE asked Arthur Andersen to automate payroll processing and manufacturing at GE’s Appliance Park facility near Louisville, Kentucky. Arthur Andersen recommended installation of a UNIVAC I computer and printer, which resulted in the first commercially owned computer installation in the United States in 1954. In 1989, the division which split from Arthur Andersen, began using the name Andersen Consulting, now known as X. Identify X.
  73. 73. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  74. 74. Accenture
  75. 75. X is a global technology and IT enterprise company based in Noida, India. X was focused on addressing the IT hardware market in India for the first two decades of its existence with some activity in the global market. It started as a joint venture with HP. It was started as Microcomp Limited in 1976. The focus of the company was design and manufacture of scientific calculators. The venture provided its founders money to start a company that focused on manufacturing computers. In 1996, on termination of joint venture with HP, it became an enterprise. X was also ranked as the 29th most trusted brand in India by The Brand Trust Report in 2011. Identify X.
  76. 76. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  77. 77. HCL
  78. 78. X is an American multinational provider of custom information technology, consulting and business process outsourcing services. X has its roots in Dun & Bradstreet Satyam Systems(DBSS), an Indian-based joint venture between Dun & Bradstreet and Satyam Computers. In 1996, Dun & Bradstreet spun off several of its subsidiaries including Erisco, IMS International, Nielsen Media Research, Pilot Software, Strategic Technologies and DBSS, to form a new company. Three months later, in 1997, DBSS was renamed to X. identify X.
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  80. 80. Cognizant Technology Services
  81. 81. The engineer who brought X's new database into the world says that it has become the company's most important new product of all time. The HANA database has booked sales of more than $200 million (€165 million) in its first six months. X has a lot riding on its new database. For one thing, it wants to squash its old nemesis Oracle. That's a small percentage of X's overall revenue, the company reported fourth quarter revenue of almost $5.9 billion (€4.5 billion).
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  83. 83. SAP
  84. 84. Different variants of X targeted five Iranian organizations, with the probable target widely suspected to be uranium enrichment infrastructure in Iran; Symantec noted in August 2010 that 60% of the infected computers worldwide were in Iran. Siemens stated on 29 November that the worm has not caused any damage to its customers, but the Iran nuclear program, which uses embargoed Siemens equipment procured clandestinely, has been damaged by X. Russian computer security firm Kaspersky Lab concluded that the sophisticated attack could only have been conducted "with nation-state support". This was further backed up by the Finnish computer security company F-Secure's chief researcher Mikko Hyppönen who commented in a X FAQ, "That's what it would look like, yes". It has been speculated that Israel and the United States may have been involved.
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  86. 86. Stuxnet
  87. 87. Round 4 Print Ads
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  95. 95. Round 5 Assorted
  96. 96. Back in the mid to late 80's, an IBM compatible computer wasn't considered a hundred percent compatible unless it could run a certain program, probably because of the fact that it is one of the hardest programs to get running. Which program?
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  98. 98. Microsoft Flight Simulator
  99. 99. The “Make Love Not Spam” campaign by Lycos came under fire from security experts and spammers, and had to bite the dust. Why?
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  101. 101. It started choking the bandwidth of the sites resulting in DDOS
  102. 102. Why does an audio CD hold 74 minutes-worth of music?
  103. 103. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  104. 104. This capacity was reportedly specified by Sony executive Norio Ohga so as to be able to contain the entirety of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on one disc
  105. 105. How do you know “Grisoft” now ?
  106. 106. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  107. 107. AVG Technologies
  108. 108. The mayor of _____, Kansas stunned the world by announcing that his city was changing its name to Google. We’ve been wondering ever since how best to honor that moving gesture. Today we are pleased to announce that as of 1AM (Central Daylight Time) April 1st 2010, Google has officially changed our name to ______. CEO Eric Schmidt
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  110. 110. Topeka
  111. 111. This character started life as “Mr. Video” as he appeared on every concept developed by the creator and later got his name from an American warehouse landlord. Identify the character.
  112. 112. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  113. 113. Mario
  114. 114. The ASCI Red project was a collaboration between Sandia Labs and a famous Company. Which was the company ?
  115. 115. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  116. 116. Intel
  117. 117. Whose slogan says “The Standard for Influence”
  118. 118. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  119. 119. Klout
  120. 120. Which is the most photographed place in New York
  121. 121. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  122. 122. Apple's glass cube store on Fifth Avenue
  123. 123. As per January 2012, there are 361 of its kind around the world, out of which 246 are in the US, 33 in the UK, 22 in Canada, 13 in Australia, 9 in France, 9 in Italy, 8 in Germany, 7 in Japan, 9 in China, 5 in Spain, 3 in Switzerland and 1 in Hong Kong. What are we talkin about ?
  124. 124. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  125. 125. Apple Store
  126. 126. Which Website recently crossed 4 Billion Views per day?
  127. 127. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  128. 128. YouTube.
  129. 129. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has recently launched ____, an internet TV channel for the Indian youth.
  130. 130. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  131. 131. Yuva.
  132. 132. What does RSVP mean ?
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  134. 134. In the context of social invitations RSVP is a request for a response from the invited person. It is derived from the French phrase which means "Please respond."
  135. 135. An awards event that honors top short-form content creators on the micro-blogging website Twitter.
  136. 136. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  137. 137. Shorty Awards, also known as the Shorties
  138. 138. August 24th,1995 was a momentous occasion for the computer industry as Microsoft introduced Win 95 at a gala launch event. The Empire State Building was lit with Win 95 logo. In Poland, journalists were taken into a submarine to experience something. What is it?
  139. 139. ~ Buffer Slide ~
  140. 140. A World Without Windows
  141. 141. Taylor Swift Cover Girl Mascara Ad Banned. Why?
  142. 142. Excessive Photoshop Use
  143. 143. Why was Katrina Kaif declared as the most dangerous celebrity on th internet in India last year?
  144. 144. According to a study by McAfee, Katrina Kaif is the most dangerous celebrity in the Indian cyber space. The cyber criminals create malicious software and online threats designed to steal personal information around fans looking for results on search engines using strings such as name of celebrity’ combined with words like free downloads’, hot pictures’, screen savers’, and videos’.
  145. 145. Why did the xxx domain fail ?
  146. 146. Because instead of serving the purpose of making a separate TLD for pornographic websites all the biggies including the education domain like Harvard, Wharton etc bought xxx domain to protect their image.
  147. 147. Thank You … ZICS