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Gumienny Przemysław T-5 SpaceUP

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Gumienny Przemysław T-5 SpaceUP

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Gumienny Przemysław T-5 SpaceUP

  1. 1. How to turn youth intospace geeksPrzemysław GumiennyUniversity of Warsaw
  2. 2. Consider this scenario●15-16 years old●Somehow interested in science●Somehow accomplished at science
  3. 3. The letter
  4. 4. The camps trivia●50-80 participants●20-30 lecturers and staff●15-20 tents●2 weeks●1 forest●Lots of fun and learning●Very little free time
  5. 5. Meetings●If youre a participant, then during one yearyou can go to:●1 two-week summer camp●2 few days long seminars●1 one-week winter camp●If youre staff, double it up
  6. 6. How do we know it works and whatare the results of all this?
  7. 7. They are coming back!Pretty much everyone on the staff had been aparticipant once
  8. 8. Great community
  9. 9. Astronomy achievements●Majority of finalists of Polish Astronomy andAstrophysics Olympiad comes fromAlmukantarat●As well as usually majority of Polish team tothe International Olympiad on Astronomy andAstrophysics
  10. 10. Going strong for 30 years
  11. 11. And hoping for another 30 years
  12. 12. Summing up:●Astronomy club based on constantly changinggroup of friends●Rather unofficial●Manages to spread love for space amongstthe youth for 30 years
  13. 13. Almukantarat Astronomy Club●Almukantarat.pl●Facebook.com/Almukantarat