PRSM Workshop in the Nobu 20101215

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  4. Nehéz meghatározni hogy mi az amit fontos mérnünk, melyek a számunkra releváns mutatószámok (KPI)
  5. Ne várjuk hogy 1 nap alatt megváltjuk a világot
  6. Minél egyszerűbb annál jobban működik

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. Túró Rudi – 253.124Showder Klub – 233.610Milka Csokoládé – 123.616Rádió 1 – 176.024MTV Hungary – 83.218Cosmopolitan – 24.906
  2. Before we get started with talking about Twitter as a case study, lets look at the opportunity.Does Twitter live up to the hype? In terms of opportunity to reach a potential audience in the UK or Europe, certainly Twitter is not as popular Facebook or YouTube, but there is a much lower “barrier to entry” in terms of cost and resources. Once a Dell employee has gone through training, a new Dell account can be set up at limited cost in terms of resources and up and running in no time.
  3. Apart from chatting to friends, people are using Twitter to share links to their own content like their own blog or website, but importantly for brands they are also sharing news and opinion:Between 20-50% of people are sharing an opinion about a product or brandBetween 30-55% of people are sharing news storiesIf you take Dell for example, we have over 4,000 conversations online everyday about Dell making it among the most mentioned brands. A big portion of that is on Twitter.A second important fact if you are in communications is that journalists and influencers are increasingly using Twitter to research or share news and links to their content or share opinion AND even discover trends to write about.
  4. Hatalmas a mennyiség az automatizált keresés időt spórol a vállalatnak vagy az ügynökségnekAz attitüd vizsgálathoz kell az emberi kontroll