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The Future of Cable TV for Small and Rural Providers

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Cable TV is changing quickly as Over the Top (OTT) and alternative providers bring new offerings to the TV market. Here we look at these different solutions, and leveraging additional technologies like Video on Demand (VOD) to meet the needs of millennials and young consumers.

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The Future of Cable TV for Small and Rural Providers

  1. 1. Alternative Video Solutions Jean Edhlund, CNS
  2. 2. OTT Apps
  3. 3. WHY I LIKE THEM? • Drives broadband demand • Allows you to focus on broadband • Leverage to negotiate rates or ability to drop high-priced channels • Advanced features you may not be able to deploy (Cloud DVR, VOD, streaming)
  4. 4. • Slim margins (current NCTC agreements with Sony and Fubo) • Billing belongs to them • Supporting someone else’s product • Will it appeal to your customer demographic? • Sporadic local broadcast channels and limited broadcast network content depending on DMA/OTT provider It’s tricky
  5. 5. What’s the other guy doing? • Windstream reselling DirecTV Now • Non-Video areas only • Spectrum TV Stream • This could be your “Skinny Bundle” • No Sports • Integrate Apps to your Set Top Box • Comcast has Netflix, YouTube • Innovative offers Vudu, more to come • C-Spire, Arvig • MobiTV – no set top box, BYOD model
  6. 6. It used to be so simple 1. TV 2. COLOR TV 3. Remote Control 4. Cable TV 5. HD TV 6. DVR 7. TV Everywhere 8.TV Anytime
  7. 7. • Linear VOD: Content from Networks • This is what makes Netflix/Amazon/Hulu successful • Value Add – “free” to consumer with right equipment • Library of titles varies by programmer • DVR use declining with those who offer VOD • Stickiness factor – Comcast charges a lot, but actually adding customers • Transactional VOD: Movies, PPV • Redbox is a hassle • Potential revenue Your 14 year old isn’t going to wait until 6:00 for Wheel of Fortune to start!
  8. 8. THANK YOU Jean Edhlund Video Product Partner Jean.edhlund@cooperative-networks.com