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Psm rubyricks oil and gas event and conferences

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Psm rubyricks oil and gas event and conferences

  1. 1. RubyricksOil and Gas Events and Conferences Presentation 2013
  2. 2. About Rubyricks Oil and Gas Events and ConferencesYoung Engineers and Technicians need to assume responsibility for their actions and commit themselves tocreating positive technical and skills change. It is through continuous education, experience, and training which arethe key factors to make it happen. Skills are vital to our respective future and improving skills which is essential tobuilding sustainable growth and stronger confidence in looking for a better job and more salary overseas forprosperity for our family and for our country.Worldwide demand for oil production is growing very fast. As populations continue to grow in developing nations(such as China and India), the worlds reliance on petroleum products and fossil fuels is expected to rise. The 2008International Energy Outlook Report forecasts worldwide energy demand to increase by 50% by 2030. The oil andgas industry faces a shortage of talented and experienced engineers that threatens its ability to meet the world’sdemand for hydrocarbons. Baby boomers who are experts in the industry are retiring in 10 years time. Companiesthat plan to expand in rapidly developing countries are hiring promising engineers and technicians with oil and gasexperience. However, a vast of our engineers in our country doesn’t have that experience they are looking for sincethere isn’t much oil and gas industries in our country. Engineers with experiences in other industries like mining orpower plant are quite hesitant to apply for oil and gas industry because they have very little idea what is the cultureworking in oil and gas Facilities.Rubyricks events and conferences will address that problem. Rubyricks facilitate and manages cost effective,practical oil and gas operation technology seminars, conferences, workshops and training to engineers andtechnicians without oil and gas industry experience. Provide them with the right tools and resources to have bettercompetency and building self confidence to succeed, and provide a clear vision what it feels like to work in an oiland gas environment through videos, photos, lectures and lots of interaction with expert speakers in the industry.Provide information on career networking, including how to develop career networking contacts, how to create cvand use networking to job search, how career and job searching get interviews, and professional valuedevelopment. And of course, a good chance to work in the industry learning new technology, meeting newchallenges, learn different culture, visit other countries, and making more money than any other industry canprovide.
  3. 3. Mission Providing Knowledge and Wisdom to Engineers and Technicians in Oil and Gas IndustryTo provide quality education to engineers and technicians especially those that arenew to the oil and Gas industry with practical and a cost effective technology training.To support career development and adapt to increased diversityTo keep up with new technology changes and learn more management, coordinationand leadership skillsTo support the need for growth intellectually, technically , physically , personally andfinancially.To learn more safety at work and at home
  4. 4. Vision To share knowledge, wisdom, understanding and provide quality education to less privileged engineers and technicians: To learn new technology To be able to have advancement in their respective career To improve their personality, and quality of life To achieve greatness abroad through hard work, hardships and sacrifices To be ambassadors of goodwill for our country and future role models of the next generation. To instill values, safety, ethics and integrity in our daily life at home and the workplace To promote future entrepreneurs and succeed in their business
  5. 5. Trainer OverviewThirty four (34) years of Project Management which includes : Training Management Contracting and engineering design Management Construction and installation supervision and management Pre-commissioning, commissioning supervision and management Safety management Instrumentation & Electrical EPIC management 30 years of which were in the oil, gas and shipping industry and EPC projects that include the following: QHSSE management, conceptual, feasibility and risk and safety assessment studies, FEED and detailed safety and process control design engineering, procurement, planning, organizing, QA /QC, construction, offshore installation, modification, upgrades, pre-commissioning, start-up and commissioning, drilling operations coordination. Experienced production operator and maintenance of international projects and gas plant operations for onshore & offshore oil and gas facilities. Said facilities cover FPSO, FLNG, gas plant, terminal, oil refinery, petrochemical and oil gathering station operations, and offshore topsides with accommodation platforms.
  6. 6. Overview Continued Led and organized a team of people of various nationalities, including multi- discipline engineers, technicians and vendors (mech., piping, elec., civil, structural, instr. and process), who worked on different projects in FEED, detailed design, contract administration, construction and commissioning activities; assured the flow and completion of work schedule in these projects; monitored progress and expenditures, organizational targets, delivery schedules; and ensured that such projects were implemented with strict compliance for safety, quality and environment standards. Lecturer/ Trainer /Resource Speaker/ facilitator for international and local events, conferences and workshops for oil and gas topics including EPCM project management, FPSO and Floating LNG risk assessment, HAZID/HAZOP studies, instrumentation and electrical control, I&E safety, project controls, safety systems, leadership and QC management.
  7. 7. Special SkillsMy personal attributes includes the following:Excellent interpersonal skills, team-building and communication skillscoupled with pragmatism/ flexibility to build good relationship with clientsand people of different cultures and discipline; have a sense of urgency;goal and task oriented; posses leadership, initiative and strong motivation;very resourceful, high moral values and dedication to the work and to theproject in particular.Proactive and common sense approach to decision making and timemanagement. Always organized, able to take the lead in tough situations,sensitive to the needs of others, and maintain the best quality and safety todeliver multi-tasks on time within the budget.
  8. 8. Contact Information Home Address: Novaliches, Caloocan City, Philippines Home Tel./ Fax No. +632 377 9836 CP +63 921 485 0490E mail: psmuga9@gmail.com, muga.patrick@yahoo.com or rdvmuga@yahoo.com,  website: http://ph.linkedin.com/in/patrickmuga  skypeID: psmuga9
  9. 9. Projects Successfully Completed Saudi Arabia : Maintenance, construction and commissioning in Aramco and SCECO modification projects. Libya; Zueitina Oil Company- Zella and Fidda facilities- Natural Gas Plant Projects. Malaysia; PETRONAS / Conoco-Phillips-West Natuna-Duyong gas tie-in Project, Exxon Mobil Nigeria - YOHO Topsides Project and EPMI Larut A Topsides project(800 million Dollar project), Shell SSB & SSPC Technical Integrity IR Project (350 Million USD project) Singapore; Shell Malampaya Philippines oil and gas production topsides Project (Upstream cost 2 billion USD) Myanmar; Premier Oil ,Yetagun Topsides -Oil and Gas Production Platform Project. Indonesia; Conoco- Phillips – Wellhead Platform and FPSO Belanak Project. Vietnam; JVPC (Japan Vietnam Petroleum Corp.) Topsides Oil and gas platform Randong I Project. Azerbaijan; AIOC, BP (British Petroleum), Central and West Azeri Topsides and drilling offshore platform Project. China; Bayer Polymers Petrochemical Facilities INFRA II Project (polycarbonate & polyurethane production). Angola: Chevron onshore Malongo terminal facilities Kerosene Tank Project, Esso FPSO (Kiz A and B) offshore multi-discipline brown field maintenance support projects, Sonangol SNLPP Block 3 offshore Fire and Gas system upgrade, and PAC F4 /F1 Infill project, Chevron Block 14 BBLT offshore flotation water treatment project, and Sonangol Refinaria De Luanda onshore Refinery Boiler Upgrades Project. Philippines: NIDO Petroleum Oil production facility (AQ Vantage Rig Tindalo 1 offshore facility)
  10. 10. Career summary and Capabilities: Project and Contract Management: Fifteen (15) years managing, facilitating, coordinating and assisting project team and contract administration for brown field and capital projects. Monitor and evaluate subcontract administrators on the following : Prepare and review technical bid specifications and proposals, CTR’s, vendor data, resources, and liaise with clients, designers, PMT, vendors and subcontractors. Budget control, Close-out of Subcontractor commercial issues. Identify back charges and ensure notification to affected parties. Identification of insurance claims. Issue of Field or Site Instructions. Input to management of change, schedule change, and progress evaluations. Ensure full understanding, implementation and full compliance with prevailing company and country pertinent rules and regulations. Provide weekly status on contractual issues to senior management, and recommend innovation to improve operation and minimize cost without compromising safety, productivity and environmental standards.
  11. 11.   Career summary and Capabilities continued:Project Safety, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning: Management/Supervision of up to 300 multi-discipline / multi-cultural Engineers and Technicians with experience on construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning of instrumentation and control systems, including supervision of engineers; safety management, mechanical alignments, motor and transformer tests, hydro testing, leak testing, pigging, cleaning, flushing, blowing, flooding, re-instatement, preservation, vendor equipment, start-up and testing, etc., QA/QC, procedure development, operations supervision, maintenance coordination, punch listing for pipe specifications, equipment and vessel completion, drawings, operator training. Commissioning Management experience includes the following: Preparing monthly/weekly reports and continuous progress monitoring of projects; Interaction and coordination amongst various stakeholders, managers, clients, contractors, third party consultants and government agencies; Conduct frequent site visits to monitor method of execution, safety and progress of project works as well as decision-making and authority that includes contracting issues, safety, quality assurance, management of change, and schedule. Familiar with ExxonMobil, PETRONAS, Total and Shell project process roadmap for value assurance and governance. Develop plans for safety talks, tool box talks and development of site HSE Procedure and guideline, and Communicate HSE policies, guidelines and standards to all staff through presentation. Prepare and supervise pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures.
  12. 12.   Career summary and Capabilities Continued:Instrumentation Design and HSE Engineering Mentor Manage, prepare and ensure specifications and design basis for instrument and control systems applicable codes and standards Supervise Contractors to validate integrated control and safety system architecture and design, ensuring that it meets legislation, codes standards and client requirements. Ensure instrumentation and data communications system specifications and technical requisitions correctly define client requirements to meet project design objectives for control performance and reliability and that test inspection and other requirements are appropriately defined. Complete instrument and control design work and deliverables in accordance with schedule and budget. - Ensure design interfaces are correctly managed with other disciplines in the Project Management Team Supervise /coach junior engineers including development of National staff . Participate in safety and risk studies including HAZID, and HAZOP. Provided lecture and training pertaining to safety, risk assessment, instrumentation, project management to local engineers and technicians for 25 years.
  13. 13.   Achievements:  Received an award for the Bi monthly best BBS (Behavior Based Safety for August 2012) observation. FE Malongo Angola. FESAT team in SASBU (Chevron) workforce achieving 30 Million hours worked without a Days Away From Work (DAFW) incident. This is another impressive safety milestone reached in Nov. 2012 in Malongo Angola. Received certificate of Appreciation from Top link Event organizers(JB Malaysia) for the successful presentation of “Measuring, monitoring and improving project performance” as a guest speaker for the Successful Project Management conference held at Corus Hotel KL Malaysia, Sept.27,2010 Received certificate of Appreciation from Red Carpet Events Pte Ltd.(Singapore) for the successful presentation as a guest speaker for the World round Shape FPSO Platform for Offshore Oil and Gas Conference 2010 (22 April 2010). Topics presented was Risk Assessment and Hazop on an FPSO, and Reducing Hazards and Operability problems. Received commendation Petronas CARIGALI HUC, Operations and SARKU management for the successful first gas project completion held last August 8, 2002 (West Natuna- Duyong gas Tie- in Project) witnessed by both Indonesia and Malaysia Head of state . A fast tract project completed on time , with simultaneous production and construction activities. Received certificate of Appreciation from Malaysian Shipyard Engineering (MSE) and Esso Production Malaysia Inc. (EPMI)- Larut-A CPP) Project Management, acknowledging the contribution for the participation, dedication and tireless efforts (as Lead commissioning engineer) in achieving high standards of quality and promoting the maintenance of safety throughout the project execution up to the successful scheduled load-out. Completed 81% onshore pre-commissioning and commissioning of the Topsides Platform. One of the most satisfying aspects of the Larut development is that it was the safest project in ExxonMobil’s history in Malaysia. Over 4.6 million work hours were completed over a four year period without a single employee or contractor Lost Time Injury. Received commendation for preparing technical proposals which includes preparation and implementation of Almutawa Company Policy, maintenance standard manual, safety and Loss prevention Manual, QC manual, and securing several awarded contracts from Aramco and Sceco for oil & gas refinery maintenance; during the three years as senior E&I, safety & contracts engineer. Philippine Asst. Electrical Engineering. Board exam. result released 1984 with 82.4 % board rating.
  14. 14. Educational Attainment:College Degree : BS Electrical Engineering. Cebu Institute of Technology, 1979 Graduate. : BS Electronics and Comm. Engg, Cebu Institute of Technology, 1988 Graduate : Masters in Eng’g CIT, 1983 , (undergraduate)Professional Licensure : Registered Electrical Engineer. Philippine Registration No. 0025580 Past Member IEEE ( Institute of Elect.& Electronic Engrs.) member no. 3963485 Professional Drivers license - Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Libya Holder of Petronas Malaysia Offshore safety passport Member-Consultant, Society of Industry Leaders ISNetworld ID No. 01541922 Member LinkedIn: http://ph.linkedin.com/in/patrickmuga
  15. 15. World Heavy Lift Projects Conference Photo Bangkok Thailand 2011 ( Guest Speaker)
  16. 16. World Round Shaped FPSO Conference Photo KL Malaysia 2010 ( Guest Speaker)
  17. 17. Completed Training Coaching for Success, CABGOC, 2 Oct.2012, Business Conduct and Ethics code Training; CABGOC Malongo Angola Oct 16, 2012 Subsea Modules training (Mod.1-6) Electrical power, MCS, manifolds, subsea trees, Malongo August 11, 2012, Contractor HES Management, CABGOC, Malongo Angola, 30 July 2012 RCA Root Cause Analysis/Incident Invest’n Facilitator Training, 5 Why Method, CABGOC Angola, 25 July 2012 Leadership Roles & Behavior Training- OE-Systematic Management towards world class performance, Malongo, Angola, 20June12 Management of Change for Facilities Workshop, and FE process safety training , CABGOC 12 & 13 June 2012 RU 214 Reliability for Leaders (ETC) Malongo May3, 2012, Process Safety Management (PSM) Overview Malongo June11, 2012, Reliability Management and Leadership training , Malongo Angola ETC April 2012. CSOC capital Stewardship and Organization Capability Training, Malongo Angola March 2012 SIS-101: Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Overview Presentation for Management (ETC), Dec 19, 2011 SASBU Offshore Water Injection Quality and Facilities Overview. CABGOC Angola Nov.4, 2011 Managing Process Safety in OE & Management of Change (MOC) Training for Managers CABGOC Nov.11,2011 Chevron Project Management Development and Execution Process Training, CABGOC Angola, 18 Oct.2011 Environmental Management, Mod 1: Petroleum Geology and The Exploration Process Malongo Oct.28, 2011 Electrical Safe Work Practice, Chevron (SOP 43) and defensive driving, CABGOC Angola, August 1-3, 2011 H2S training, Business Conduct Code Ethics Code, CABGOC Cabinda Angola, 19 July 2011
  18. 18. Completed Training continued.. Essentials for Enterprise Excellence, Safe Start, WFT health and safety, Weatherford Philippines, 27 Oct, 2010 BOSIET, HUET and H2S Training, CTSI Manila Philippines, (OPITO accredited) Oct 20 to Oct.22. 2010 Successful Project Management in Energy, Power Industry, Corus Hotel, KL, Malaysia, 27.Sept-30Sept 2010 Code of Conduct online Training, PRW Malaysia, June 2010, Project Management on line Training, PRW Malaysia Jan. 2010 Fire and Gas systems mapping and survey SSB, Lutong Malaysia Oct, 2009 Contracts administration and Management, Ranhill Worley, Malaysia Sept.17, 2009. Offshore Onshore Oil and Gas HSE Training, (Based on HSEMS OHSAS 18001) Manila, Philippines. Safety training includes: LNG safety, pigging , PTW, H2S, compliance audit, Risk assessment, Habitat & accident investigation, Mar 30 to April 3, 2009 H2S Training, Boat transfer compliance, Swing rope compliance, Chevron, Angola 14 Nov.2007 HUET and sea survival training, Sonangol training center, Luanda Angola, Jan 2007. INTOOLS Basic operations training, Bayer Integrated site, Shanghai China, Nov-27, 2005 Primavera P3 (Computer aided Construction Project management) Manila, 14 Feb,2005 Construction Project Management (Planning, organizing, Scheduling and control) 21 Feb.,01 AutoCAD 14 Computer Operations, Visual basic IT Power Module, (PLC) Allen Bradley 5/15, Zueitina Oil Company, Libya 1996 Electrical Energy Efficiency, U.P. ( University of the Philippines) Diliman Q.C. July, 1994 Maintenance Management Course, People Management: Counseling U.P. Feb. 1989, Security Systems, SENELCO, Madrid Spain, April 1986